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EI 7319A Side Turning



Side turning  is a unique design from Yanre which is designed focusing on externus oblique muscle, This device is for the professional facilities Provide users with all-round muscle training, don’t miss any training of small muscle groups
— Main frame adopts 75*130*3.0 semi-elliptic pipe,Functional area adopts 58*101*3.0 semi-elliptic pipe,movement arms adopt 48*76*3.0 semi-elliptic pipe,joint pipe adopts 70*140*3.0 rectangular pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified.
–Alloy steel guide rod to ensure smooth movement.
— POM material cam , CNC machining parts, POM is also called “super steel” Good lubrication and abrasion, makes the movement smooth and comfortable
— high density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather ,, and integral ABS guard cover.
— Anodized aluminum alloy end cap, durable and looks nice.
–Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS virgin material, durable and eco friendly
–Japan made wire cable, with 6*19+1*75 coated wire which can withstand 1400kg strength.