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  • Yanre applies 2 sets of mould to produce the seat pad, so as to achieve the perfect match between fillings and support pad.
  • all of our gym equipment that is with pulley or cam will never has a no-tension status at the start of training.
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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Fitness Equipment Wholesale – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you roaming around the web and want to buy fitness equipment at wholesale prices for your business? 

You are on the right track. You will have all the details about fitness equipment at wholesale prices. Yanre Fitness supplies fitness equipment all over the world at wholesale prices.

So, make it quick! Get details of the following relevant FAQ guide regarding fitness equipment at wholesale price to import for your commercial purpose.

Table of Contents

What is fitness equipment?

Equipment that people use for maintaining their fitness is known as fitness equipment. Through physical equipment, people will be more fitted than ever. 

There are different types of equipment available to maintain fitness, such as treadmills, an exercise mat, roller machine, dumbbell, cable bill, and cattle machine powered by electricity or users.

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Fig: 1: Fitness equipment

What types of fitness equipment are needed for my business?

There are different types of fitness equipment available. Make sure for all categories of people. Someone may be a pro in the gym, someone may be in mid-range, and some may be in the beginning stage. Some of the standard essentials types of equipment are given below;

  1. Training bench: A training bench or exercise bench is a piece of equipment that resembles a standard bench but is designed to maintain fitness. It is usually made of plywood or steel and covered by foam and fabrics.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 14

Fig: 2.1 Training bench

  1. Dumbbell set: Dumbbell is a fitness equipment device with a short bar between two weights, used for exercise or building muscles. It is made of cast iron that is covered by a leather cover.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 15

Fig: 2.2: Dumbbell set

  1. Treadmill: A wheel with steps on which a person treads, used to power machinery. Treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment with a flat moving surface that a person walks or runs on while staying in the same place. 
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 16

Fig: 2.3: Treadmill

  1. Stationary bicycle: A stationary bike is a device used as exercise equipment for indoor cycling. It includes a saddle, pedals, and handlebars arranged as a (static) bicycle. It is also known as an exercise bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, or exercise. It is usually a special-purpose fitness machine resembling a bicycle without wheels that run through a manual.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 17

Fig: 2.4 Stationary bicycle

  1. Barbell set: A barbell set is a set of fitness equipment used in weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting, consisting of a long bar, usually with weights attached at each end. It is a more extended version of dumbbells.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 18

Fig: 2.5 Barbell set

  1. Rowing machine: A rowing machine is a fitness machine with a paddle and a sliding seat for exercising the muscles used in rowing. It works like that person sitting on a device and pulling a moving handle towards him/her as if he/she were rowing a boat.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 19

Fig: 2.6 Rowling machine

  1. Ellipticals: Elliptical is a stationary exercise device to maintain fitness. A person stands on two small rimmed platforms and moves them forward and back in an approximately elliptical path.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 20

Fig: 2.7 Elliptical

  1. Resistance band: A resistance band is a thick, strong ring made of rubber or similar material used to maintain fitness to strengthen muscles.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 21

Fig: 2.8 Resistance band

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Is there any maintenance necessary for fitness equipment?

Regular maintenance of fitness equipment and accessories needs to be in good condition to stay functional and serve their purpose. Here are some helpful maintenance tips on how to care for and repair business exercise equipment.

  1. Clean and clear equipment regularly: Gyms are busy, and people use fitness equipment every time under sweaty conditions. Common cleaning sprays, dispensers, and other cleaning equipment and materials can be used.
  1. Use cloth to remove dust: 1st of all you have to remove different dust from equipment. To remove dust, smooth environmental cloth needs to be used.
  1. Hire expert for heavy cleaning: For heavy cleaning and maintenance like; configuring, hire an expert for better service.
  1. Lubricate Equipment: Regular lubrication is needed for fitness equipment. High quality lubrication and proper use of it will keep your fitness equipment running for a long time.
  1. Prevent Misuse: Specific equipment is designed to do specific exercise. So clients use define terms with it. Misuse of equipment may damage the equipment.
  1. Use odour eliminator: To eliminate odour from equipment, glasses, floor and cover use different fragrance.
  1. Use standard mof: Standard mof to use for cleaning the floor where the equipment is situated. Fitness floor also needs to be cleaned by mof for removing dust and sweats. 

For more realtime details, you can click the link below and see the video clip.

What are the differences between home and commercial fitness equipment?

There are sizes, measurements, and use differences between home fitness equipment and commercial fitness equipment. These are given in the following table;

Home fitness equipmentCommercial fitness equipment
Extra expertise is needed to set up equipment at home.Experts are always there to set up the equipment for business purposes.
Extra space is needed for fitness equipment.Commercial space is available for equipment.
You can exercise anytime.People need to come to a specific place within a particular time to do physical exercise.
An Advisor is not available at home.Trainor or advisor always advises the client to do proper exercise.
It’s costly to set all the essential fitness equipment at home.There is the uncertainty of unavailability of any equipment.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 22

Fig: 5: Home fitness equipment vs. commercial fitness equipment

How to set up fitness equipment in the gym for commercial business?

Series of steps to set up fitness equipment in the gym for commercial business are given below;

Step 1. Pick a perfect place: Selecting the right place for gym setup is the most vital task. You have to get the correct location. You might be looking out for a fast-growing area with no competition, but you can also consider a place that has already become popular. 

Step 2. Engage with upcoming clients: People always come 1st and then choose the place and its activities. You have to record demographic profiles and shops.

Step 3. Make it exceptional: You will have to do something that makes it stand apart from the rest. Be it your training schedules or your featured programs. 

One of the best ways to make a gym unique is by having a great environment in the interior. It’s what gets the energy flowing and will help people sweat more.

Step 4. Find the right equipment: Try to find all the perfect equipment for your business. There are different physical exercises people do through equipment. As having a gymnasium, make sure to have it all.

Step 5. Evaluate and collect feedback: Evaluate the performance and take feedback and suggestions from the clients to improve their satisfaction.

Step 6. Select gym skillful trainers: Make sure the trainer appointed for training is qualified in all of his/her area and cooperative with clients.

Wholesale Fitness Equipment 23

Fig:6.6: Training with a trainer

So, if you are looking to import fitness equipment that could be fruitful and last for a long time, yanre fitness is waiting for your turn.

What to consider in setting up for your fitness equipment?

If it is known to the importer how much space it will take to set up all the fitness equipment, it will minimize errors and cost.

So before you begin to develop a gymnasium business, you should consider the given factors:

  1. Consider the size of the community: The size of the community where you want to run your business is a vital fact. A perfect assumption of people living in the community needs to be considered for gymnasium.
  1. Fitness footage: A core commercial gymnasium including rooms free weights, treadmills, stationary bicycles and the like, as well as male and female toilets, showers, and lockers, can fit into as little as 5000 to 6,000 square feet. 
  1. Consider Safety in the space: Dangerous equipment needs more space for client safety. If you import this equipment like extra cardiovascular space is required. 
  1. Interior design:  Unique interior design needs more space because it shortens the free length by its existence.

Can the fitness equipment be customized?

Yes, you can customize your fitness equipment according to your demand. Customize equipment saves space, gear up brand shows identity.

Different parts of fitness equipment can be customized. These are given below;

  1. Custom by upholstery materials: Different materials can customize pieces of equipment to show its identity and comfort.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 24

Fig:.8.1 Customize by upholstery

  1. Customized by coloring: Different colors can be used to have an attractive look of fitness equipment.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 25

Fig: 8.2 Colorful fitness equipment

  1. Customized by logos: Different logos can customize fitness equipment. For business identity, having a unique and familiar logo is vital.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 26

Fig: 8.3 Customize fitness equipment with logo

  1.  Customized by size and shape: Fitness equipment can be customized by different sizes and shapes, adjusting with space.
Wholesale Fitness Equipment 27

Fig: 8.4 Customize the size of fitness equipment

How to import fitness equipment at wholesales price?

Fitness equipment at wholesales prices will drive the business to ultimate success. There is always confusion on how to import from suppliers. These are given below;

  1. Identify import rights: To import fitness equipment at wholesale price 1st of all, you must identify your request from the authority to import goods. Different countries have different import rights.
  1. Identify the equipment that you want to import: Choosing the perfect kit for business is needed. Reselling values of excellent equipment are higher than others. It would help if you kept in mind that this equipment will represent your business.
  1. Ensure the fitness equipment is permitted in your country: Ensure whether all the fitness equipment you want to import are allowed to import by the government. There are certain terms and conditions from different countries to import specific products.
  1. Classify fitness equipment and calculate the landed cost: Now, you have to calculate the government’s tariff. Before placing the order, three things need to consider;
  • Supplier price for the fitness equipment
  • Shipping charge
  • Charges of different clearances.

5. Find your supplier and place an order: After calculating the landed cost and classifying the equipment, it is time to find the supplier to order.

The order must have a vendor, exporter, and identified shipping terms. (proforma invoice and quota)

6. Arrange cargo transport.: Arrangement of transport for shipping the equipment is needed now. Various issues need to be under consideration while arranging the cargo.

Shipment details (Arriving date, Certificate of Origin, and declaration documents) are needed in arranging cargo transport for shipment.

7. Track your cargo and prepare for arrival: It takes time to ship equipment for international importers. While in the transport, the importer needs to track it by the assigned agent notified in the bill of lading. Entry documents and clearance documents need to be ready at this time.

8. Obtain shipment: After the fitness equipment arrives, make deals for customs brokers to clear the goods through customs. If everything goes well, it’s your right to pick up your shipment.

If you find nothing wrong with it, you need to notify the supplier that you received the equipment. 

Wholesale Fitness Equipment 28

Fig: 9: Importing fitness equipment

Final Words

All pros and cons regarding fitness equipment should be understood through the questions and their informative answers. 

Now don,t waste your time!!!

Order your fitness equipment at wholesales price from Yanre Fitness. 

For further information, you can contact our team or visit