Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021

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Gym membership software makes it easy to keep records of your fitness club members. As well as their involvement, book grouping, guides and much more.

Gym membership software helps you to have free staff, and informed members. It also aids you in having great business advancement. Furthermore, more time for you to do the things you love. Easy-to-use software makes gym membership management stress free and time manageable.

In this article, we  look at some of the best and free gym membership software programs on the market.

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The Nitty Gritty on Gym Membership Software

Gym membership software is a tool used by someone who owns a gym, works for a gym or who is a member of a gym.

The software can handle all aspects of a gym or fitness club, all employees use the tool. Those who work the front desk book in guests and manage the class schedule. All sales specialists use the tool to sign up new members and trace their sales goals.

Trainers can use the tool to prepare workouts and track the progress of clients. And business owners can use the tool to see how all these various aspects of the business are working. 

You can control the accounting, employee scheduling, and payroll features. All within one program to make sure that the business is running smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Gym Membership Software

Gym management software presents a simple solution for improved organization and efficiency. Especially when running a fitness center. 

Such software makes it simple for you to assign tasks to employees. It also allows you to process payments, manage inventory, and more. All from one available, centralized place.

Gym planning software is also a fitness, studio, scheduling, or membership software. It assists businesses that offer memberships, and classes, to keep track. It also helps them to manage their employees and their schedules.

Gym systems offer fitness businesses the functionality to manage schedules, memberships, and facilities. Gym management software offers gym business managers with a variety of tools. Instead of spending a lot of money on many solutions to fulfil your daily needs, gym management software can offer one tool to do all the work.

You do not need to depend on scheduling software to book appointments and classes. Membership software helps you manage back-office tasks like accounting and other administrative tasks. All these roles are performed within one gym management platform.

Top 10 Gym Membership Software Systems – 2021

Glofox – Software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 1

Figure 2: Glofox Gym Membership Software (Image SRC: Glofox App)

The Glofox App allows members to be informed of studio news and offers. There is even an online store where merchandise can be purchased. It is quite easy to use and will take your fitness business above and beyond.

Glofox is evolving as one of the best software on the market. In fact, the biggest fans of the app are the users! The reasons are many: dashboard, graphics, and user experience are top-of-the-market.

This permitted the company to thrive at an early stage and it is what gives them a good advantage today. Excellent features and a very effective support make this app one to consider. Especially when opening a new facility. Or, when you are in need of updating your current technology.

Moreover, Glofox allows users to streamline access management. They also make sure your admission permissions are always synchronised.  Improve your member’s experience with a mobile app they can use to book classes. They can also make purchases, and connect with your studio.

Members can view their schedule, update their membership plan or buy credits. Having your own branded member app, your members can find classes and book in. The Check-in Kiosk offers your members an easy to use and convenient solution. Members no longer have to wait in lines at reception or waiting for a trainer to check them in.

It is 100% self-service. It is imperative that you have an app that looks and feels like your studio. Glofox gives your members a unified experience. Coupled with a branded booking portal on your website.

Glofox offers a 20% discount on annual billing, you are also able to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You can request a demo of the accessibilities of the app via their website.

Gymflow Members software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 2

Figure 3: Gymflow Membership Software (Image SRC: gymflow)

Gymflow allows you to save time, money and frustration by assisting in all your daily plans on one system. Leaving you to concentrate on what is more important. Like, providing excellent experiences to your clients.

Gymflow, recommends several features for booking and administrating your gym or wellness facility. It makes Gymflow different from many competitors. And is also the solution with many extra features.

These features are committed to increasing customer maintenance. It also increases customer engagement with communications added to the customer’s dashboard.

Another Gymflow advantage is the pricing for sure. As a matter of fact, the solution comes with two price points: the Standard and the Pilot Program. Standard users will pay around $199 per month which is pretty in line with the competition.

Pilot Program users will only pay $99. This is due to regular feedback sessions with the product team at Gymflow. It helps them to improve the software. Are you considering a great gym management software? Then we recommend you investigate their product offering.

Data storage and lengthy account set ups are no longer one of your worries. Gymflow has partnered up with one of the world’s leading payment processors, Stripe. Together they make your life much easier and hassle free.

Gymflow understands the uniqueness of your business. And thus they created an easier way for you to be able to custom your membership plans. Create new plans with specific additions with very little effort. Or, run promotions and include extra services within your plans.

Payment can be made within the app. Thus there is no need for extra hardware or card machines. These only clutter your reception area and cause more problems. Price plans starting from as little as $99 per month.

Zen Planner Software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 3

Figure 4: Zenplanner Membership Software (Image SRC: Zenplanner)

Having ZenPlanner member management software will enable you to run your gym. Zen Planner allows you to reserve classes, log workouts, and update payment information. It also allows you to pay bills, work together with other members and much more all in one location. Download the Zen Planner Member App to give you easy access to managing your account.

With Zen Planner, you will experience a tremendous growth in your membership numbers. Zen Planner also enables members to assist themselves via the self-service software. This saves you more time and money.

Members will be able to view your schedules, and book their spot in class. They can also track which of their friends will be joining. They can also track their workout results. Zen Planner is a comprehensive software. It allows effortless scheduling. It also allows member self-service, generation of reports, and many other helpful features.

The program also offers some built-in marketing features. This will help to drive traffic to your gym’s website, and through your front door.

Resolving issues can be sorted out via the staff and member App. Members will find it easy checking in via the Kiosk Mode and staff can check themselves in via the Staff App. Zen Planner is easy to use, saves time and will even help businesses to grow.

On the Zen Planner app you will find great features. Like class calendar, reserve class, and digital signatures. It also features pay bills, shared curriculum, instructor, and class details. 

Find info on community building, workout tracking as well as attendance registers. Pricing plans for the Zen Planner software starts from as little as $117 per month.

Mindbody – Fitness

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 4

Figure 5: Mindbody Membership Software (Image SRC: Mindbody)

Mindbody assists in delivering amazing client experiences. That is not all. Mindbody developed from the simple concept. They believe that small business owners ought to have the time to concentrate on what matters most. And we all know this is your client.

Mindbody software has changed the image of the world’s top wellness services marketplace. They are linking many passionate health and wellness professionals with millions of clients. Mindbody is a great gym management software option. It improves both onsite and offsite operations.

The program allows live streaming for fitness classes without any extravagant equipment. All you need is a smart phone. Users can enjoy a straightforward and insightful design. It makes it easy to lead a virtual workout class. Mindbody is available for desktop download, as well as for mobile and tablet use.

Mindbody live by their core values. They strive to uphold their five guiding principles. Commitment to wellness, fitness achievement, humble and helpful support team, empathetic, and evolving.

The starting price for this software package is $159 per month. They also offer free demos via their website.


Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 5

Figure 6: Simplybook.me Gym Software (Image SRC: GetApp)

SimplyBook.me is an online booking system. They offer a variety of functionalities. They also aid in  accepting/handling appointments and selling various services. The booking website incorporates Google Analytics and various payment policies.

The software’s user interface is completely integrated. And it is simple to use for both clients and managers. Appointments can be booked on any device by clients. Sales can be boosted via a promotional system through SimplyBook.me. Client profiles can be created for all your new and existing clients.

Handling your daily sales and deposits is a breeze with the Point of Sale (PoS) feature. Establish appointments from the PoS function for walk-in clients. Also bring together all your payment systems, to resolve your daily figures

Manage your employee schedules. Also stay up to date with break times and staff vacation times. Manage your team’s time so that they can  deliver the best service. Dispatch your employees’ momentos, and reports with appointments booked, rescheduled and cancelled.

You can give various levels of admin access, depending on the changes you want to permit them to make to the system. If you have limited resources, for example rooms, no concerns, you can set that up as well.

Pricing starts from $9,99 per month and a 14 day trial period is available via the website.

Mariana Tek Club Membership Software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 6

Figure 7: Mariana Tek Gym Software (Image SRC: Business Wire)

Mariana Tek is one of the preferred gym management software to many customers. The core features might look comparable to the ones of competitors but do not be misled by this.

The great performance of the app and its seamless customer experience makes it stand out. It is one of the most  improved designs in  gym management software on the market. And it showcases many marketing and CRM features. These features are not only fantastic for the admins but also for the customers. They can never have enough.

Free trials and demos are available on the website. And the tailored starting price for the software packages will fit your business needs.

Mariana Tek is a product by Xplor. They are  the first global platform combining software, payments and business-enabling services. They aim to help businesses succeed. Visit xplortechnologies.com to learn more about how Xplor’s products boost to success. A demo is available via the website.

10 To 8

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 7

Figure 8: 10To8 Gym Software (Image SRC: amoCRM)

10to8 industrializes the daily functions of a gym. All while providing the business with a specialized look. The qualities available on the software can be beneficial to a fitness center of any size. It is a particularly attractive result for a fast-growing gym. As it   it is accessible.

10to8 offers a smooth customer experience. The software offers a simple creation, cancellation, or rescheduling of appointments. You can use 10to8 to generate booking forms, check appointments, and automate emails

10to8 is all-in-one Appointment Scheduling Software. It assists you better to communicate with clients. It also aids  in reducing no-shows, double-bookings and time-consuming admin. Access 10to8 from any device and operating system.

You do not need to download an app; you can have your schedule with you even on the go. The starting price varies depending on your size and type of business. They offer free demos and trials via their website.

Virtuagym – Fitness Software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 8

Figure 9: Virtuagym Gym Software (Image SRC: Health Club Management)

Virtuagym is an all-in-one fitness management software. They embrace a holistic approach that balances training and nutrition.

Its most important feature is an integrated membership management system. This system allows various membership tiers. Like, involving day and multi-visit passes that run on a pay-as-you-go credit system. With this instrument, you can create a pass for ten visits. You will be able to access classes and upsell other services or products.

Virtuagym’s maintenance dashboard captures membership analytics. It also integrates with commercial keyless access systems. Virtuagym gives members a 24/7 complete fitness experience both in facility and at home. Make use of their virtual training, live workout videos, meditations, challenges, and more.

This all-in-one fitness management software is a favorite among  gyms and personal trainers. No more trouble with different systems or weak integration.

Virtuagym has everything you need to operate your business. They can assist you to establish quick-and-easy workout plan templates. They also help you to automate your booking system. And they offer an  integrated credit system, with an integrated social hub. Schedule your free demo via the website.

Team Snap

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 9

Figure 10: Team Snap Gym Software (Image SRC: Lever)

Teamsnap can handle everything in your business for you. From website design, brand-building, and membership registration, to  club coordination.

Fitness managers can  use of this software for team structure and simplified communication. Its online registration feature automates data capturing and payment managing.

Managers can sync the software with bank accounts. You can also build a professional website for marketing. Teamsnap has Facebook integration and open APIs. This will let you integrate other business software.

Members and you do not need more apps to manage. administer and collect self-assessments in TeamSnap. Ranked hands down the simplest sports management platform. You will decrease disruptions and stress less with tools that are simple for all users to use.

Save hours of administrative work so you can focus on the game, not the logistics. Administrators report saving 15 hours every week. Coaches report saving 12 hours every month. We offer a variety of plans from free to paid based on your needs and budget. First-time users always receive a free trial to test drive the options. Starting price is available on request via their website.

Most Affordable Gym Membership Software

Leading Gym Membership Software for 2021 10

Figure 11: Gym Assistant Software (Image SRC: Accurate Reviews)

Offering a great solution to membership management for small to medium size gyms. Gym Assistant is an effortless platform. It helps in designing reports and making and accepting credit card payments.

The instinctive interface guides gym owners to decrease their workload in maintaining records. Gym Assistant combines tools  with key information. It allows managers to operate and manage membership data.

Clients can check-in and register members. Also print out bills and financial reports on membership. Also create marketing emails, print labels, or sell productive membership plans. It also allows you to  process payments and keep track of the entire database of members.

Gym Assistant supervises membership related tasks. And helps managers make smart and trustworthy decisions for the benefit of the club. Other tools consist of a bar code reader, key tags and photo identification.

Top 5 Free Gym Membership Software Systems

The products featured below are ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, time or features.

  • ZenPlanner is a complete member management software. Great  for affiliate gyms, yoga studios, martial arts schools and boutique fitness studios. Zen Planner  offers everything necessary to turn your dream into a successful business.

It offers payment processing and automated billing. Other features are a charming member app for Android and Apple devices. It also offers an easy-to-use staff mobile app. 

You have everything required to grow, nurture and keep your valued members. Their upfront pricing includes payment processing. And there are no contracts, startup or hidden fees.

Every new client receives one-on-one training sessions with an Onboarding Coach. This helps to make sure they have the knowledge required to use Zen Planner to its full potential. An in-house Customer Advocate team is accessible by phone, email and chat. 

They offer free customer support with a satisfaction rating of 98%. To see Zen Planner in action, schedule a free demo on their website.

  • PushPress is a gym software that is able to help you grow your fitness facility. With PushPress, you will be able to operate classes and privates at the same time. Automate payments, track attendance, manage leads, and maintain member relationships. All from the palm of your hand!

PushPress was created in 2012 to solve the modern-gym owner’s difficulties. To understand those problems, Push Press decided to open a gym themselves. To go through the pains of creating and running a gym. When they had problems in their gyms, they explored how technology could resolve them.

The result is a platform that can integrate with third-party software. This permits gym owners to build the system around their business needs. It offers  a system that is simple and intuitive to use. Built  for the gym owner on the go and combined with rockstar customer support.

PushPress evolved on the back of gym owners who were unhappy with the software available. So, they set out to build the most powerful, and most intuitive gym management software.

  • Pike13 software is all for gyms and fitness studios. It can also be used for music and swim schools, or other businesses that run on a class- or appointment- based model. The software helps business owners, and their staff cope with schedules. It also manages enrollments, billing and payroll, client data and more.

The insightful software helps business owners use less time battling with administration. This allows for more time with clients. Free mobile apps simplify schedule and client management. It also streamlines the check-in process.

Computerized, targeted reporting helps business owners assess the health of their business. It also provides the information you  need to make data-driven business judgments. Pike13 customer service unmatched.

Each new Pike13 customer has a committed onboarding specialist. They help guide their members through the software setup. The Pike13 client care team often go above and beyond to assist with customer inquiries.

  • RhinoFit is an influential and straightforward gym management software. It is designed for all types of gyms, boot-camps, and fitness studios.

Gyms can now restructure operations without paying the big price tags. Their system offers scheduling, 24-hour gym access, member check-ins, reporting, and more.

  • TeamUp was created in 2013 with one goal. They aimed to create fantastic experiences for gym owner customers.

They are currently working with over 2500 business owners across the world. Team Up has developed unique features to help you stay closer than ever to your customers. TeamUp combines superb class booking management, with great extra features. 

Need a customer CRM, or communication automation? Then look no further. This customizable mobile app offers a multitude of  best-in-class extras.  They covered all the aspects you need to grow your business.

Integrations include Zapier and Classpass, as well as hundreds more. TeamUp supports you in solving your business challenges in a way that gives you time back. It creates ease, rather than frustration with difficulty.

Well known for their famous personal support. No wonder they are the #1 suggested software across many review sites.

Final Words

For every gym owner who wants to better manage their membership numbers, gym membership software is a must. You can only benefit from investing in one of the leading software systems mentioned above or try out one of the free options on this list. 

Free up your time and let the software take care of the rest.

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