The Top 10 Fitness Trends 2021


The Top 10 Fitness Trends 2021

What’s in and what’s out? While many fitness trends have remained constant in recent years, there is always room for innovation. From technology-driven trends to the desire of users of unique and personalized training experiences – the trends in the fitness industry in 2021 are once again very exciting.

So that you, as a studio operator, are up-to-date for 2021 and can adapt your studio to current industry trends, we summarize the most important movements of the fitness industry for you in this article.

As every year in November, the ACSM trend forecast for current trends and market developments in the international fitness market appears. As part of the  WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS FOR 2021 , which was recently published in the ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, more than 3,000 fitness experts were interviewed. As always, we have put together the top 10 clearly for you at a glance.

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1. Wearable Technology

Fitness gadgets, or wearables, will continue to defend first place in 2021. Hardly any athlete these days has any of these digital fitness companions that measure heart rate, calories, steps and much more. That’s why the wearable industry has now been estimated at around $ 95 billion. Are you also interested in a digital training companion on your wrist? Then feel free to inform yourself about the latest products from our sister brand Suunto .

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The HIIT trend moved up one place compared to last year – from 3rd to 2nd place. But can you still speak of a trend with this training method with high-intensity exercise phases followed by short recovery phases? Since HIIT Training has been in the top 5 since 2014, we believe that this form of training is an integral part of today’s fast-moving society. Integrate a functional training area into your studio, which can be used by your trainees alone or during a group training. The Assault Fitness  products or a Queenax station are perfect for this.

3. Group Training

Group training will once again be in the top 3 fitness trends in 2021. When training in small groups of five or more people, trainers motivate their participants to achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible. People find great pleasure in training with like-minded people, be it in cardio, dance, spinning or other courses. Learn more about group training on our website.

4. Free Weight Training

The category of free weight training was new in this year’s survey and directly landed in fourth place. Previous surveys included free weight training in the strength training category, which is simply too broad. Barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls etc. are now considered separately from guided strength machines. With free weight training, the trainers begin by teaching the exerciser the correct form of various exercises and gradually increase the weight as soon as the desired form is achieved.

5. Personal Training

Individual training is still a trend as more and more people follow their individual fitness plans in personal training courses, online, in fitness clubs, at home and at workplaces with company-owned fitness facilities. Personal training enables the trainer to focus fully on a customer, to respond to individual needs and to achieve goals as quickly as possible. Since this survey was published in 2006, personal training has been one of the top 10 trends.

6. Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is a global health initiative that encourages general practitioners and other healthcare providers at local and national levels to assess each patient’s physical activity and incorporate the related treatment recommendations or refer them to professionals as necessary. Exercise is Medicie has become increasingly important in recent years and will continue to become more important in the years to come.

7. Bodyweight Training

Training with your own body weight is a training method that has also been in the top 10 fitness trends for several years. Since hardly any equipment is required for this type of training, it is particularly cost-effective and flexible and can be carried out at different locations at any time. 

8. Fitness Programs for Seniors

Average life expectancy worldwide is developing rapidly and will continue to increase in the coming years. Accordingly, the demand for fitness programs for seniors is becoming increasingly important, as people are very interested in being physically and mentally fit even in older age. Gyms that design course programs specifically for this target group can now particularly benefit from this growing market and fully exploit the potential.

9. Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & wellness coaching is an increasing trend towards integrating behavioral research into health promotion and lifestyle medicine programs. Health & wellness coaching uses an individual (and sometimes group) approach, whereby the coach has a supporting role and is responsible for goal setting, guidance and motivation. The health coach focuses on the client’s needs, visions, and short- and long-term goals using intervention strategies to change behavior. Wellness coaching has been one of the top 20 trends since 2010.

10. Employ Certified Fitness Trainers

Qualified training support from certified fitness trainers is playing an increasingly important role for your customers. According to surveys, trainees are very interested in attending various courses from fully accredited health and fitness professionals who have great expertise and can demonstrate targeted success. 


As you can easily see, the fitness industry is subject to constant change and will continue to grow in the coming years. Get all the latest news from Yanre Fitness now so you don’t miss any trends and developments and stay up to date.

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