Spin Bike


Spin Bike


Spin Bike

  • Riders race handrails, dipping process
  • Resistance system: Frictional wool stick, top brake system;
  • Seat cushion tube can be adjusted up and down, front and back, electroplating;
  • Seat cushion black padded mountain bike seat cushion;
  • All aluminum pedal
  • Product assembly size 1185*530*1320mm
  • Packing size 1075*230*940mm
  • Flywheel 20KG cast iron chrome-plated flywheel
  • Transmission 5PK belt for industrial grade
  • Bottle cage ABS double bottle cage
  • Electronic watch rate, hand-held heartbeat, time, distance, calorie
  • Gross/net weight 61kg/56kg
  • Capacity:100kg


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