Yanre Fitness’ 5504 biceps/triceps targets the front muscles of your upper arm while the triceps extension movement focuses on the posterior part of your arm. It also features an ergonomic cam pulley that maintains equal and consistent resistance throughout the whole exercise.


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Biceps & Triceps Machine for Sale at Wholesale Price

Need commercial biceps/triceps machine at an affordable price? Yanre Fitness offers the best gym machine with dual functions for your workout needs.

With over two decades in the self-design fitness equipment industry, Yanre Fitness has proudly earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of premium-quality products in China and across the globe.

Biceps/Triceps Basics

what is a biceps/triceps machine? The biceps/triceps machine works both the biceps and triceps muscles of your upper arm. Its biceps curl movement targets the front muscles of your upper arm while the triceps extension movement focuses on the posterior part of your arm.

The commercial biceps/triceps machine features an ergonomic cam pulley that maintains equal and consistent resistance throughout the whole exercise.

The Yanre Biceps/Triceps Machine gives you the options of both biceps and triceps exercises in a single unit. Its precision bearings enable frictionless manipulation, and the easily adjustable ratcheted seat keeps you at ease while maintaining the correct exercise form. This gym biceps/triceps equipment has been designed to accommodate users having a wide range of body types and fitness levels.

Features of the Yanre Biceps/Triceps Machine

  • Anatomically Contoured Chest Pad

The anatomic contour of the chest pad makes space for your thorax profile while maintaining the correct exercise posture. This notably lessens shoulder extension as well as thoracic hunching (kyphosis).

  • Counterbalanced Arms

The counter-balanced arms of the machine enable an optimal movement path and a lesser initial load.

  • Consistent Resistance

The movement arm enables smooth, uninterrupted resistance of consistent intensity throughout the whole motion. This minimizes the chances of otherwise commonly encountered dead spots as well.

  • Alterable Initial Position

The initial exercise position can be altered simply by using the adjustments while staying seated in the unit, saving time and unnecessary effort.

  • Ergonomic Handles

The handles on this machine have been designed to allow you to optimally position your arm in a somewhat supine manner. This enables your exercise forces to effectively target your muscles with less risk of wrist and forearm overloading injury.

  • Durable Frame

Classic rubber stumps at the base of the frame guard the machine from slippage. Every frame is undergoes electrostatic powder coating for optimal adhesion and longer life of the machine.

  • Instructions Included

The easily understandable instruction sheet depicts diagrams of setup as well as exercise positions. Furthermore, workout tips are also included for your efficiency.

Biceps/Triceps Machine Specs

  • Main frame adopts 118*75*3.0mm semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 120*50*3.0mm flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 80*40*3.0mm, joint pipe is 50*100*3.0mm flat oval pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • Dual function training, conversion is simple, fast and safe.
  • Ergonomic design, accurate trajectory, smooth operation. Two kinds of handle grips provide more exercise modes.
  • Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS virgin material, strong and durable.
  • The weight selector is on the right side of the user, safe and convenient.
  • Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material, high-grade PU leather, surface,and integral ABS guard cover.
  • Wire cable imported from Japan , 7*19 coated wire can withstand  1400kg tension.
  • Unified eye-catching color mark, in line with the safety requirements of equipment.

The Biceps/Triceps Exercise

As far as exercising the arms is concerned, the upper arm is mostly the main focus. Where is bicep and tricep? The biceps and triceps muscles in your upper arm assist in pushing and pulling movements along with arm and shoulder movement. Still, when arm exercises are not performed in the correct posture, the risk of biceps tears and triceps-related injury is high. It’s best to learn the correct form and technique from the start to avoid injury and speed up results.

How to build biceps and triceps? Tridents offer an effective way of heightening intensity while saving time and working your muscles to the max. All the tridents in this routine include a barbell, dumbbell, and cable workout. It’s better to perform all the three exercises in a single trident together. This will reduce the resting period between movements. Complete a full biceps trident, rest for a minute and a half, then start with the triceps trident. During a triple-threat arms assault, performing alternate biceps and triceps tridents allows each muscle group to take a break while the other works hard. Planning your workout in such a manner enables you to execute high-intensity training for each muscle group, increasing both arm strength and mass.

Quick Judgement Tips


1. Check whether there is an R&D center to design its own strength equipment; talk with the designers about design concepts.

#Movement Angle:

2. Ask designers at the R&D center if they usually work out with gym equipment. Designers who do not work out with gym equipment should never design any strength training machine.

3. You should try the fitness equipment yourself. You need to experience the following three aspects:

  • Whether it is smooth to use.
  • Whether specific equipment is activating your targeted muscle group.
  • For converging and diverging equipment, whether there is a peak contraction experience.


4. Know about the specific treatment methods applied to the surface.

5. Check if the surface is smooth to the touch.

6. Take a hard metal object, such as a key, and scratch the surface of the equipment in order to see the adhesion of the surface coating.

#Frame Pipe:

7. Pipe standard: ask the supplier about the standard of this pipe. In China, for example, you should expect fitness equipment pipes to meet Q235 standard.

8. Pipe Size: Look for 40mm x 80mm and above for the length and width of the frame pipe, preferably with 3.0mm in thickness.

9. Treatment: bending production procedure is preferred over cutting and welding.

10. Check the thickness of the raw material, not the the painted tube.


11. Ask the factory representative about the treatment methods, as well as the theoretical basis of the connection.

12. Check the thickness of the connecting plate and the strength of the screw.


-Seat Fillings:

13. Press the seat firmly with your thumb or apply a specific instrument to measure its density level.

-Seat Leather:

14. Smell: Check whether there is any pungent smell.

15. Tactile impression: Touch the surface by hand and confirm the tactile impression.

16. Density: Observe from the cut/side surface and check its stomata; the more stomata there is, the lower the density and quality.

17. Thickness: Check the thickness of the material; the thicker, the better;

-Seat Support Plate

18. Check the material used. Generally speaking, ABS is better than iron board and plywood.

19. Check the appropriateness of the match between fillings and support plate.

-Seat Adjuster

20. Adjust the seat several times to check whether it is easy to use. After adjusting the seat, sit on it and shake to test its stability.



21. Material: Determine the material used and assess whether it is appropriate based on our comparison chart.

22. Stability: Make the pulley rotate and observe whether it wobbles.


23. Determine the material applied and assess whether it is suitable according to the comparison chart.

24. Check whether the pulley and CAM are smooth when used.

25. Use the machine and confirm whether its design is in line with the principle of movement.


26. Check the thickness of the cable; the thicker it is, the more solid the cable will be.

27. If you buy for commercial use, never be cheated by manufacturers who apply home use material to industrial equipment.

28. Ask about the maximum load capacity along with fatigue test report and check the results.


29. Meet the standard ISO20957: Check whether there is a certificate of ISO20957, which means the equipment has passed the International Organization for Standardization.

30. Stability: Try to push a pin-loaded machine to check if it is stable. On machines like the Lat Pulldown, select the maximum weight, then suddenly loosen the handle to see if the device is still stable.

31. Total net weight: subtract the weight plates; the heavier, the safer.

32. Overall structure: the surface of the fitness equipment pipe should be free of any protrusions so as to avoid injury.

33. The edges and corners of the surface should have a radius r ≥ 2.5mm. They should also be free of burrs and make use of round corners.

34. tube ends: All the tube ends should be in the accessible hand, and the foot area should be closed off.

35. You should be able to stop the motion at any time.

36. The weight selection pin should be fitted with a holding system to prevent accidental change or movement during exercise.

manufacturing process

Commercial Strength Equipment Buying Guide Manufacturing Process 1

Commercial Strength Equipment Buying Guide Manufacturing Process 2

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