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Hammer Strength ShrugDefinitive FAQ Guide

A hammer strength shrug is an effective and safe way to work the muscles of the back & shoulders. It is a versatile machine that will be of benefit to a commercial gym.

Buying wholesale shrug machines is not an easy task though. You will have to learn about all the facts, figures & dimensions, in detail.

To make your job easier, I have compiled this FAQ guide. It has all the information about hammer strength shrug machines.

Let’s start!

Table of Contents

What is a hammer strength shrug machine?

A hammer strength shrug machine is a plate loaded gym machine. It is used to perform trap exercises. It is similar to a barbell shrug.

What is the function of a hammer strength shrug?

A hammer strength shrug is used to work on the trapezius muscle or traps. It is better at isolating a single muscle group because of the fixed movement path.

A hammer strength shrug is:

  • Good for seated and standing exercises
  • Aligns traps properly
  • Isolation
  • Extra range of motion


MuscleTrapezius or traps
Motion pathPulling (Both sides), Iso-lateral arms
LevelBeginner, Little to no learning curve
Other musclesMuscles of the shoulder & the back
TypeHammer strength, plate loaded
Hammer Strength Shrug 6

Figure 2 – A hammer strength shrug while in use

What are the types of hammer strength shrugs?

There are two types of hammer strength shrug machines.

  • Standing hammer strength shrug (with no seat)
  • Seated/standing hammer strength shrug

What are the dimensions of a hammer strength shrug?

Hammer strength shrug machines are compact & easy to store. Their approximate dimensions are:

Length * width * heightApprox. 38 * 53 * 47 inches
Weight107 Kgs & above 
Weight hornsStandard, two
Weight capacity600 Kgs approximately 
Starting resistanceApprox. 10 – 11 Kgs
Hammer Strength Shrug 7

Figure 3 – Yanre Fitness hammer strength shrug

Why is it safer to do a deadlift with a hammer strength shrug?

A deadlift is an exercise performed by lifting weights from the ground to the level of the thighs.

It can be performed with a hammer strength shrug machine or free weights like barbells and dumbbells

A resistance machine like a hammer strength shrug is the safer and better option though. Because the handles of the shrug machine are at your level.

Unlike barbells and dumbbells, where you have to bend down or pick the bar from a rack and reposition yourself.

What is a ground base hammer strength shrug?

Hammer strength machines are “ground based”. This means that the user’s feet are firmly planted on the ground.

This allows for a stable position while using hammer strength equipment. It also prevents injuries from imbalance and loss of coordination.

Ground base machines have a wider range of motion as compared to other gym equipment.

What is the construction of a hammer strength shrug machine?

A hammer strength wholesale shrug is made of high quality materials, like:

FrameworkHigh gauge steel
Weight plate sleeveAluminum, Hard chrome coated
UpholsteryHigh density foam, furniture grade PU leather, vinyl
Weight storage hornsAluminum
PipesFlat, Q235 qualified

What are the parts of a hammer strength shrug machine?

The parts of a commercial wholesale shrug machine are:

  • Heavy duty steel framework
  • Hard chrome weight plate sleeves
  • Two – four weight storage horns
  • Handles (may be adjustable for height & angle)
  • Rubber pads on the base
  • Adjustable seat
Hammer Strength Shrug 8

Figure 5 – A hammer strength seated shrug machine

Can I customize a hammer strength shrug machine?

Yes, you can.

This is a benefit of wholesale gym equipment. The manufacturer will customize the machine according to your brand & customer base.

For example:

If you place your order for hammer strength shrug machines with Yanre Fitness, they will customize the:

  • The logo
  • The logo designs
  • The color of the frame
  • The color of the upholstery
  • Frame finish

All you have to do is provide samples to guide them accordingly.

What are the benefits of a hammer strength shrug?

A hammer strength shrug is a strong & versatile machine. It has many benefits, like:

  • Hammer strength
  • Iso-lateral
  • Adjustable
  • Self-spot
  • Weight plate storage
  • Small footprint
  • Seated and standing options
  • Handles
  • Heavy lifting
  • Comfortable

Hammer strength:

Plate loaded machines provide the benefits of free weights in a safe way. There is no need for a spotter due to many safety features.

These machines have a high weight capacity. The absence of a weight stack makes them cost-effective.

The frame has built-in storage pins. There is no need for a separate storage rack for weight plates.

Hammer Strength Shrug 9

Figure 6 – A hammer strength standing shrug machine


Like all hammer strength machines, this also has iso-lateral movement arms. This gives the option of using:

  • One movement arm
  • Both movement arms (in the same & opposite directions)
  • Similar weights on both sides
  • Different weights on both sides


A wholesale shrug machine has many adjustable parts, like:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Adjustable handle grips

This makes it adaptable to different types of users.


Usually, when working with free weights, a spotter is needed. A hammer strength shrug supports the weight plates for you.

You can easily change weight plates and lift as high as you want. Without needing a spotter.

Weight plate storage:

One of the cons of working with free weights is that they clutter the gym floor. This can cause a potential injury & wastes space.

For this reason, a hammer strength shrug has storage pins in the frame. These pins are hard chrome coated and long. 

The extra length allows for the storage of multiple weight plates on a single storage post.

Small footprint:

A hammer strength shrug is small & compact, compared to other plate loaded machines. This makes it easy to store and easy to move.

Seated & standing options:

You have the option to choose a standing or combo version of a hammer strength shrug machine.

All these positions work different muscles of the shoulders, back, hips, thighs, etc.


Hammer strength shrug machines have the option of fixed & adjustable handles. Machines with fixed handles provide a stable grip.

They provide better alignment for the trapezius muscles.

Adjustable handles can be adjusted for height and angle. This lets the user change the height for shrugs & deadlifts.

The adjustable angle lets the user face towards or away from the machine while using it.

Hammer Strength Shrug 10

Figure 8 – Handles, weight pin & weight plate storage on a hammer strength shrug

Heavy lifting:

A hammer strength shrug is built for heavy lifting. The weight storage posts make it easy to change weight while it is in use.

Multiple weight plates can be loaded onto the weight horns on both sides.


High density foam padding and the adjustable nature of the hammer strength shrug, make it a comfortable machine to use.

What is the difference between a hammer strength shrug and a barbell shrug?

The main difference is of course that one is a resistance machine while the other is free weights.

But there is not much difference in performing the actual exercise. The range of motion for a shrug exercise is so small that free weights & machines both will do the same job.

So, there is no benefit of choosing free weights over a hammer strength shrug.

A hammer strength shrug machine is much safer than free weights. Its safety features will protect you from injury while working with high weight loads.

The seated position of a hammer strength shrug stabilizes the user as well.

Hammer Strength Shrug 11
Hammer Strength Shrug 12

What is the advantage of doing traps with a hammer strength shrug machine?

Shrugs can be performed with free weights as well. The main advantages of using a hammer strength shrug machine to perform this exercise are:

Keeps the arms straight:

Hammer strength shrug machines keep your arms straight by your sides. This aligns the traps on both sides perfectly.

Which is the best position for a trap workout.

Variable hand positions:

A machine shrug lets you change the hand position or grip. Which is difficult to do with barbells.

Easy to perform a shrug:

It is easy to do shrugs with a machine because you start at your height. There is no need to bend or pick up a bar from a rack.

Hammer Strength Shrug 13

Figure 11 – Posture while using a hammer strength shrug

What is the use of upper and lower handles on a hammer strength shrug?

Some hammer strength shrug machines have upper and lower fixed handles. Each has its own use.

The lower handles are good for doing regular deadlifts. The upper handles are for doing shrugs and partial deadlifts.


Now that we have reached the end of this FAQ guide, I hope that you know a bit more about hammer strength shrugs.

Hopefully, this knowledge will be of some help to you.  When it is time to order wholesale shrug machines.

While buying wholesale equipment, the importance of a trusted manufacturer, like Yanre Fitness cannot be denied.

Head on to Yanre, to choose the best hammer strength shrug machine for your business.

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