Gym Floor—GMB Series

GMB-500, GMB-1000

Gym Floor—GMB Series


Yanre Fitness’ GMB-500, GMB-1000 gym floor—GMB series features a plastic made that is environmentally friendly, green and safe. It is designed to withstand the weight of your exercise equipment.


Gym Floor—GMB Series


  • Size: 1000x1000x15mm;1000x1000x20mm;1000x1000x25mm
  • Material: Fine particles; Fine particles (mini dot)

Quality judgement tips:

  • Pick a material that fits your budget and has the best combination of properties according to your needs. The comparison table above can help you decide.
  • Prioritize waterproof flooring. If going for rubber flooring, make sure it’s non-porous, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Make use of underlays underneath flooring with less shock absorption, especially in free weight and high impact zones.
  • Beware of poor quality materials that may release toxic compounds which can be health and safety hazards.
  • Go through customer reviews to know more about a material of a specific brand. Look at images of finished projects to visualize how the flooring you’re considering will look after installation.

Learn more buying tips: Best Gym Owner’s Gym Flooring Buying Guide

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