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Anyone who hears aqua gymnastics thinks of omis with flower bathing caps that do gymnastics in the water at a snail’s pace. One wonders: is THAT really sport? Yes, say fitness experts and doctors! This wet workout is the optimal whole body workout for young and old: it is easy on the joints, supports fat burning effectively and contributes to the general fitness of the body. Aqua-Fitness supports the cardiovascular system and blood circulation.

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Insider tip aqua fitness

Slim with leg swimmers and more – Aqua-Fitness burns more calories than with conventional exercises. This is mainly due to the thermal conductivity of the water. The body stimulates the metabolism in order not to cool down at a water temperature of 27-30 degrees. As a result, around 400 calories are consumed during half an hour of aqua gymnastics. If you go jogging in the park at the same time, you only lose about 300 calories. Exercises performed in deep water are the most effective. With fast movements, more power is required to fight against water resistance. Depending on the speed, about four to twelve times more effort is required in the water than with exercises outside the pool. Aqua dumbbells or weight cuffs intensify the effect.

Aqua gymnastics – gentle and effective

Aqua fitness is still a cry as a sport for women. This form of movement is not only suitable for pregnant women, but also for older people and for people who are overweight. Seniors need not be afraid that they will fall or overwork while doing the exercises. Obese people find aqua gymnastics exercises much easier than training in the gym: they only carry about ten percent of their own body weight in water. In addition, the joints, which are overstressed by body weight, are no longer stressed. Aqua-gymnastics is also prescribed by many doctors as a rehabilitation measure after accidents or operations. The training strengthens the muscles on the one hand and tightens the connective tissue on the other. Water aerobics also promote fitness, flexibility and endurance.

Overview of aqua sports

A few years ago there was only one form of water gymnastics. In the age of gyms and sports courses, however, a distinction is now made between many different types:

  • Aqua walking (running and walking movements including ground contact)
  • Aqua-Power (takes place floating in the water instead of with various buoyancy aids)
  • Aqua-Robic (similar to aerobics on land, chest, abdominal and upper arm muscles are trained)
  • Aqua-Relaxing (here you can be carried by the water)
  • Aqua dancing (dancing to the appropriate music in / under water)
  • Aqua Fat Burning (use of various gymnastic exercises in the area of ​​the “fat burning zone”)

Due to the high water resistance, a lot of force has to be applied. That is why aqua-walking, aqua-power, aqua-robic and aqua-fatburning are primarily suitable for improving endurance, boosting fat burning and tightening the connective tissue. Thanks to various devices such as swimming boards, rubber dumbbells, pool noodles, the level of difficulty can be increased significantly and thus a higher amount of calories can be burned in a shorter time. If you prefer to move away from the training aspect and towards the fun factor, you should choose aqua dancing. The music is loud and you dance exuberantly under water. Different swimming exercises are built in here too, but fun is the top priority! For those who prefer to relax after a hard day’s work, an aqua relaxing course is suitable. 

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