Biceps Curl Rack

EI 7337

Biceps Curl Rack

Yanre Fitness’ EI 7337 biceps curl rack is designed to build your biceps by ensuring good form while performing your exercises. This machine allows you to perform exercises with barbells with non-slip rubber overlays, which guarantees full stability of the equipment.


Biceps Curl Rack 1

 Biceps Curl Rack

  • Mainframe adopts 58*101*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe, joint pipe adopts 70*140*3.0mm rectangular pipe. Q235 qualified.
  • High-density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy end cap, durable and nice looking.
  • Stainless steel safety bar holder with a thickness of 10mm.


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