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Electric Treadmill


Panel: Pitch 10×21 array, LED large display windows that can simulate a graph showing the training mode and motion states; blue backlit touch-sensitive buttons technology, the most innovative user interface, the user is easier to operate, a wider viewing angle more comfortable, do not hurt the eyes. Equipped with high-quality speakers, MP3 audio input and a USB interface link integration of heart rate training feedback indicator, easier to use control platform. 

Display Function: Time, distance, speed, Ascension, calories, heart rate, movement patterns. 

Light-sensitive buttons: The new light-sensitive button design, breaking the previous run commercial electric plagued regular replacement panel without push hard, just gently touch to operate. For some digital input, innovation using digital technology, allowing users to enter arbitrary numbers they want to enter. 

Mode: Rich professional sports mode, a new concept of sport mode button, using the shortcut key design patterns elections. Binding authority athletic trainer training program, set up a wealth of professional sport mode. In sport mode, the machine will adjust the speed and incline themselves. Sport mode includes: 3 Group target model, including time target mode from the target mode, calorie target mode. Group 3 HRC heartbeat control mode, include: regional patterns of heart rate training, heart rate interval mode, intense campaign mode, sports mode is to make the training more remain within target heart rate range model. 5 group fitness detection mode: Includes: cardiopulmonary function test mode, navy physical detection mode, the US Marine Corps physical detection mode, Army physical detection mode, the Federal Law Enforcement Training physical detection mode. A set of manual mode is a quick casual movement patterns. Eight kinds of training mode: Any slope interval movement patterns, hills field sports mode, the speed gap sports mode, sports mode fat burning aerobic exercise training mode, 5 km target motion mode, 10 km target motion mode, sports mode adaptive testing . A group rate control mode to allow training remain within target heart rate range model. 

Fast user interface: The new independent board fast user interface designed to allow movement of the operating fingertips. And the innovative design of the dual safety switch, activists can use the clip stretching, or extrusion way to achieve safe shutdown of operations. 

Heart Rate: Hand armrest with heartbeat sensor test system, 30 seconds for an average error of ± 2%. Integration of heart rate feedback indicator, easier to use control platform. 

Heart rate monitoring system: New digital heart rate monitoring system, heart rate signal receiving device consists of a chest strap heart rate sensor and telemetry technologies have composed. “Release” movement of the hands, and at the same time be able to more accurately monitor the movement of the heart rate. 

Armrest: Particularly generous with large soft armrest, so feel more comfortable and secure movement. 

Shelves: Taking into account the needs of movement placed articles, thoughtful design of the glove slot mobile phone, MP3 and other electronic products, and configure a soft non-slip mats. At the same time on both sides of the table in the electronic rack, designed removable cup holder, two large cup holders can be freely removed for easy cleaning. 

Running Belt: Commercial-grade non-slip running belt. 

Self-maintenance Function: Specially configured science intelligent lubrication system. 

Self-inspection system: Effectively convey machine fault information, can effectively improve the maintenance efficiency. 

Suspension system: Efficient multi-level shock, shock absorption system. 

Sport mode button: Sport mode elections fingertips button design, users can more easily select their favorite sport mode. 


  —  Commercial high-quality professional DC motor: 4.0 HP/AC 
  —  Running Area: Large 1560 * 560 (mm) running area, combined with a large treadmill, make exercise training more comfortable 
  —  Area: 2150*930*1590(mm) 
  —  Package Size: 2305*950*480(mm) 
  —  GW: 208 kg 
  —  NW: 190 kg 
  —  Bearing: Maximum load 180 kg 
  —  Electric Ascension: 0%-15% 
  —  Speed: 0.8 – 25 km/h