5503 Pec Deck/rear delt




 Pec Deck/rear delt
    • Main frame adopts 118*75*3.0mm semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 120*50*3.0mm flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 80*40*3.0mm, joint pipe is 50*100*3.0mm flat oval pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified.
    • Dual function training, conversion is simple, fast and safe.
    • Ergonomic design, accurate trajectory, smooth operation. two kinds of handle grips provide more exercise modes.
    • Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS virgin material, strong and durable.
    • The weight selector is on the right side of the user, safe and convenient.
    • Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material, high-grade PU leather, surface,and integral ABS guard cover.
    • Wire cable imported from Japan , 7*19 coated wire can withstand  1400kg tension.
    • Unified eye-catching color mark, in line with the safety requirements of equipment.


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