Commercial Treadmill Touch Screen


Commercial Treadmill Touch Screen

This treadmill is equipped with an ultra high definition touch screen system which allows users to exercise with a clearer and faster operating platform. It can track workout time, speed, calories burned and distance. As well as automatically changing the slope or speed movement.


Commercial Treadmill Touch Screen

  • The 19-inch LCD ,Touch Panel TV smart computer, equipped with the latest eight-core processor. Combine all platforms and buttons. It is an ultra-high resolution TFT touch screen system design, which provides users with a clearer and faster operating platform. Compatible with Android system; WIFI wireless network connection function; real-world interactive training program: the treadmill automatically changes the slope or speed according to the change of the actual scene;
  • Support live mode
  • Double safety switch, athletes can use wire clamp to stretch or squeeze to achieve safe shutdown operation.
  • YA75TV equipped with aluminum alloy anti-skid pedals not only increase the grade of the machine and more safety of the machine. Unlike plastic pedals and fake aluminum pedals, plastic pedals are not durable enough, and fake aluminum pedals are prone to rust.
  • Maintenance-free running board, no need maintenance for life. It is strictly forbidden to wax or lubricate running belt.
  • 3 HP AC , PV: 7.0 HP
  • incline: 0%-15%
  • Speed: 0.8-22KM
  • Running area: 1530×560 mm
  • Floor area: 2135x935x1580mm
  • Gross weight: 204kg Net weight: 184.5kg Maximum load: 180KG


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