Workout Tire


Workout Tire

Yanre Fitness’ GT01 workout tire is used to perform total-body functional workouts emphasizing your strength, power, and stamina training. This product designed of premium quality and can withstand friction that may cause wear and tear caused by dragging and throwing them onto the floor.


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Since 1997, Yanre Fitness has focused on manufacturing and supplying self-design & premium-quality gym equipment. One of them, workout tire, has been improved to meet the contemporary needs of exercisers and increase their usability.

Yanre workout tires come in varying sizes and weights to cater for exercisers of different fitness levels.

Workout Tire Basics

What is a workout tire? A workout tire, is also known as a gym tire, or crossfit tire, which is used to perform total-body functional workouts emphasizing on strength, power, and stamina training.

Gym tires add variety to exercises and pose a challenge to exercisers to push themselves to their limits.

Workout tires are incredible equipment for:

  • small group training
  • bootcamps
  • strength competitions
  • skill challenges
  • crossfit
  • personal training

Features of Workout Tire

  • Durable

Materials used to make our workout tires are of premium quality and can withstand friction that may cause wear and tear caused by dragging and throwing them onto the floor.

  • Versatile

The tires are fitted with several handles to enable exercise variety. Exercisers can use the handles to drag the tires or pair with ropes to add more exercise variety.

  • Prevent scratching

Our crossfit tire are well covered to prevent scratching or leaving marks on the floor.

  • Reinforced stitching

The crossfit tires are covered with beefed-up material with reinforced stitching to cope with tough workouts.



Functions of Workout Tire

  • Versatile

Workout tires enable exercisers to perform a variety of exercises focusing on strength, power, and functional training. Adding tires to your gym gives a chance for your clients to take a break from weights and barbells.

  • Full body exercise

One great benefit of doing flipping tire exercises is that most of them engage your entire body muscles simultaneously, unlike other equipment that targets specific muscles.

  • Burn calories

Gym tire exercises are great for exercisers with the aim of burning calories.

  • Challenge exercisers to go beyond comfort level

Workout tires come in different weights and pose varying difficulty to workouts hence challenging exercisers to aim the next level.

Workout Tire Exercise

Here are some of the exercises you can do with a workout tire:

  • tire flip
  • low push
  • squat to jump
  • burpee jump
  • lateral hop
  • decline push-up

Take tire flip for example, how to flip a tire:

>> Step 1: Stand in front of the tire with your feet slightly wider than your hip-length. Your tire should be laying flat on the ground.

>> Step 2: Squat low, pushing your hips back and keeping your back flat and core engaged.

>> Step 3: Slide your fingers under the tire.

>> Step 4: Pull the tire up as you pull yourself up from the squat position.

>> Step 5: Push the tire to flip forward.

>> Step 6: Repeat.

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