How to Create a Gym Floor Layout that Stands Out

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Another serious consideration while building a commercial gym is its floor layout. It’s not only important for the aesthetics but also crucial for your business. However, some of the gym owners don’t take it seriously. 

The equipment and workout techniques have evolved a lot. Therefore, gyms need an ideal floor layout. This adds value to their appearance and functionality. It can make your gym a user-friendly facility.

There are numerous ways to plan a floor layout for your gym. But, you must look for the specific needs and requirements of your gym. 

Understanding the features of a perfect gym floor layout is the key factor. To help you in this regard, here are the tips to follow when creating the floor layout of your gym. 

So, let’s get started!

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1. Why Choose a Perfect Gym Floor Layout

A gym floor layout can either add value to your business or lower it. In fact, it’s the foundation of every gym. Therefore, choosing it intelligently can be beneficial in many ways.

Below are some of the instances where the right floor layout proves to be advantageous.

  • A perfect gym floor layout gives a sleek and catchy appearance
  • An ideal floor layout can help you build a user-friendly gym 
  • It allows you to attract more members and retain them for longer
  • Once done perfectly, you don’t have to do it repeatedly
  • A carefully designed gym floor layout can meet the needs of the users   
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Figure-1 Gym floor layout

1.1 Top 7 Gym Floor Layout Tips

If you find it hard to build an outstanding floor layout for your gym, there is nothing to worry about. Here, you can go through some of the most authentic floor layout tips for commercial gyms.

 So, let’s dive in!  

1.2 Venue Choice and Space Matters

The first thing to consider when building a gym is the venue selection. Choosing the ideal venue enhances the value of your gym. Your gym would gain members at a fast pace if the location is ideal. 

The second key element is space. If you have limited or inappropriate space, there is nothing much you can do. So, you need to choose a site with sufficient space. It would help to decide what floor layout is more suitable. 

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Figure-2 Gym space-venue

With a reasonably spacious area, you can select relevant equipment without any limitation. Since some equipment are taller than others, you also need to consider the height of your gym.

Also, take a look at the gym floor. It should be strong enough to bear the constant weight droppings. If you keep these things in mind, selection of a perfect venue for the gym won’t be a trouble. 

1.3 Choose a Budget-friendly Gym Floor Layout

Although there are numerous choices available, not every gym floor layout is for you. The decision about a gym floor layout largely depends on the budget you have. 

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Figure-3 Budget

It would be beneficial to allot a specific budget for this purpose. Include all the expenses that you might incur when creating the gym floor layout. Note down the estimated costs of the workout equipment and other accessories.

This ensures you don’t face financial issues while still half the way. Therefore, make careful decisions when planning a gym floor layout.    

1.4 Layout Just Made for Customers

If it’s your dream to own a gym, you might have some layout plans in your mind. However, you can’t implement all your idea when creating a gym floor layout. 

This is so, as your gym must meet the requirements of your clients. So, you need to create a customer-centric layout. In short, both you and your customer must love the layout of the gym. 

1.5 Better Soundproofing

Usually, gyms used to be noisy. However, things have changed slightly. Now, you have to enhance the comfort of your gym by lowering the noise level.

This demands better noise management. For this purpose, you must think about a gym floor layout that can help with soundproofing. Reasonable noise levels can help your client to focus on their workout.

Besides, it won’t cause any trouble for the people using other facilities attached to your gym. This is essential, as the strength, cardio, and yoga sections have entirely different noise levels. 

Therefore, you need to develop a layout plan that can help to maintain the comfort of members in each section. It would be better to test the acoustics of all the areas before finalizing the layout.

1.6 Focus on Electrical & Mechanical Needs

A lot goes into when you are building a gym. Besides the equipment, you also need to consider the electrical and mechanical installations. This is an essential point to consider when doing floor layout. 

However, gym owners usually overlook this aspect at the early stage of layout planning. You need to make such a decision at the earliest possible time. For instance, you must have an idea where to install the power outlets.

Most of the modern gyms have to maintain an adequate temperature. To ensure an ideal indoor temperature, you need to install a hi-tech HVAC. 

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Figure-4 Gym HVAC

Generally, installation of the HVAC or entertainment system proves to be expensive. But it can cost you even more if done after completing the gym floor layout. 

Hence, complete the installation of such equipment before creating the floor layout. In this way, you can lower the installation cost. Besides, it also ensures that there are no flaws whatsoever. 

1.7 The Layout that Complements the Interior Design

A dull-looking gym isn’t attractive at all. It won’t engage the required number of members. Hence, try to give a lively and elegant appearance to your gym. 

You can achieve this by paying some attention to the floor layout. The workout equipment can create an amazing look if arranged properly. It’s simple, just visit some of the recently built commercial gyms.

This would give you an idea about the latest trends and layout styles. Once you have few clues in mind, now it’s time to make some critical decisions. These include:

  • Choosing the color scheme 
  • Branding your gym
  • Lighting and ambiance
  • Installation of visual and audio equipment
  • Selection of an appropriate flooring

If you have a specific look or appearance in mind, you can discuss it with other gym owners. You can also choose to trust the expertise of a professional interior designer.

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Figure-5 Gym interior design

1.8 Introduction of Additional Amenities

Last but not the least, think about offering additional facilities to your members. This would allow them to enjoy some other benefits of your gym. 

Besides, it is essential to offer something new to your members. As a result, they won’t find your gym boring or monotonous like other facilities. Achieving this isn’t that hard.

However, before going any further, you need to consider your member base. This would ensure the viability of maintaining these additional facilities in the future.

A few of such amenities include: 

  • Reception area
  • Changing room
  • café, juice bar, or refreshment corner
  • Massage or Physiotherapy facility
  • Washrooms and locker rooms
  • Gym merchandise

By offering a couple of these facilities, you can convert your gym into a lovely space. It might increase your budget but you shouldn’t leave any opportunity to pamper your clients.

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Figure-6 Gym reception

2. Qualities of the Best Gym Flooring

When it comes to gym floor layout, you can’t underestimate the importance of flooring. Hence, choose the best flooring option that meets the unique needs of your gym. 

Gym flooring can influence the usability and functionality of a gym. So, put your focus on this factor when creating a layout plan.

To assist you, we have listed the qualities of the top gym flooring.

2.1 Durable and Sturdy

A solid and durable gym floor should be your priority. It ensures seamless protection to the concrete ground beneath. The area covered by flooring has to bear most of the abuse.

It must protect the floor against dragged equipment, dropped weights, and heavy traffic. If the flooring passes such rigorous tests, you can count on its durability.

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Figure-7 Durable Gym flooring

2.2 Protects the Equipment

Apart from securing the floor, the top-quality flooring must also protect the equipment. Usually, free-weights receive scratches and other damages on their surface. 

The simplest way to avoid such damage is to install a sturdy floor. It will help to control wear and tear. As a result, you don’t need to replace the equipment frequently.

2.3 Ensures Safety

The flooring under consideration must provide unmatched safety. This relates to the traction it offers. Especially when lifting heavy weights, the exerciser needs a secure ground. Hence, choose the flooring with great traction. 

2.4 Offers a Smooth and Clean Surface 

The surface of the gym flooring must be clean and smooth. It should be free of uneven seams or visible joints. Flooring that doesn’t offer a clean surface isn’t ideal for a commercial gym.

You can’t afford to hear that one of your clients stumbled and received an injury. Therefore, go for the flooring option that offers a smooth and safe surface. In addition, it also ensures a nice appearance.

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Figure-8 Gym flooring

2.5 Absorbs the Sound & Impact

The flooring you are going to choose should be capable of absorbing most of the impact. The frequent weight dropping damages the floor and makes a loud noise. This lowers the comfort level of your gym.

To minimize both the sound and impact, it would be better to use thick flooring. This absorption of the impact prevents the dropped weight from bouncing back. It helps to prevent accidents.

2.6 Assists During Warm up Exercises 

There are numerous exercises, which don’t require gym equipment. Some of these include pushups, floor presses, and stretching. Gym flooring that also allows you to perform these exercises is a great option.

The members can enjoy doing such exercises if the ground assists them to do so. With the right foundation, exercisers can have more fun when doing the key movements.

2.7 Provides Required stability to the Equipment 

The heavy-duty machines or equipment also need a stable surface. For instance, power rack, squat rack, and bench require a highly stable ground. Most of the gym owners normally overlook this aspect. 

It feels annoying if a squat rack isn’t stable. The member has to reposition his/her body to maintain a balance. This might also be a safety hazard that you must avoid. 

You can solve all these issues by simply replacing your gym flooring. Select an option that is durable and prevents the equipment from moving around.

2.8 Enhances the Looks 

Aesthetics and practicality are the two basic elements of a modern commercial gym. Here, we will talk about appearance. A variety of factors helps to enhance the overall appearance of a gym. 

One of these is the flooring. It’s one of the most prominent and largest things that you see in a gym. Flooring almost covers the whole area of a gym. Therefore, it can either enhance or lower the looks of a facility.

If you want a massive impact, choose an elegant flooring option. It would give an attractive appearance to your gym. By doing so, you can give a reason to your members to spend some more time in your gym.

2.9 Easy to Clean

Gym flooring should be easy to clean and free from odor. If the surface of the flooring is smooth and even, it needs less time to clean. So, if you want a nice and clean atmosphere, rely on an easy-to-clean flooring. 

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Figure-9 Gym floor cleaning

2.10 Affordable

When buying gym flooring, don’t settle for expensive brands. Rather, you must look for those options that are durable and budget-friendly. It allows you to lower the cost of building a commercial gym. 

3. Final Words

Creating a gym floor layout isn’t that hard as you might think. What you need is the right direction. This is the purpose of sharing the above information. 

We have tried to include every aspect that can be helpful to you when creating a gym floor layout. You just need to implement a viable strategy that suits your requirements and budget.

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