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Wholesale Exercise Bands – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are looking for commercial exercise bands at wholesale rates?

Do your customers have a huge demand for workout bands?

Do you plan to import exercise bands in bulk quantity?

Do you want to know about the types of exercise bands?

Whatever your query maybe, you are at the right place!

Given the high demand, it is natural that they are available in different options. The downfall of having multiple options is that you are always confused about what to buy. 

That is why we have compiled this FAQ guide. So that it may help in your quest to add quality products to your gym or distribution centre.

Table of Contents

What are Exercise bands?

Exercise bands are elastic bands that are used for strength training or in physical therapy. The band creates resistance which works all the muscle fibres. 

This utilizes the entire muscle. When muscle fibres contract, they strengthen the muscle and the bone. Exercise bands can be used for both lower body and upper body exercises. 

Studies have shown that they have similar results to cable machines and free weights.

 For more information regarding how exercise bands are used, please refer to the video below:

What are the different types of exercise bands?

Exercise bands are divided into two categories:

  1. Flat Bands
  2. Tube Bands

These categories further have sub-categories.

Flat Bands

Flat bands are single pieces of stretchable rubber fmaterial. The users must wrap the band around their hand or hold it by their fingers during exercise. 

These bands are best suited for physical therapy. However, they can be used only for lower body exercises. 

Flat bands have three sub-types:

Therapy resistance band: These bands are used during physical therapy to restore muscles. They tend to be thin and flat with no loops or handles. 

  • They are very flexible. However, they can easily be overstretched.
  • The simple design makes them easily portable, but they are uncomfortable to grip.
  • They can not be used during strength training.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 7

Figure 2: Therapy resistance bands

Loop Resistance band: As the name implies, loop bands are in the form of loops. The user can wrap them around objects or their legs during exercise. They come in various forms, though they only differ in terms of size.

  • Typically, they come as an inch wide band that is four feet long. They are circular and can be used in a variety of exercises especially lower body ones. They are a popular option in the market.
  • The mini loop bands are just a smaller version of the typical loop resistance band. These are compact but break easily because of overstretching. 
Wholesale Exercise Bands 8

Figure 3. Loop resistance bands

Power Resistance Loop band: These are thickest among the flat bands and are more suited to advanced training.

  • These are durable.
  • They assist in muscle building exercises.
  • However, they are expensive.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 9

Figure 4: Power resistance loop band

Tube Bands

Tube bands are tubed with a hollowed-out or filled core. They tend to be longer than the flat bands and provide more resistance. They are also known as workout bands. 

Tube bands also have four sub-types:

  1. Handle Tube Resistance Band
  2. Clip Tube Resistance Band
  3. Ring Resistance Band
  4.  Figure 8 Resistance Band

Handle Tube Resistance Band: These are also known as fit tube resistance bands. These bands have a handle at the end for gripping.

  • It allows the user to perform bilateral exercises.
  • It does not need to be manually attached to anything.
  • It is ideal for upper body exercises.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 10

Figure 5. Handle tube resistance band

Clip Tube Resistance Band: They are almost the same as handle tube resistance bands but instead of handles they have clips. The user can use these to attach them to bars or handles. 

  • They tend to be more flexible and offer a wider range of motion.
  • The user cannot use this for bilateral exercises.
  • If they break, there may be a snap-back that can hurt the user.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 11

Figure 6: Clip tube resistance band

Ring Resistance Band: Ring resistance bands are rings with soft handles on each side.

  • They are suitable for lower body exercises.
  • Not to be confused with loop bands, which are flat while these are tubular.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 12

Figure 7. Ring resistance band

Figure 8 Resistance Band: These bands have a rubber band in the middle with handles on either side. They are suitable for upper body exercises.

  • They are easy to use because of the small handles on either side. 
  • They have a limited range of motion.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 13

Figure 8. Resistance band

What are the materials used for exercise bands wholesale manufacturing?

Exercise bands are manufactured using three materials:

  1. Latex bands
  2. Non-latex bands
  3. Fabric bands

Latex Bands

  • Latex bands are made from natural rubber. Their range resistance is quite vast, so they are suitable for people looking for low resistance bands as well as high resistance bands.
  • They are the most elastic option with a considerable range of motion. 
  • Latex bands tend to be lightweight and are easy to clean because they do not absorb dirt.
  • They can cause an allergic reaction, so they are not suitable for commercial gyms where the clients are diverse. However, it is a good idea to have them in stock as bulk exercise bands for wholesale businesses. 
Wholesale Exercise Bands 14

Figure 9: Latex exercise bands

Non-Latex Bands

  • Non-latex elastic exercise bands are made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).
  • They are a good alternative to natural rubber and tend to be more durable.
  • Their range of motion and elasticity is lower than latex bands but still ample for commercial exercise bands.
  • They are chemically inert, so there is no danger of an allergic reaction.
  • TPE bands are non-biodegradable
Wholesale Exercise Bands 15

Figure 10. Non-latex exercise bands

Fabric Bands

  • Fabric bands are made from stretchable fabric and latex. The fabric does not allow the bands to slip.
  • They are resistant to UV radiation and other environmental factors.
  • They do not cause an allergic reaction and are biodegradable.
  • Since the material is fabric, its elasticity is the least among all other band materials.
  • Fabric results in a high resistance that makes them unsuitable for old people, beginners and those who are in physical therapy.
Wholesale Exercise Bands 16

Figure 11. Fabric exercise bands

What is the size of commercial exercise bands?

The size of the exercise bands can range from 1 to 8 feet. It depends upon the type of band you are going for. The standard sizes are listed below:

  • Therapy bands are 5-8 feet in size.
  • Mini loop bands are 1-4 feet in size.
  • Power resistance loops bands are 7 feet in size.
  • Fit resistance bands are 3 feet in size.
  • Clip tube resistance bands are 3 feet in size.
  • Ring resistance bands are 1 foot in size.
  • Figure 8 Resistance bands are 1-2 feet in size.

Are there colour options available in exercise bands wholesale?

Manufacturers tend to colour code the bands according to their resistance level. A general scheme is as follows:

  • Yellow bands have the least resistance with an extra light resistance level.
  • Blue bands have a light resistance level.
  • Green bands have a medium resistance level.
  • Black bands have a heavy resistance level.
  • Red bands have an extra heavy resistance level.

The resistance level depends upon the thickness of the band or tubing of the commercial exercise bands. The Power resistance loop bands have the highest resistance level that can go up to 200 lbs. Please remember that manufacturers can have a different colour coding scheme, so it is best to contact them before purchasing elastic exercise bands wholesale.

Wholesale Exercise Bands 17

Figure 12. Color scheme for resistance level of exercise bands

What is the resistance range for the commercial exercise bands?

The resistance range for exercise bands is a minimum of 3 lbs to a maximum of 200 lbs. However, it varies with each type of band. The general limits for each band are listed below:

  • The resistance range for therapy bands is 3 – 10 lbs.
  • The resistance range for typical loop bands is 20 – 80 lbs.
  • The resistance range for power resistance loop bands can go up to 200lbs.
  • Clip tube resistance bands have a range from 8 lbs to 60 lbs.
  • Handle resistance bands have a range that varies from 8 lbs to 60 lbs as well.
  • Figure 8Resistance bands have a range starting from 7 lbs to 22 lbs.

Please note that these are just general figures. You should contact the manufacturers about the ranges when you are buying elastic exercise bands wholesale. 

Do I need to check the material of the handles before purchasing the exercise bands wholesale?

Yes, you need to check the handle material and relative comfort of the handles before buying the bands. 

Some exercise bands have interchangeable handles that can be used on other bands as well. The handles of the bands can be made from hard plastic which can make it difficult to grip them properly. This will put a damper on the user experience. 

That is why we recommend that you purchase commercial exercise bands with a padded handle for the optimum user experience. You also need to make sure that the handle size is up to the mark. Handles that are too large or too small can make it hard to exercise. 

Wholesale Exercise Bands 18

Figure 13. Padded vs. Hard plastic handles.

Should I purchase snap-resistant exercise bands?

Yes, buying snap-resistant exercise bands is important for your client’s safety.

If the band snaps during exercise, it can cause serious injuries to the trainer. You need to buy commercial exercise bands that are labelled as ‘snap resistant.

In addition to that, you need to regularly check your exercise bands for any sign of damage. 

Exercise bands can snap due to the wear and tear that comes with their usage. That is why you must regularly check them for holes, seams or cracks that may have appeared.

 We also advise that you do not use any cleaning solutions for the band since it can ruin their quality. 

Does the manufacturing process affect the durability of the exercise bands?

Yes, it does. The manufacturing process is important in determining how durable the band will be. We will explain the best methods for both flat band and tube bands.

In the case of flat bands, the manufacturing process consists of continuous layering. 

The method prevents damage and tearing of the band. However, it is a time-consuming and tedious process. So, the exercise band made using this method will be expensive.

For increasing the tube band’s durability, manufacturers use the resistant cord method. During this process, the multiple tubes are woven together in a way that no seams are visible.

How can I prolong the durability of the wholesale exercise bands?

To prolong the durability of the exercise bands, keep them out of the sunlight. This is especially true for latex bands as they can deteriorate under UV light. 

Another thing you can do is that you can check the band before usage and make sure that the users do not over-extend the band. 

You also need to make sure that you do not use cleaning solutions to clean the bands. 

That can damage the integrity of the band which can result in the band snapping. 

The exception to this is the fabric band which needs to be washed in the laundry since it can absorb dirt like normal fabric. 

Do you offer logo printing services for the exercise bands wholesale?

Yes, Yanre fitness allows you to customize the elastic exercise bands according to your preferences. To place your order and specify your requirements for the commercial exercise bands, please contact the sales department at Yanre Fitness. 


We hope that our detailed FAQ guide on exercise bands wholesale has answered all your questions. You should have the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the bands. 

But if you still need more information, please consult our Best Gym Owner’s Resistance Band Buying Guide in 2021 on the Yanre Fitness website.

While you are there, feel free to check out the RB01 and RB02 series in the exercise band collection. 

We pride ourselves in developing top-of-the-line and eco-friendly products that will enhance the user experience.  For any more queries, please contact the sales department at Yanre Fitness.