Adjustable Weight Vest


Adjustable Weight Vest


This adjustable weight vest is designed with a fully adjustable belt and padded shoulder straps allowing for a snug and secure fit. This WV02 series provides extra resistance for any weight activities. It is also designed to hug users naturally in any exercise while still providing the ultimate range of motion.


Adjustable Weight Vest


  • Cover Material: 1000D Nylon Oxford
  • Padding material: iron block
  • Weight: 10, 20,30kg
  • Color: black


  • The Resistance weighted vest training including Pull-ups, Climbing, Functional Training exercises, Dragging, Chopping, Punching, Crawling.
  • Fully Padded body and shoulders, Moisture-Resistant.
  • Security belt and padding for secure comfortable fit.
  • One size fits Most.
  • Round Corners on weights prevent wear and tear on pockets.

Quality judgement tips:

  1. Filling Material Coating: Coated metal or a neoprene covering of any metal weights used in the vest is essential to protect it from rust.
  2. Coverage: Except for Functional Training and high-mobility exercises that are better done with short stack vests, always go for full-sized vests, which can be ideal for running and other everyday workouts.
  3. Weight Distribution: Make sure that your vest distributes the weight evenly instead of throwing it off balance. Aim for a snug fit, as closely adapted to your body as possible.
  4. Easy to Use: Weight vests should have adjustment straps, but not so much in case that they’re difficult to put on and too complicated to use.

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