Urethane Round-Head Curl Bar (Fixed Weight)


Urethane Round-Head Curl Bar (Fixed Weight)

BSC001C is high-quality polyurethane resistant to impact, helping protect flooring and equipment against abrasion produced in Yanre Fitness. The perfect bar for concentrating on bicep curls and tricep extensions has now got even better, with patented designs and innovation that inspires confidence and longevity for both members and operators alike.


Urethane round-head curl bar (fixed weight)


  • Handle finished: Hard chrome
  • Material: Steel +CPU
  • Weight range: 10–55KG 5kg increment
  • Bar size: 890mm
  • Dia of handle: 32mm
  • Tolerance of weight:±2%
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  • The barbell heads are comprised of solid steel.
  • Precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance.
  • The rubber encased coating is high-quality rubber, which  reduce noise and protect floors and equipment
  • Chrome handle.
  • Soft-medium knurling for a more comfortable grip.

Quality Judgement Tips:

TIP #1
Weight: compare the actual weight and the marked weight; the error range is generally within 3 %.

TIP #2
Smell: the more inferior recycled materials there are, the heavier the smell will be.

TIP #3
Finish: the surface of a good dumbbell is smooth and flat with fine seams. In addition, the thicker the surface coating or rubber layer, the more durable it is.





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