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Unfortunately, the answer you get when you enter the search term “influencer” in the Duden online dictionary in September 2018 is not very convincing. “Unfortunately we couldn’t find any results for your search for” Influencer “. Or did you mean: influenza? ”There does not yet seem to be a clear linguistic definition of the term“ influencer ”for Germany. So the term is new.

The free online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a step further and defines influencers as follows: “Influencers (from English to influence: influence) are people who, because of their strong presence and high reputation in one or more social networks for advertising and marketing come into question (influencer marketing). “

Can the fitness and health industries benefit from the “influencer” phenomenon? fitness MANAGEMENT spoke to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Busek and Refit Kamberovic, three outstanding personalities in the industry.Anyone who is at least on the move in the new media can probably imagine something under the term “influencer”. A standardized, generally applicable definition of the term is still pending. What exactly is an influencer? Are influencers a phenomenon of digitization? 

What role do social media play? Can influencers shape the fitness and healthcare industry? To what extent can the industry benefit from the “influencer” phenomenon? With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Busek and Refit Kamberovic, fitness MANAGEMENT interviewed three outstanding personalities in the industry who had a significant impact on the fitness and health sector.

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What distinguishes influencers?

The American psychologist and economist Robert Cialdini is the creator of the term “influencer” with his 2001 work “Influence: Science and Practice”, whose German translation is titled “The Psychology of Conviction”. Cialdini requires important properties for the possibility to exert influence – u. a. social authority, trustworthiness, dedication and consistent behavior.

fitness MANAGEMENT wanted to know what is meant by the term “influencer” and what properties influencers have to have in order to “leave a footprint”. Can influencers still shape our industry today? How can the fitness and health industry as a whole and how can studio operators and fitness athletes benefit from influencers? Let’s ask the influencers!

We talked to three pioneers in the fitness and healthcare industry who need to know. They have decisively shaped our industry in the past decades and still shape it today. They also bring the attributes required by Robert Cialdini, so they are without a doubt influencers themselves:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the world’s best-known and most successful athlete in bodybuilding and with his impressive career as an actor, has helped bodybuilding in the form of muscle training to a whole new level of acceptance. This earnings cannot be overestimated for the fitness and health industry. In his political career, Arnold Schwarzenegger stood for movement and a healthy lifestyle like no other politician.

Albert Busek is not only one of the first studio operators in Germany to be one of the pioneers of strength training, especially as a media professional and functionary, he has shaped the industry from its beginnings until today.

Refit Kamberovic stands like no other for the sustainable professionalization of fitness and fitness studios in Germany. As the founder of DSSV eV, he also gave the industry a voice and made a specialist publication available with fitness MANAGEMENT.

Influencing is not an end in itself

Even without the technical options available to today’s influencers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Busek and Refit Kamberovic have had a lasting impact on the development of the fitness and health sector. However, none of our three industry pioneers exerted their influence for its own sake. A higher goal was always in the foreground – be it the pursuit of a personal goal or the positive development of the industry.

Read on the following pages which developments in the industry have shaped the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Busek and Refit Kamberovic and who they see as influencers for this development.

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