Hiit Training in 11 Minutes: the Fat Burning Workout Without Equipment


Do you want to stay fit even after the summer and continue to challenge your body? In our HIIT workout, fitness trainers Anna-Lena and Nicole show you five bodyweight exercises that you can easily and effectively do at home – in just 11 minutes!

High Intense Interval Training is a very effective training variant with which you can quickly push your body to its limits and the kilos to tumble. 
The workout of the two fitness trainers Anna-Lena Vahle and Nicole Heintke consists of five different exercises that are particularly aimed at arms, legs and buttocks.

Here’s how it works: You perform all five exercises one after the other, then take a 30-second break. Then you start over.

In total, depending on the time and power, two to three rounds are waiting for you.

Important: Within the exercises, push yourself to your physical limit in order to push the fat burning to a maximum.

Table of Contents

Hiit Workout: the Exercises

Before you start, we will briefly explain the five exercises from the video workout:

1. Jumping Jacks

Start in the final stand, feet close together, arms down next to your body.

Jump out with your feet and raise your arms.

40 times

2. Squat Knee Raise

Start in a shoulder-wide position, with your arms bent next to your head. Go to the squat position.

Pull your right leg toward the center of your body as you come up. Turn your upper body so that the left elbow is facing the knee. 

After the next squat , the left leg is pulled up.

20 times

3. Incline Push Ups

Use a stable object like a stepper or a step to help you.

Support yourself with your hands shoulder-width apart, keep your legs straight. Lower your torso and push your arms up again.

20 seconds

4. Plank Hip Twist

Support your forearms shoulder-width apart on the floor. Keep your legs straight so that your body lines up.

Now turn your hips alternately right and left so that it almost touches the floor.

40 seconds

5. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on your back, put one foot on a rise, your arms next to your body.

Extend the unloaded leg up. Use your support leg to lower your butt down and up.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

10 times per page

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