Home Adjustable Weight Bench


Home Adjustable Weight Bench

Yanre Fitness’ HM-185 home adjustable weight bench is an adjustable bench that can be set to different positions– flat, decline and incline degrees– to cater to all kinds of health and fitness routines. This product targets your upper body, including the pectorals, arms, and shoulders.


Adjustable Bench for Home Gym at a Wholesale Price

Searching for an adjustable weight bench for your home gym? Buy the best flat decline incline bench at our wholesale price now. At Yanre Fitness, we provide a wide range of gym machines as well as fitness accessories, being well-known self-design fitness equipment manufacturer and supplier across China and worldwide.

Adjustable Bench Basics

What is an adjustable bench? An adjustable bench can be set to different positions– flat, decline and incline degrees– to cater to all kinds of health and fitness routines.

Features of a Home Workout Bench

  • Bench Press Variations

Our home gym adjustable weight bench provides flat as well as decline & incline options to enable diverse positions for bench press workouts.

  • Upper Body Workout

This adjustable gym bench can target your upper body’s pectoralis muscular tissues, your former deltoids, your biceps, as well as your triceps muscle mass.

  • Avoidance of Back and also Shoulder Stress

Decline bench press workouts on this adjustable workout bench are much less difficult for your back and shoulders. This results from the decline angle, which shifts the emphasis to your reduced pecs, working them harder.

Features of the Yanre Home Adjustable Bench

The adjustable bench for the home gym has a heavy-duty construction which can be even applied to commercial usage. Its solid structure is constructed to last, being able to hold up against hardcore exercises done with hefty weight for a long duration.

Our adjustable weight lifting bench has an ergonomic, padded design for secure and also efficient workouts. Flat bench presses and also decline bench presses can construct the chest with well-defined pecs.

Where to buy the best adjustable weight bench for your home gym? Yanre Fitness is your best choice.

Home Workout Bench Specs:

  • The back has 7 adjustment levels and the seat has 3 adjustment levels.
  • Transport wheels make it easy to move on the bench, and it can also be stored vertically to take up minimal space.
  • This bench is delivered almost completely assembled, set together with only 3 screws.

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