The Most Common Mistakes When Training With the Side Lifting Machine


Strength training is not only intended for those who want to have an extremely steel figure, because properly executed and above all well-dosed, strength training can be an absolute gain for health. Muscle building can take place very quickly and this can prevent considerable problems in the joints and spine. The back muscles are particularly important and the side lifting machine can work wonders. But even with the side lifting machine, it is only successful if you train properly. Because unfortunately, many training mistakes are made very often.

With the side lifting machine, the muscle gain on the upper body can come. Training with the side lifting machine looks quite complicated, but it is not. The padding on the side lifting machine ensures that the position can be held easily and comfortably at any time.

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Advantages of the Side Lifting Machine

  • Fast strength and muscle building.
  • The upper back is ideally trained.
  • The side lifting machine is a wonderful balance to other sports.
  • The muscles are activated and thus protected from injuries.

It is Very Important to Carry Out the Exercise on the Side Lifting Machine

If you work on the side lifting machine, you have to make sure that you always carry out the exercise correctly and correctly, otherwise the training effect would be zero and there is even an acute risk of injury. The back must always stay straight, you really have to be careful. This is exactly where the most common mistakes with the side lifting machine occur. In addition, the exercise on the side lifting machine must always be performed very slowly, under no circumstances should jerky movements occur. When doing the exercise, a light hollow back is perfectly fine, but there must never be a rounded back, which would be absolutely harmful to the back. Basically, this exercise with the lateral lifting machine is intended for the lateral shoulder muscles. Therefore, there should not be too large an angle in the elbow joint.

Therefore, it is always very important to pay attention to the execution of the exercise on the side lifting machine. It is best to be guided by an experienced trainer in order to prevent the danger. It is imperative to prevent the movements from being too jerky.

Mainly when training with the side lifting machine, the deltoid muscle, the bones muscle, the hood muscle, the diamond muscle and that of the shoulder blades are strengthened. And it is precisely these muscles that you should definitely be aware of before training. All these muscles together prevent ideal shoulder and neck pain when exercising. Tension is also ideally prevented.

In order to properly train with the side lifting machine, a few things must be taken into account.

Unfortunately, many people do not really know the exercise on the side lifting machine. And unfortunately this leads to big problems.

It is often the wrong ambition that leads the exerciser to do the exercise on the side lifting machine completely wrong. The weights are often chosen too high. It is always better to gradually make the increases with the weights. It is best to practice in front of a mirror so that the position can be checked again and again and corrected if necessary. It is also always the case that you train too many repetitions and too many sets. The positions of the side lifting machine must always be adjusted individually. So everything has to be adapted to your own body and, unfortunately, mistakes always occur here, namely that the setting on the side lifting machine is incorrect. Seat height and the pivot point on the axis of the shoulder joint must be correct.

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