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Sissy Squat Rack – The Ultimate Guide

Sissy squat racks are newly introduced gym equipment that creates immense value for their investors. More and more users are interested in inquiring about these products. 

We have prepared this comprehensive guide to answer all of your questions and to assist you in your purchasing process. 

Let’s discuss all the important aspects that you should be aware of regarding sissy squat racks and why they should be your next Investment.

Table of Contents

Definition and Purpose of Sissy Squat Rack

Sissy squat racks are pieces of gym equipment that are primarily designed for assistance in basic quads training. This equipment has a simple yet effective design that provides you safety and convenience at a difficult angle. 

Apart from the lower body muscles, this equipment can also be used to improve the overall body posture. This is possible only if a user is able to fully optimize the utilization of these racks. Extensive training is required in this regard to achieve this operational effectiveness in a safe and healthy manner.

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Fig 1 Sissy Squat Racks

Advantages of Installing Sissy Squat Racks

Following are a few of the advantages of installing sissy squat racks in gyms and fitness centers:

Highly Operational

These machines have a wide operational capacity thanks to their unique design. Apart from the main quads training, we can also employ these racks for full-body exercises.  For instance, we can perform advanced crutches that are otherwise difficult and risky to perform on other equipment. 

Safe and Reliable

As the sissy squat racks are employed to perform risky exercises at a difficult angle, their unique design plays a critical part in this regard. The mainframe is wide and composed of strong metal. The footpads and leg support are also composed of durable materials to increase the safety of this machine.

Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain

Gym equipment is usually big and heavy, and therefore, difficult to maintain. This is, however, not the case with sissy squat racks. These machines are small and generally lightweight. 

They can be assembled within a few minutes and can easily be relocated anywhere without much effort. Also, this equipment does not require regular maintenance which is another great advantage of its employment. 

Types of Sissy Squat Racks

Two main types of sissy squat racks are currently available in the market. These are listed below:

Simple Sissy Squat Racks

These racks are built with minimum operational features and are primarily used for leg and core exercises only. Simple racks are sold as economical options to those gym owners who want great equipment at an affordable price. These racks are extremely popular due to their wide operational effectiveness and thus, are considered as one of the most essential pieces of gym equipment. 

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Fig 2 Simple Sissy Squat Racks

Multi-Functional Sissy Squat Racks

Multi-Functional Sissy Squat Racks are designed for those users who want to do so much more with their equipment as compared to simple racks. This type of rack has additional features that allow you to engage in many full-body exercises that are otherwise not possible to perform on conventional racks. For instance, a pushup and a twisting stand are available on these machines to enhance your user experience. 

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Fig 3 Multi-Functional Sissy Squat Racks

Commonly Used Accessories


Dumbbells can be used in several ways to achieve maximum utilization out of sissy squat racks. For starters, they can be used for weighted squats as shown in the figure below. They can also be used for bicep curls at a difficult angle, thus if you are looking for a compound movement on this equipment, you can utilize dumbbells. 

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are famous for increasing the mental engagement of athletes across various physical training programs.  Also, they are highly effective if you are looking to collectively engage in core and leg exercises.

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Fig 9 Exercise Ball


Barbells and be used with extra weights to increase the difficulty level of the squats. They can also be used for several core exercises such as crunches and stretching. However, we suggest that you utilize this accessory after sufficient training to safeguard yourself from an injury risk.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most common accessories that are used with sissy squat racks. Most products in this category do not have built-in resistance bands therefore you may have to buy resistance bands as additional accessories. 

Before you buy these bands, make sure that there are dedicated slots on sissy squat racks to use these attachments. Several training exercises can be performed in various positions thus, these bands massively increase the operational capacity of the sissy squat racks. 

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Fig 11 Resistance Bands

Exercises That Can Be Performed on Sissy Squat Racks


Squats are the most popular exercise that is performed on sissy squat racks. These racks have a special design and particular components that are specifically integrated to assist you in your squats. 

Weighted Squats

Weighted squats are more prone to injury than regular squats and therefore, the application of sissy squat racks improves even further in this regard. The footpads are extremely soft yet highly durable to provide you a safe training experience. 


Crunches are yet another common exercise that can be performed on sissy squat racks. Contrary to the squats, these racks are used to increase the difficulty level of crunches. Also, this exercise is exposed to more risk than flat surfaces. You’ll have to be careful regarding your weight and the weighing capacity of the machine. 

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Fig 6 Crunches


Push-ups can only be performed on multi-functional sissy squat racks as they have dedicated stands for this purpose. One great advantage of using this machine for push-ups is that you don’t have to worry about the right angle to place your arms. 

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Fig 7 Push up s

Durability Factors

Following are the durability factors that can help you differentiate between high quality and low-quality sissy squat racks:

Stable Design

 Sissy squat racks are used to perform exercises at a risky angle and a stable design is the most important factor in this regard. If your product does not have a safe and convenient balance, it will not be operational for a long period. It is therefore increasingly important that you invest in the right product. 

Built Quality of the Main Frame

The mainframe of a sissy squat rack is generally composed of stainless steel which is the most durable material in this category. Double-check the built quality of your product so that you can achieve maximum useful life at a high-efficiency rate. 

Paint Quality

Paint not only increases the durability of your machine but also increases its marketing capabilities. Before investing in this equipment, make sure that the sissy squat rack of your choice has a high-quality paint job for increased safety.

High Strength Screws

Sissy squat racks are adjustable machinery that accommodates a wide range of users through variable heights are other adjustments. Screws are something that is tested every time a user manipulates and operates this equipment. 

These screws are also responsible for absorbing the pressure of the weights of the users. The durability of this equipment is directly attributed to the durability of its screws. 

Comfort Factors

Following are the comfort factors that you should be aware of if you want a great user experience from your product:

High-Density Foam

Foam and leather cushions are the most important comfort factors of sissy squat racks. Several exercises require the utilization of these foams. For instance, you will have to utilize the footpads to perform crunches. The foam on these pads firmly holds your feet without damaging them.

Easy Adjustments

All components of sissy squat racks are adjustable and the product of your preference must make it easy for you to make these adjustments. Whether you are trying to adjust the height of the leg support or setting up the twisting stand, the entire process must be smooth and hassle-free. 


Sissy squat racks are usually lightweight so that you can easily fold them and carry them without pulling a muscle. Apart from operational adjustments, these racks have additional adjustment features to have increased portability. Having a lightweight product allows you to set up the machine only when you need to utilize it, something that is uncommon in gym equipment. 


Not all but most sissy squat racks have wheels that increase the portability of this equipment even further. Their wheels are integrated into the design in such a way that they only become operational when the racks are folded for towing purposes. 

Average Weights and Dimensions

As we have already discussed, sissy squat racks are specially designed for mobility purposes. Therefore, lightweight racks are more practical. Still, some clients prefer heavyweight products therefore, there are chances that you find lots of variations in their weight and sizes.

The common weight and sizes of both types of sissy squat racks are mentioned below:

TypeAverage Weight (lbs)Average Size
Simple Sissy Squat Racks2539.4×21.7×31.7 Inches
Multi-functional Sissy Squat Racks3546.38 x 21.7 x 31.7 Inches

Average Weighing Capacities

The weighing capacity of sissy squat racks is the most important factor that defines their operational capability. As both types of this equipment are not drastically different, you would likely observe a small difference between the weighing capacities of most of the products in this category. 

Following are the average weighing capacities offered in both types of sissy squat racks:

TypeAverage Weighing Capacity (lbs)
Simple Sissy Squat Racks250-300
Multi-functional Sissy Squat Racks250-300

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

Sissy squat racks can be easily set up in just a few minutes that too without the need for an expert. You’ll need some common tools such as a screwdriver to perform this task. We must mention here that some products in this category don’t require an initial setup and assembly and are therefore sold as “ready-to-go” products.

The operation of this equipment is also fairly simple. Unlike other gym equipment that requires training and assistance for optimum operation, this is a user-friendly machine that can be operated by beginner and amateur athletes. Anyone can quickly adjust the height of the leg support and footpads and utilize this rack. 

Sissy squat racks are strong and durable equipment but the feature that makes them even more special is that they have a maintenance-free design.  They can be folded and stored in a rack to save space in your gym. 

Customization Options

Customizations are the key to increase the durability as well as the marketing employment of sissy squat racks. This equipment can be customized in a certain way that can be used for the promotion of your brand.

Yanre Fitness performs all sorts of personalized customizations to improve the operational value of your sissy squat racks. These customizations are relevant to the brand name, color, and logo of your business. 

Average Prices

Sissy squat racks are available at different price levels as they are differentiated with small and large variations. Each type of these racks has a unique range of adjustments and accessories to serve the specific needs of a diverse customer base.

Following are the average prices of sissy squat racks that are currently available in the market:

TypeAverage Prices ($)
Simple Sissy Squat Racks25-50
Multi-functional Sissy Squat Racks70-120

Final Words

We have created this comprehensive guide to discuss all the necessary details relevant to sissy squat racks. If you have any questions that are still unanswered, you can contact us right away. 

Yanre Fitness is an all-in-one place to purchase high-quality and customized sissy squat racks. We deal in a wide range of gym equipment that is essential for the growth of your business. 

Visit our website to check out our products and instantly get a quote for your orders.