What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill?


The most important thing with an electric treadmill is that you pay attention to the quality of the training computer. Because all functions depend on it, it shows you all information about your training. The computer must be well structured and easy to use. 

The display must be large , legible and illuminated be. It is good if all the information is visible on the screen and you don’t have to switch between different views. And you should be able to use all the functions while running. If the keys are attached unfavorably so that you cannot reach them while running, it is useless. A good treadmill purchase advice draws your attention to the minimum demands on the computer.

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Electric treadmill – what do the experts pay attention to?

If experts are to test a treadmill, first of all pay attention to the training computer. It has to show different things in any case:

  • – the duration of the training session
  • – the total distance and the distance covered
  • – the speed
  • – the pitch angle
  • – the program selection and the progress display
  • – Calorie consumption and heart rate or pulse
  • – the time and date

Mechanical treadmill, what do we pay attention to here? Not on the training computer, because it doesn’t exist. Here it is primarily the flywheel that matters and what the power transmission is like.

Pre-installed programs on the treadmill – What do experts pay attention to here?

First of all, you should find out in the treadmill purchase advice how many programs are preinstalled at all. The sheer number says a lot. And of course the type of programs installed is also a purchase criterion: endurance training programs must be differentiated from cardio training programs. The number of pre-installed training programs often increases in proportion to the price. With many devices, you can compile and save programs yourself.

Should I ask the treadmill buying advice how the pulse is measured?

You should . The shape of the pulse measurement is not always the same. Experts buy a treadmill, what do they pay attention to? Whether there is a chest strap. of course you can also have your pulse measured with hand sensors. But they only measure as long as you have your hands on the sensors. 

If you run free, nothing measures. During long training sessions you will always swing your hands and support the running movement. That is why we advise buying advice on the chest belt in the treadmill.

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