Smart Way Smith Machine


Smart Way Smith Machine


Yanre fitness made sure to provide super, precision manufacturing with heavy gauge steel construction, quality, reinforced welds, and finished with premium powder coating, anti-rust protection. Secured with high tensile bolts with lock nuts for maximum strength and anti-slip rubber feet.


Wholesale Home Gym Smith Machine for Sale

Need an innovative strength training unit that offers plenty of secure workouts? Buy the Smart Way Smith Machine at Yanre Fitness. With over two decades of manufacturing self-design gym equipment, Yanre has earned a reputation as a reliable brand for commercial fitness machines and accessories.

Smart Way Smith Machine Basics

A modern and unrestricted take on the conventional Smith machine, the Smart Way equipment allows the feel of free weights combined with a Smith machine’s security. The innovative Smith carriage features gliding bushings over sturdy chrome rods, providing an unmatchable smooth piston-like action to allow both vertical and horizontal movements.

Functions of the Smart Way Smith Machine

  • Three-dimensional Training

Unlike the restricted vertical movement allowed by conventional Smith machines, the Smart Way Smith machine offers both horizontal and vertical movements of the bar.

  • Secure Mechanical Spotting

The safety bars and J-hooks provide reliable spotting in case of heavy weightlifting exercises. This allows you to confidently work out without the danger of injuries from dropping weights.

  • Full-body Exercise Possibilities

The 3D Smith machine opens up countless possibilities for popular, varied, and innovative exercise movements to target almost any muscle group for mass and strength gains.

The Best Exercises to Perform

With the Smart Way Smith Machine, the world is your oyster. Below are some of our favorite moves from the countless exercises this equipment can support.

  • Lunges

Muscles Worked: Quads, glutes, hamstrings

Recommended Reps: 3 sets x 5 reps

Tone your lower limbs with the barbell lunge while enhancing hip mobility and core stability. The 3D Smith machine allows effective leg training with heavy weights and no danger of injury from dropping the bar if it gets too much.

  • Front Squats

Muscles Worked: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back

Recommended Reps: 4 sets x 5 reps

The Smith machine squat is better if you want to focus more on your glutes and hamstrings while using the maximum weight possible. Get your beast mode on, and perform at least 5 per set or more if you aren’t a beginner.

  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Muscles Worked: Hamstrings, glutes, upper back, lower back, core

Recommended Reps: 3 sets x 8 reps

The Smith machine stiff-legged deadlift is easy to maneuver and control as compared to a free deadlift. An excellent isolating exercise for the hamstrings, it should be done after perfecting your form and positioning.

  • Pull-Ups

Muscles Worked: Lats, traps, biceps, triceps, abs

Recommended Reps: 3 sets x 8 reps

Lock the Smith carriage into place, so it doesn’t move, and suspend your body from the overhead pull-up bar for blasting your lats, arms, and abs.

  • Barbell Upright Rows

Muscles Worked: Delts, traps, rhomboids, biceps

Recommended Reps: 3 sets x 10 reps

This exercise is not as simple as it looks. Proper form is essential, and it’s not recommended for beginners. Raise the bar to about shoulder level, and bring it back down.

  • Add a Bench

Muscles Worked: Variable according to the exercise

Recommended Reps: Variable according to the exercise

Why not bring a bench into the picture to get maximal upper-body benefits? Flat bench presses, incline bench presses, and seated military presses are just a few possibilities when you have an adjustable bench placed under a 3D Smith machine. A lower-body bench exercise is the vertical leg press on a flat bench to work the hamstrings and glutes.

That’s not all! The Smart Way Smith machine allows you as much use as you’re willing to make of it. Other popular exercises include bent-over rows, split lunges, rocking calf raises, barbell shrugs, and countless compound and isolating movements for targeting muscles throughout the body.

Features of the Yanre Smart Way Smith Machine

Yanre Fitness offers a heavy-duty unit in the form of a Smart Way Smith Machine. With commercial linear bearings that provide stability and allow the carriage to glide smoothly to and fro, the machine can accommodate a barbell’s three-dimensional movement while protecting you from injury due to dropping weights. The heavy-duty barbell safety spotters eliminate the need for a live spotter when you exercise.

This equipment allows you to max out on weight and can be suitable for beginners and powerlifters alike. Built for commercial use, the Yanre Smart Way Smith is the latest innovation that always has your back when you fear losing control.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with the 3D Smith Machine

  • Avoid performing two-dimensional exercises like pull-ups without locking the carriage into a fixed position.
  • Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy to enable proper form.
  • Avoid weights that are too light. Smith machines are made for using heavier weights than usual.
  • Avoid ignoring the safety bars, and always place them correctly before beginning a new exercise.

Don’t Stop Till You Drop

The Yanre home gym Smart Way Smith Machine can be your go-to equipment for secure powerlifting workouts. Get pumped with this sturdy unit at your disposal!



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