Urethane Round Head Dumbbell (CPU)


Urethane Round Head Dumbbell (CPU)


Urethane 10-sided dumbbells require minimal maintenance because the solid steel handles are hydraulically press-fit the heads and are fully welded for maximum strength. Steel handles are hard chromed and knurled, resulting in chipping, flaking, peeling, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the matte finish urethane has a low odor and will not easily crack or fade.


Urethane round head dumbbell (CPU)


  • Handle type: Knurled Straight handle
  • Handle finish: Hard chromed finishing
  • Weight Range: 2.5,5,7.5—70KG .2.5kg increment / 2,4,6—50KG .2kg  increment/5,10,15—120LB,5lb increment / 1,2,3-10KG
  • Length of handle : 151mm
  • Dia of handle: 32MM up to 22kg, 34MM for anything over  22kg 28mm for 1kg
  • Tolerance: +/-2%
  • Logo: laser / customized


  • CPU urethane round Dumbbells weight head is attached to the handle with a threaded nut and welded.
  • Chrome handles resist chipping, flaking, peeling, and corrosion.
  • Medium grade knurling for a secure, comfortable gripping surface.
  • Weight heads are pressed onto handle and welded extremely.
  • High tear strength rating. Can be resistant to tearing and damage.
  • Look and feel much smoother and are much easier to clean than rubber.

Quality Judgement Tips:

TIP #1
Weight: compare the actual weight and the marked weight; the error range is generally within 3 %.

TIP #2
Smell: the more inferior recycled materials there are, the heavier the smell will be.

TIP #3
Finish: the surface of a good dumbbell is smooth and flat with fine seams. In addition, the thicker the surface coating or rubber layer, the more durable it is.





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