Open CrossFit-Box: What You Should Pay Attention To!


CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular and has developed into a real trend sport worldwide in recent years. While there were around 2,000 CrossFit training facilities around the world in 2009 , more than 14,000 CrossFit studios have opened. CrossFit is also growing strongly in Germany. 

There are already around 23,000 CrossFitters in Germany in over 230 CrossFit boxeswork out. These can be found in practically all major cities and even in smaller cities, it is now worth opening a CrossFit box. The market in Germany is far from saturated – so your chance to buy your own CrossFit box now! Find out everything you need to know from us if you want to open a CrossFit box!

What Equipment Is Required?

Since CrossFit largely consists of own weight exercises and free weights, about ten to twelve barbells are needed for daily course operation. Even weight plates in different weight classes should be available when you want to open a CrossFit box. A fixed component is also the rig , on which a variety of different exercises such as pull-ups can be performed. The size of the rig depends on the hall and the number of participants in the courses offered.

For endurance training, you need rowing machines and assault air bikes if you want to open a CrossFit box . The latter is a mixture of an elliptical machine and an exercise bike.

Small equipment is also required for the CrossFit training units , including dumbbells , medicine balls , gymnastic rings, climbing ropes , jump ropes , wooden boxes, kettlebells and pull-up bars.

If you want to open a CrossFit box, the floor is also an important aspect of planning. A rubber granulate floor , which comes in various thicknesses, is best suited . A 15 to 20 mm thick base is usually sufficient to protect the weight plates and the floor underneath.

Open CrossFit Studio

If you want to open a CrossFit box, there are costs. Since there are no conventional fitness equipment in a CrossFit box, the initial purchase costs of around 50,000 to 60,000 euros are rather low in contrast to a fitness studio . The monthly fixed costs are also relatively low, while the monthly membership fees are comparatively high at around 100 euros

Since CrossFit boxes are often located in simply furnished warehouses in industrial areas, the rent is therefore cheaper. The costs for the staff are also comparatively low, because two employees are initially sufficient for the daily course operation and the administrative tasks .

Returns points if you want to open a CrossFit box, which are license fee $ 3,000 , you have to pay each year, and insurance as a business liability insurance and theft insurance . 

If you want to play music during the training, there is also the GEMA fee , which is based on the size of the training area. Lower rents, less equipment costs and high chances of success thanks to a clear differentiation feature – that means less economic risk for you and faster break-even points . Opening a CrossFit box is definitely worth it!

If you want to open a CrossFit box, you should also create a business plan. You can find out what needs to be taken into account under the Business Plan Fitness Studio!

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