Commercial Treadmill


Commercial Treadmill

The commercial treadmill’s motor guarantees premium quality and can be used long term for many years.The treadmill is wide enough to run quickly and designed with armrests for safety usage.


Commercial Treadmill

  • LED console
  • Belt adjusted automatically , motor belt adjusted automatically
  • Fan included
  • Speed : 1-20 km/h
  • Incline : 0-20%
  • Motor: AC motor
  • House power: Continuous 3.0 HP
  • Peak: 7.0HP
  • N.W 233 kg         G.W: 287 k
  • Running belt: 580(width)×3460(perimeter)mm,
  • Installation size:2370*930*1600 mm
  • Package Size: 2310×1120×700 mm


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