Urethane round head dumbbell (TPU)

Urethane round head dumbbell (TPU)

This urethane round head dumbbell features a commercial quality stainless steel handle. It has an ergonomic design made for the user’s comfortability and safety. It is also made with premium urethane coating, which is non-porous and resistant to scratches and tears. In addition, this dumbbell has a black matte finish for a clean and professional look.


Urethane round head dumbbell (TPU)


  • Handle type: Knurled Straight handle
  • Handle finish: Hard chromed finishing
  • Weight Range: 2.5,5,7.5—60KG 2.5kg increment,  2,4,6—50KG 2kg increment, 5,10,15—150LB 5lb increment
  • Length of handle: 151mm
  • Dia of handle: 32mm up to 22kg, 34mm for anything over 22kg 28mm for 1kg
  • Tolerance: ±2%
  • Logo: laser / customized
  • Six-sided hex design prevents rolling.
  • Rubber casing with a solid cast iron core.
  • Heavy-duty Rubber Encased Heads: minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the dumbbells themselves. Easy-grip, ergonomic Chrome Handle with diamond knurling to reduce hand fatigue.

Quality Judgement Tips:

TIP #1
Weight: compare the actual weight and the marked weight; the error range is generally within 3 %.

TIP #2
Smell: the more inferior recycled materials there are, the heavier the smell will be.

TIP #3
Finish: the surface of a good dumbbell is smooth and flat with fine seams. In addition, the thicker the surface coating or rubber layer, the more durable it is.





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