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Wholesale Olympic Weights – Definitive FAQ Guide

For any commercial purpose, choices on gym equipment are a matter of functionality and then investment. 

If you are confused about how to buy the best Olympic weight plates, you are in the right place to buy them. It will be helpful for you to choose the best options from Olympic Weight from various commercial setups. 

Let’s have a look over the most common issues with suggestions to find out the best choices of Olympic weights.

Table of Contents

What are Olympic weights?

Weights are very common equipment for a gym. Olympic weights are more comfortable to use, which are expensive than regular weight plates but adaptable. 

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Figure 1: An Olympic Weight

The weights/weight plates look like disks that weigh in different weights such as 10lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 45lb, and 50lb, and so on. Bumper weight plates are of the same function having different colors, which are made of rubber, crumb, and urethane.

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Figure 2: Type of Olympic weights

In workouts, Crossfit, competitions, and gyms, the Olympic weights are of great use.

What are the most important features of Olympic weights?

Steel-made barbells and dumbbell weights, cast iron, rubber, and vinyl Olympic weight plates are commercially adaptive for rough uses.

The Olympic weights are rubber coated, which are safe to use, preventing floor damage and providing easy handling usage also. 

The Olympic weight array holds variations in color, weights that are suitably fitted for machines, free weight usage, and barbells in the gym.

Are Olympic weights necessary for a gym?

For all kinds of gymnasium, it is actually you do not need such Olympic weights-plates and bars. 

But it is an inspiring and positive sign for a gymnasium to have such weights for their user-friendliness and flexibility to use.

Weight lifting competitors and heavyweight training need such weight plates in a training institute or a gym. 

In order to get accuracy and enduring health, weight lifting is a good exercise that is beneficial to enhance strength and capability.

What are the dimensions of Olympic weights?

Before you want to buy Olympic Weights, you seek the dimensions of the weight plates. The size of the weight plate middle hole, its diameter, and the thickness of the plate.

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Figure 3: Diameter of Olympic Weight

The standard diameter of the 45lbs Olympic weight plate is 450mm or 17.72 inches. According to the International Weightlifting Federation, this is the standard diameter of a 45lbs weight plate. 

To buy and to check such weighted Olympic weight plates such as iron plates, bumper plates, or powerlifting plates, you may have to check on the diameter.

The size of the hole is 2 inches for the Olympic weights, which is standard all over the world.

What materials are Olympic weights made of?

The weight plates, bars, and dumbbells are adaptive based on the materials they are made of. Variations of the weights involve variations in materials used to make them also.

Olympic weight plates are basically cast iron or stainless steel. Both are of the same use but of different costs. Steel material is costlier than those cast iron. 

Also, you can have steel-made weights because of their accuracy in weights, whereas iron made are in less accuracy by 5-10% than weight labeled on them.

The manufacturing process of Olympic weights is given for your ready reference. 

How much do Olympic weights weigh?

Olympic weight plates can be of different weights such as: 

2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg and so on.

Wholesale Olympic Weights 17

Figure 4: Weight variations

Do Olympic weight plates worth it?

Olympic weightlifting is the best way for health-conscious people since it enhances power and increases stamina. As a result, you can speed up and build your strength by Olympic weight lifting, which will make you more capable of enduring health.

Powerlifting and heavy weight lifting exercises are followed by competitors to grow their capability to maintain lifelong health. 

So, the ultimate benefit of the Olympic weight plates is everlasting. This motivates you to go buying Olympic weights at wholesale price. Yankee fitness ensures you the best price for Olympic weights at the total price. 

Why are the Olympic weights so popular among gyms?

Ease of use in weight machines in gymnasiums and variations in weights and durability with accuracy in weights are the main reasons you need to buy Olympic weights.

Your gym has to have such weight plates to enhance its facilities as well, not for the regular bodybuilding exercises. 

Besides, heavy weight lifting exercises can motivate instructors to train up to make competitors and start specialized weight lifting training as well.

Are you buying the right weight plates- Olympic weights or standard?

Even though costly, Olympic weight plates are more popular than standard ones for some specific reasons. Buying Olympic weight plates could be positive with bulk rate while considering differences than other types. 

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Figure 5: Olympic weights vs. Standard weights

There are some differences between the two in terms of their physical design and usefulness. Major differences are noticeable as below which will help you to choose the better option.

Olympic WeightsStandard Weights
Olympic weights can be used in both Olympic and standard bars having more adaptability.Standard weights only can be used in standard bars so it has less adaptability.
The strength of the Olympic weight bars is heavier with more thickness. So, you can have more weight.You may face difficulty and face accidents while lifting more weights since the standard weight bars are low in thickness and flexible in nature.
In the case of heavy weight lifting competitions, trainees need to do this type.Training with standard weights may cause self-confidence to go down while competing and using Olympic weights in competition.
The gripping nature of the Olympic weights is much handier and easily movable with less possibility to fall down from hands. This prevents accidents.Standard weight plates are not usually gripped in nature.
Olympic weight plates have a 2” hole which is larger in size than standard plates.Standard weight plates are smaller in size and they have a 1” hole to be used onto the barbells.

In terms of the benefits and nature of flexibility of the Olympic weights, you can go after this. Costlier but heavier and accurate with adaptability in Olympic weights brings better health. 

How much space is needed for Olympic weights?

As American Council on Exercise advises that a gymnasium may need 20 to 50 square feet as space to keep the Olympic weights. 

More space can be needed further for gymnasiums having more space with a high number of trainees. Twenty square feet is the minimum space.

Where should you keep the Olympic weights in the gym?

The weight plates usually are kept beside the weight-loading machines. Near the barbells and dumbbells keeping area, Olympic weight plates can be kept. On any corner side or in the middle position of the gymnasium, the weight plates can be kept.

If the gym is a big one having separate spaces for each type of workout, there can be separate places for keeping the weight plates depending on the size of the space.

What are the things to consider while buying Olympic weights at wholesale?

You are investing in weight lifting plates and barbells which are costly since it is Olympic weights. Some considerations are really needed here before buying Olympic weights at wholesale price.

You must consider the following guidelines:

Barbell and plate compatibility

You must know that Olympic weight plates have a 2” diameter in the center hole. So, you also have barbells whose rod diameter is compatible with the plates. It’s better to buy Olympic bars as well while having Olympic weights.

Easy handling

You have to have a look over the Olympic weights’ physical design that has raised inserts. This is easy for the user to keep the weight plates onto bars and remove them as well as keep them on the floor. 

This is safe for fingers and hands while sliding under the plates and removing hands off them.

For commercial buying, one has to think more about the durability and functionality of the Olympic weights.

What is the average price of Olympic weights for bulk orders?

Based on the sizes, weights, type of materials used while manufacturing, Olympic weights are available at different wholesale prices. 

Per kg of Olympic weight plates with three holes coated with rubber is around $1.25 to &1.5, whereas the minimum order needs to be 100kg. 

Based on the size, required customized designs, and the number of plates, the wholesale rate is changed.

Please contact here to get Olympic weight plates at wholesale rate

What other accessories do Olympic weights need to use in a gym?

Olympic weights can be used individually by gymnasts, but it is not used separately. Usually, Olympic weight plates are used for weight lifting competitions which need bars additionally to lift weight plates.

Also, weight machines such as used for shoulder development, back building machines, leg press machines, and so on need to use weight plates to get desired weight to get maximum exercise effectiveness.

Can I customize the Olympic weights while buying at a wholesale rate?

Yanre fitness provides customized weight plates at wholesale prices for commercial purposes. You can have your university or training institute’s logo and names on the weight plates. Besides, we provide the best-customized quality of Olympic weight sizes.

As per the requirements of the customers, we provide customized weights, different shapes of weight plates, multicolor choices, desired weight plate holes, and so on.

Wholesale Olympic Weights 19

Figure 6: Customized Olympic Weights-multi-colored

Yanre fitness ensures your desired Olympic weight plates for you and your customers at wholesale price. 

How to maintain the Olympic weights?

Since there are variations in the materials of the Olympic weights, you have to maintain them with some measures. Following are some ways you can follow to do so.

Cleaning Olympic weight plates

If the Olympic weight plates have rubber coating, it’s easy to clean and store them. After each week, the weights need to keep clean by cleaning sprays and wiping them out afterward.

If it is iron or steel made and has no rubber coating, Olympic weight plates need to be dust-free. These weight plates can be rusted easily if not properly cleaned.

You can use mineral spirit sprays over the weight plates with a rag, wiping them and keeping them overnight and before use in the morning wiping them once again. This procedure should be followed once a week.

Most importantly, you should check the weight bars and weight plates whether there is chalk leftover. If so, you need to use a bristle brush to remove the chalk out of the bars and plates. Otherwise, your weight plates will get rust.

Storing properly after use

You need to keep the Olympic weight plates separate, not keeping them onto the Olympic bars all the time. This will help prevent rust inside holes of the Olympic weights and also the bars. So, the holes of the Olympic plates also need to be kept cleaned to prevent rust.

Please follow the link given below to have the practical direction to maintain your Olympic weights.

Final words

You may have gone through all the related questions to buying Olympic weights at wholesale price. Yanre Fitness is always beside you to provide the most informative and decisive answers so that you can make the decision to get the Olympic weights at a reasonable bulk price.

Yanre ensures the best quality with the best price for fitness equipment at wholesale price. Following the guided questions, you will find it easy to buy Olympic weights for bulk at wholesale price from Yanre Fitness.

Please leave a query and get the best quote from Yanre Fitness-your trusted partner for gym equipment.