Upright Bike


Upright Bike


Upright bike has a stable structure that creates a smooth and nearly silent ride. Its pedals are positioned underneath the users’ body with no back support. In addition, the intensity of the workout can be easily controlled through the convenience of the switch.


Upright Exercise Bike, Upright Stationary Bike for Sale

In the fitness world, every exercise device has its unique features that make it indispensable. Among the most popular and effective gym equipment is upright bike.

Upright Bike Basics

What is an upright bike? It is a stationary bike similar to a regular outdoor road bicycle used for exercising. Its pedals are positioned underneath the exerciser’s body and has no back support.

An upright exercise bike is designed to be used by exercisers of all fitness abilities, which allows your clients to stand while exercising and enable them to work more muscles.

The upright stationary bike is



Benefits of Upright Bike

  • Good for aerobic workouts

It is a good option to do aerobic workouts without stressing your joints. Use magnetic upright bike to strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles.

  • Helps with weight loss

It is an excellent equipment for exercising to lose weight and tone the body.

  • Low-impact workout

The workouts are soft on knees, hips, ankles, and other joints. This is possible because users do not lift their feet off the pedals, unlike in jogging and running,

  • Interval training

An upright bike allows exercisers to adjust resistance, making it ideal for interval training workouts.

  • Trains more muscles

This bike allows a user to exercise in a standing position in addition to the seated position, therefore, engaging more muscles, including the glutes and arms.

  • Good for cardiovascular endurance training

Exercisers can adjust the resistance to a low or comfortable level and train for an extended period to improve their cardiovascular endurance.

Features of Upright Bike

  • Pre-set program profiles

Your clients can choose their preferred workout program from the 12 pre-set programs profiles available on the digital computer.

  • LCD multi-function computer

The computer tracks and updates exercisers on time, speed, distance, calories, and other metrics.

  • Adjustable resistance

Allows for interval training and accommodates fitness enthusiasts do different fitness abilities.

  • Real-time metrics

Clients can get real-time feedback about their performance during the workouts displayed on the monitor.

  • Multi-grip handlebar

Has extended handlebars that provide a variety of grips.

  • Adjustable seat

Ergonomically designed seat that can be adjusted up and down to suit users of different heights.

  • Ergonomically designed pedals

The pedals are designed to give maximum support to the foot and are fitted with adjustable straps to keep the foot firmly attached.

Why Choose Our Upright Bike?

  • Excellent customer service– Getting a customer service team that will listen to your needs is one of the most important things. Our team will listen to your inquiries and requests and respond quickly.
  • Yanre upright indoor bike is ergonomically designed– Our engineers have designed our bikes while giving keen attention to ergonomics to ensure your clients experience a close-to-real outdoor cycling experience.
  • Friendly pricing– We sell premium-quality products at the best affordable prices in the market.
  • State-of-the-art product– It incorporates the latest technology and features to give your clients comprehensive benefits.

EMS Upright Bike Spec

  • With regular LCD with backlight computer ”SR 6600” -, computer Optional.
  • Multiple Display for 12 Program Profiles + 4 user’s memory,” Speed” ,“Rpm”, “Time”, “Distance”, “Watt”, “Calories”, “Pulse” with “Watt Control”, “heart Rate Control” and special “Recovery” function
  • EMS bike with self- generating power system
  • With High Power Magnet and Flywheel to get sufficient tension torque and consistent resistance
  • With 16-step tension control system
  • With Hand-Pulse System for Heart Rate Display
  • Container loading: 50 pcs / 20’ FCL, 110 pcs / 40’ FCL, 110 pcs / 40’ HQ
  • Carton Size: 1250 * 580 * 780 mm
  • Set up size: 1120 *570 *1380 mm
  • Net Weight: 56 KGS, Gross Weight: 76 KGS
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Certificate: GS

As a top-rated gym equipment manufacturer & supplier in China, Yanre aims to help exercisers shed weight, improve endurance, improve strength, and maintain a healthy heart and body. Let your clients pedal their way to fitness using Yanre Fitness products.

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