Urethane Round Dumbbell (TPU)


Urethane Round Dumbbell (TPU)

Urethane round dumbbells are more compact and can withstand more punishment than other dumbbells with different materials. These can be a great addition to gyms when it comes to looks, performance, and longevity. Moreover, these dumbbells are made with medium-grade knurling that prevents the user’s hand from moving during the workout.


TPU Round Dumbbell


  • Weight head is attached to the handle with a threaded nut and welded.
  • Chrome handles resist chipping, flaking, peeling, and corrosion.
  • Medium grade knurling for a secure, comfortable gripping surface.
  • Weight heads are pressed onto handle and welded.
  • TPU can be molded, extruded, blow molding and other methods of molding.
  • Simple production, fast, recyclable waste.
  • Be perfectly balanced for smooth movement and accurate weight distribution.
  • Easy-to-read weight markings.
  • Dia of handle: 2.5kg  28mm, 5kg  30mm, 7.5-20kg  32mm, 22.5-40kg  34mm.

Quality Judgement Tips:

TIP #1
Weight: compare the actual weight and the marked weight; the error range is generally within 3 %.

TIP #2
Smell: the more inferior recycled materials there are, the heavier the smell will be.

TIP #3
Finish: the surface of a good dumbbell is smooth and flat with fine seams. In addition, the thicker the surface coating or rubber layer, the more durable it is.





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