Tips for Training With Lat Pulling Machines!


The lat pulldown machine is one of the most popular exercises in the gym. The reason is simple: easy operation and high effectiveness. Together with the pull-up, the lat pulldown is one of the basic exercises in weight training. If you want to train your upper back, the lat pulldown is a good companion during training.

As the name suggests, the broad back muscle is primarily trained. But other muscles in the upper back, such as the shoulder muscle or the trapezius muscle, are also used and indirectly trained. We show how you can avoid mistakes with the right execution and which variants you can train with.

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The right version on the lat pulling machine

Before you start with the first training set, adjust the weight to yourself. Here factors such as training experience, goal and physical condition play a decisive role. 

Before attempting the higher weight numbers, however, you should make sure that your execution is correct. To do this, grab the bar at the outer end and sit on the seat cushion with a view of the device. 

Clamp your legs under the upholstery and position them at a 90-degree angle. The legs should be fixed so that you are not pulled up by the weight and have a secure grip.

Straighten your back and go lightly into the hollow back with your lower back. You bend your upper back slightly, your arms are slightly bent. This is your starting position from which each repetition starts.

Head, back and lower body remain static during the exercise and do not move with them. Now pull the bar down to just below the chin, tense your stomach and exhale. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders.

During the upward movement, do not let the bar snap upwards, but guide it upwards in a controlled manner. Try to do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner both on the way down and up. but lead upwards in a controlled manner.

Try to do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner both on the way down and up. but lead upwards in a controlled manner. Try to do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner both on the way down and up.

How-to: Lat Pulling Machine

  1.  Adjust weights
  2. Ensure a firm fit
  3. Straighten back straight
    1. Slightly lower back into hollow cross
    2. Bend upper back slightly
  4. Pull the bar to just below the chin – exhale while doing this
  5. Elbow to the side – in a line to the shoulders
  6. Control the bar up again – keep your arms slightly bent

If you are still unsure about how to do it, start with lower weights and get instructed by a trainer. If you exercise at home, a mirror can help with control. 

Lat Pull on the Neck

A popular alternative to the lat pulldown to the chest is the lat pulldown on the neck. Very little changes in the basic position. In this variant, the back is not bent slightly, but remains straight, only the head is tilted slightly forward. 

When pulling the back of the neck, only one factor changes: instead of pulling the bar past the face to slightly below the chin, the neck is pulled here. Be careful not to pull the bar all the way to your shoulders, but approximately to the middle of your head.

Lat Pulldown Tight or Wide?

Many people who train with the lat pull initially ask themselves which grip they should use – a narrow (upper, lower or parallel grip) or a wide (lat pull bar)? There is a lot of discussion about this question online. 

In principle, everyone should feel comfortable when performing an exercise and choose the posture that is more effective for them. The difference is which other muscles are activated together with the latissimus – such as the biceps. Depending on the handle, these can be used to different degrees. 

Difference Between Lat Pulling Machine and Lat Pull Tower

There are often two different variations of the lat pulldown in gyms – one the lat pulling machine and one the lat pulling tower. The difference is already apparent in the appearance of the devices. With the lat pulling machine, the movement sequence is guided through the device and with the lat pulling tower, the exerciser guides. Often the term “free lat pull” is also used. 

It is difficult to say which variant is better and there is a lot of discussion. The fact is that stabilization in the torso and torso is also trained with the lat pull tower, this is only partially the case with the lat pull machine. You also have the option of changing the handles on the lat pull tower and thus making your training variable. However, there is no scheme F here.



If properly executed, the lat pulldown is an ideal exercise to get more strength in the back and should be included in every training plan. No matter whether you are a beginner or a fitness freak, to build muscle or to increase general fitness, this exercise can really be integrated into your training. Different grips make it possible to add variety to everyday training and to keep stimulating the muscles.

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