Multifunctional Flat Bench

EI 7347

Multifunctional Flat Bench

Multifunctional Flat Bench, EI 7347, supports various exercise activities for a full-body workout in a little amount of space. This bench is versatile, suitable for both beginners and experts. It is made of commercial-quality materials, including a durable steel tube frame and high-density foam upholstery.


Multifunctional Flat Bench 11

 Flat Bench

  • Mainframe adopts 58*101*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe, joint pipe adopts 70*140*3.0mm rectangular pipe. Q235 qualified.
  • Exercise angle 45° .
  • High-density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.


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