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Exercise Bike


Panel: The main window by a large array of 8 × 16 dot pitch; analog display graphs plot the training mode and motion states; Deluxe LED fluorescent display electronic form; panel buttons, using the latest design touch-button design, responsive, easy operation.
Display Function: Time, Resistance Level, speed, pace, Watts, calories, distance, calories, heart rate, metabolism value
Shortcut keys: 8 groups fingertips elections campaign mode button design, combined with six groups individually designed quick operation buttons. Users can more easily select their favorite sport mode
Mode: Rich professional sports mode, a new concept of sport mode button, using the shortcut key design patterns elections. Binding authority athletic trainer training program, set up a wealth of professional sport mode. In sport mode, the machine will adjust the resistance on their own. Sport mode includes: a set of manual mode is a quick casual movement patterns. 6 kinds of training modes: automatic adjustment sport mode, the interval sport mode, sports mode canyon, undulator
Heart Rate: Hand armrest with heartbeat sensor test system, 30 seconds for an average error of ± 2%
Armrest: Handrails elbow pads specially designed to provide the user with more riding style, closer to the wild ride feel.
Cushion: Generous use of groundbreaking new soft cushion, provide a more comfortable exercise experience, while up and down to adjust, easy to use sports
Foot: Using the latest technology designed to slip, equipped with adjustable foot straps can be due to the need to adjust the tightness of the movement.
Resistance Control: Resistance Control 1-16 level, 230 mm self-generating units * 1 group, one-way control system resistance
Power Systems: Self-generation type (awarded multi-national patent) Generator (Self-power)
Since the power motor: Cater to low-carbon movement, without wires, easy to apply, can be arbitrarily placed anywhere applicable
Area: 1205 * 600 * length width height 1500 (mm)
Package Size: 1235 * 310 * length width height 730 (mm)
GW: 63.16 kg
Net weight: 52.38 kg
Maximum load: 160 kg