Hammer Strength Commercial Gym EquipmentDefinitive FAQ Guide

Hammer strength commercial gym equipment has a strong build. It lets you load up a lot of weight.

These gym machines are very popular in the fitness world.

This means that before you make your final choice. You will have to do careful research & learn all the facts about hammer strength machines.

To help you in this search about quality hammer strength machines, I have put together this FAQ guide.

It has all the information that you need in one place.

Let’s start from the top!

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What is hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

Hammer strength refers to plate loaded commercial gym equipment. It has the combined benefits of free weights & selectorized machines.

Hammer strength equipment has high-quality & strong construction. This makes them durable & provides a more intense exercise experience.

Figure 1 – A hammer strength squat high pull

What are the types of hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

There are many types of hammer strength commercial gym equipment. Each targeting different muscle groups in the body.

These include:

  • Hammer strength iso-lateral low row
  • Hammer strength iso-lateral high row machine
  • Plate loaded leg press machine
  • Hammer strength seated calf raise
  • Hammer strength iso-lateral decline chest press
  • Hammer strength iso-lateral incline chest press

Figure 2 – Yanre Fitness incline chest press

  • Hammer strength iso-lateral shoulder press, etc.
  • Hammer strength shrug machine

Figure 3 – Yanre Fitness hammer strength jammer

  • Hammer strength jammer, etc.

Figure 4 – Yanre Fitness hammer strength jammer

  • Hammer strength jammer, etc.

Fig 5 – Wholesale hammer strength power rack

What is the difference between hammer strength commercial gym equipment and selectorized machines?

The differences between plate loaded hammer strength equipment & selectorized machines are:

High weight capacityCircular weight platesWeight plates can be changedManual weight adjustmentCost-effectiveWeight plates not includedNo frictional resistanceLow maintenanceFlexibleLimited weight capacityRectangular weight platesPermanent weight stackPin used for weight adjustmentExpensiveWeight stack is attachedFrictional resistanceHigh maintenanceLess flexible 

Why is hammer strength commercial gym equipment safer than free weights?

Hammer strength commercial gym equipment is much safer than free weights, because:

Free weights are supported by the user. This means that there is a risk of injury if you are not paying attention. 

Dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, can easily fall on your head or foot. Causing serious trauma.

If you are lifting a very heavyweight load but haven’t warmed up properly. There is a chance of pulling a muscle.

Figure 5 – Safety stops on a hammer strength leg press machine

Hammer strength, plate loaded machines have many safety features. These make the machine safer for all users.

It doesn’t matter if you are lifting light or heavy. The machine stabilizes the weight plates for you.

There are also safety stops to support the weight load in case of failure. The built-in weight storage prevents people from tripping over the weight plates.

The base is coated with rubber or has rubber feet for better grip.

What makes hammer strength commercial gym equipment durable?

There are many factors that make hammer strength commercial gym equipment long lasting, like:

  • Materials
  • Finish
  • Simple design

This type of gym equipment uses materials like high gauge steel. The finish is either two layers of powder coating or chrome.

Making it scratch resistant & sweatproof.

Apart from the materials & construction, the design also plays a role in durability. 

Hammer strength commercial gym equipment has a simple design. There are not too many moveable parts. There are no cables, pulleys or weight stacks.

This makes them easier to maintain in the long run.

Which weight plates are used with hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

Hammer strength commercial gym equipment uses conventional round weight plates. These are not included with the machine at the time of purchase.

There are two types of weight plates:

  • Standard weight plates
  • Olympic weight plates

Yanre Fitness hammer strength gym equipment uses two-inch Olympic weight plates. These are round and flat.

There are many advantages of using Olympic weight plates:

  • More versatile
  • More stable on the bar
  • Holding grips, etc.

Figure 7 – Olympic bumper plates

What are the benefits of hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

The benefits of hammer strength commercial gym equipment are as follows:

Build or construction:

Hammer strength gym equipment is high quality, tough & made to last. It is constructed of high gauge steel.

Yanre Fitness hammer strength equipment is durable. It has a handy design to provide a smooth workout. 

Plate loaded:

Wholesale hammer strength machines are plate loaded. This is to provide a higher weight capacity or limit.

Hammer strength machines are designed to carry light to heavy, weight loads.

Figure 8 – Plate loaded hammer strength gym machines

Iso-lateral technology:

This type of equipment is famous for the iso-lateral movement design. This means that both sides can move independently of each other.

This technology gives better strength training options.


Hammer strength machines have many adjustable parts. This gives the benefit of a high-grade workout. 

Adjustable parts make plate loaded machines versatile. They are suitable for users of different weights, heights, etc.

Firm base:

Hammer strength commercial gym machines are large & have a wide base. This wide footprint is important to stabilize the machines & prevent wobbling.

High weight load:

These machines are built for heavier weight loads. They have a range of free weights but provide the safety of resistance machines.

No spotter:

Doing a normal bench press at a higher load requires a spotter. Hammer strength machines are designed so users can self-spot.

This makes them much safer than free weights.


The biomechanics of hammer strength equipment is based on the activity of the human body. This reduces injuries & makes exercises more effective.

Durable & convenient:

Hammer strength equipment lasts longer. It is more comfortable & convenient to use. There is almost little to no learning curve.

What are the differences between hammer strength commercial gym equipment and free weights?

Hammer strength machines provide the benefits of both resistance machines & free weights.

The differences between free weights and hammer strength equipment are:

Less leverageMoveableMore range of motionUse more stabilizer musclesInjury threatSpotter neededNot iso-lateralDifficult to have good formOnly free weight benefitsCost-effectiveLow maintenanceLearning curveMore leverageFixed in one placeOnly move in certain directionsUse fewer stabilizer musclesSaferSelf-spotIso-lateralEasy to have the correct formFree weight & machine benefitsExpensiveHigh maintenanceLittle to no learning curve

What is the advantage of wholesale hammer strength equipment from China?

Hammer strength equipment is high grade & high quality. Buying it from local hammer strength factories is not cost-effective for many.

Getting hammer strength wholesale gym equipment from China has many benefits, like:

  • Bulk production
  • Low labor cost
  • Original designs
  • Quality control
  • Packing & delivery options
  • Trusted manufacturers

Bulk production:

China is known for its ability to produce gym equipment in large quantities. Hammer strength equipment needs to be of good quality. 

A dependable production line is necessary for that.

Figure 9 – High production capacity

Cheap labor:

This one is very obvious. Hammer strength machines are expensive. There is no comparison between labor costs between local & Chinese factories.

The low labor costs in China will benefit you in the long run.

Original designs:

Factories like Yanre Fitness focus on original designs. They self-design their equipment to give the customers more variety.

Having a versatile range of hammer strength gym equipment allows for more diversity.

Figure 10 – Self-designed hammer strength commercial gym equipment

Quality control:

High production only benefits when the quality is maintained. This is a requirement for all wholesale factories.

Packing & delivery:

Chinese hammer strength gym equipment manufacturers have tried & tested methods of packaging & delivery.

They offer:

  • Customized packaging
  • Safe delivery
  • Proper storage

Trusted manufacturers:

Look for a trusted manufacturer in China. Trusted wholesale manufacturers like Yanre Fitness can provide you with:

  • Experience
  • Quality construction
  • Original designs
  • Custom options, etc.

What is iso lateral training in hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

Iso-lateral means that you have the option of training each side of the body separately. Regular machines have both arms moving in one direction.

Iso-lateral hammer strength machines are able to provide converging & diverging movements. At the same time.

This increases the range of motion & provides more benefit to the user.

The weights on both arms may be the same or different as well.

Figure 11 – Independent movement arms of an iso-lateral hammer strength machine

How is hammer strength commercial gym equipment delivered to you?

Hammer strength equipment is large. This calls for careful packaging and delivery of this type of wholesale equipment.

These machines are packaged in wooden crates. They are not fully assembled, to save space and prevent damage during the delivery.

Accessories like weight plates, etc. are not provided with the hammer strength equipment.

Is it easy to assemble hammer strength commercial gym equipment?

Yes, it is.

Each machine comes with an assembly guide. Which is easy to understand & straightforward.

Once the equipment is in your hands. You will have to do some assembly on the unit according to the instruction manual given.

It only requires one person to do the required assembly.

Figure 12 – Assembly of a hammer strength rack


For any commercial gym or fitness business, hammer strength equipment is a must.

Though many brands & factories are making hammer strength commercial gym equipment. It is still expensive and will affect your profit margin in the end.

Do you want affordable hammer strength wholesale gym equipment without compromising on quality?

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