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  • Ensure safety of the users by manually installing the equipment’s screw nut inside.
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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Gym Equipment China – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for premium quality gym equipment? Want to import from China?

If your doubts are stopping you from buying, then you are in the right place.

Let us clear the air. In this article, you will get to know everything about importing gym equipment from China.

Table of Contents

1. Who are the different types of gym equipment suppliers in China?

There are five different types of gym equipment suppliers in China. They are manufacturer, trading company, sourcing agent, wholesale market, and drop shipper.


The manufacturer designs and creates the gym equipment. They can have their website. 

You will find the gym equipment at the lowest prices here. Because there is no mediator.

At Yanre Fitness, you can find original products at affordable prices. 

Trading Company

The trading companies act as a base between the buyers across the world with the sellers in China. The trading companies do not own any gym equipment. 

They receive a commission from the sellers for the gym equipment. This will increase the price of the gym equipment. 

Sourcing Agent

The sourcing agents will help you in finding the best manufacturer. They help you in establishing contacts. They also help in quality checking services and importing processes in China.

Wholesale Market

China is always the biggest wholesale market. The main benefit of the wholesale market is a lesser minimum order quantity. The manufacturer will have a larger minimum order quantity.

In the wholesale market, you can buy a wide range of products.

Drop Shipper

Dropshipping is a kind of method where the sellers accept the orders but do not keep them in stock. The drop shippers will supply the gym equipment to the buyer directly.

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Fig 1 – Importing from China

2. What is the advantage of choosing a manufacturer in China?

There are many advantages in choosing a manufacturer in China. Here is the list of five main key advantages:

  • Lower Production Costs
  • Mass Production
  • Refined Production Lines
  • Various Clusters in the Industry
  • Efficient Business Ecosystem

Lower Production Costs

Chinese companies produce high-quality gym equipment at lower prices than other countries. The labor wages are very less in China, which helps to provide the gym equipment at affordable prices.

Mass Production

China is always the best place for mass production. You can import a large amount of gym equipment. The manufacturers can manufacture in mass production. This is a factor for the lower costs.

Refined Production Lines

The production lines of the Chinese companies improved to premium level efficiency. The manufacturers improved and identified more modern technology. The high-quality gym equipment is manufactured with innovative machinery.

Various Clusters in the Industry

Many industry clusters existed in China. The gym equipment manufacturers are located in the southeast coastal regions of China. This helps in easily accessible ports and helps in reducing the shipping charges.

Efficient Business Ecosystem

China has developed and developed a highly efficient business ecosystem. It incorporates suppliers, packagers, government agencies, etc. 

3. What kind of gym equipment should you import from China?

You should have a clear idea about the equipment that you want to import. Because every small thing will impact the price a lot. Examine the following points once before importing from China.

  • Type of Gym Equipment
  • The Volume of Gym Equipment
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Material

4. How to find the best manufacturer for your gym equipment from China?

There are many ways to find the perfect manufacturer for you. Here are provided five possible options to find a manufacturer. 

  • Internet
  • Trade Shows and Fairs
  • Sourcing Agency
  • Chinese Platforms
  • Social Media


You can search Google for the best manufacturers. The Internet will provide a large variety of manufacturers. 

You can visit the official websites of the companies for more information. 

Apply specifications and requirements to find the perfect manufacturer.

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Fig 2 – Google search for manufacturers

Trade Shows and Fairs

China is always a home for the best trade shows and fairs. You can find the best manufacturer of your gym equipment here.

There are two types of trade fairs held in China. They are competitive and professional exhibitors.

The competitive exhibitions will show you different kinds of products. Whereas the professional exhibitors will only show you a single product.

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Fig 3 – Trade fairs in China

Sourcing Agency

A sourcing agency is a Chinese company that can help you. They have large contacts with gym equipment manufacturers in China. They can direct you and assist you.

A sourcing agent will find you the manufacturer with the highest-quality gym equipment. The sourcing agency companies also provide quality control checks before shipping. 

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Fig 4 – Sourcing agency in China

Chinese Platforms

There are a huge number of Chinese websites that you will provide a manufacturer. But, you need to be careful here in finding the best one. 

They can give you the contacts of the manufacturers. They will also alert you if there are any deals available.

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Fig 5 – Chinese platforms for gym equipment

Social Media

You can find information about the gym equipment manufacturers through social media. Through Facebook and LinkedIn, you can get the best deals. Make sure your presence there should be with correct information.

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Fig 6 – Social media for gym equipment

5. Who are the best gym equipment manufacturers in China?

The following listed are the best gym equipment manufacturers in china.

  • Johnson Fitness
  • Impulse Fitness
  • Yanre Fitness
  • WNQ Fitness
  • DHZ Fitness
  • Shua Fitness
  • Relax Fitness
  • Body Strong Fitness
  • MBH Fitness
  • Orient Fitness

These are the top ten manufacturers in China. Yanre Fitness is one of the top leading companies. They provide high-quality gym equipment at affordable prices. 

6. How to verify the supplier of your gym equipment?

Verifying the supplier is significant while buying gym equipment on a large scale. These are significant points that you need to examine for verifying the supplier.

  • Experience in Manufacturing
  • Identification of Trading Company or Manufacturer
  • Location and Details
  • Certifications for Gym Equipment

Experience in Manufacturing

Always know about the experience level of the supplier. Do not go for suppliers with lesser experience levels. For the best gym equipment, you need expert manufacturers.

The most experienced manufacturers can meet up all your requirements. You will rarely get no to your specifications. 

Identification of Trading Company or Manufacturer

You have to know whether it is a trading company or a manufacturing company. You should always avoid purchasing from trading companies. 

You can easily identify the trading companies. Identify the products of the company. The products are of different combinations along with gym equipment in trading companies. They will sell them to many countries.

Location and Details

Gather the information about the location and details of the supplier. Read all the reviews about the supplier. The location and details also help you in estimating the lesser shipping charges.

Certifications for Gym Equipment

To ensure safety certifications are necessary. You should not consider suppliers that do not have an export license. The supplier should be able to produce the required certifications for you.

The supplier also needs to provide quality check certifications.

7. How to import gym equipment from China?

Want to import gym equipment from China? But do not know where to start?

Here is the step-by-step guide to importing gym equipment from China.

  • Choose the Best Gym Equipment to Import
  • Find the Right Gym Equipment Supplier
  • Requesting Quotes From Suppliers
  • Request Sample Products of Gym Equipment
  • Import Directly From Chinese Suppliers
  • Negotiate Price and Contract Terms
  • Calculate Landing Costs
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Handle Customs

Choose the Best Gym Equipment to Import

Invest in the products that are necessary for you. Keep all the points of user necessities and requests. Always invest in good-quality gym equipment. 

Find the Right Gym Equipment Supplier

Know about the country’s compliance requirements, packaging, and labeling requirements.

Also include the dimensions, colors of the equipment, quality certificates, etc.

By checking out all these, identify the perfect supplier who provides your requirements.

Requesting Quotes From Suppliers

Be concise and clear about the gym equipment you require. Provide a detailed explanation. Include all the required specifications for you. This can make you receive feedback from the supplier.

If there is a mismatch, the supplier will provide you the best possible options.

Request Sample Products of Gym Equipment

The samples of the gym equipment will give you first-hand experience. If you cannot visit the company, then sample products will help you to understand the process.

Import Directly From Chinese Suppliers

It is better to import directly from Chinese suppliers than separately. Make use of platforms like Alibaba, global sources and Made in China, etc.

Importing from Chinese suppliers directly will help the process smoother. 

Negotiate Price and Contract Terms

Know the factory location and shipping details to negotiate the price. Talk to the supplier and convince the supplier for price negotiation.

The main significant thing while negotiating for the gym equipment is landing costs. Landing costs are the total sum of the cost of products and the shipping, logistic charges. 

The additional charges, currency conversions, etc are also considered in landing costs. For negotiation, calculate the landing costs for each item separately.

Convince your manufacturer by showing the landing costs. Talk to them effectively and politely. Buying the gym equipment in bulk can help you in price reduction.

Calculate the Landing Costs

Calculating the landing costs can help you to increase profitability and sustainability. This can also help in negotiating the price with the supplier.

Secure Affordable Shipping and Logistics

Choosing sea transportation is more effective than the other options. If you are buying the gym equipment in smaller quantities, then you can choose through the air. 

But if you are looking to save your money, shipping by sea is the best from China. Even if it takes more time than air transportation, it provides more profitability.

Navigate Customs

You should be very clear and provide the required documents. If you provide improper certificates, your gym equipment will be stuck in the middle.

Always know everything related to the import duties and clearance charges. You have to pay them correctly and should provide the necessary documents to them.

8. What are the taxes that you need to pay while importing gym equipment from China?

There are two kinds of taxes that you need to pay while importing a gym from China. They are value-added tax and import duty.

Value-added Tax

Value-added Tax is also known as VAT. The value of the VAT tax depends on the country. It varies from one to another. Know about the VAT rate of your country.

Import Duty

The import duty tax depends on the product. It varies from one product to another in the country. The import duty of the gym equipment is around 2 to 3 percent.

9. What are the extra costs included during importing gym equipment from China?

There are many extra costs other than your supplier’s total expense. Do not assume that the price of the suppliers is the total expense. The other extra costs are 

  • Unloading fees
  • Port charges
  • Docking charges
  • Cost of storage
  • Clearance charges

10. What are the international commerce terms you must know before importing gym equipment from China?

The international commerce terms are agreed upon by both sellers and sellers during international purchases. It is highly recommended to know about them while buying in bulk.

There are several international commerce terms. But, you have to be familiar with the following three while importing from china:

EXW – Ex-Works or Ex – Warehouse EX

This is a shipping arrangement. Here the seller can make the product available only up to a certain location. The next procedure will be taken up by a freight forwarder. 

The freight forwarder will be responsible until it reaches the destination.

FOB – Free on Board

This is a shipment term that is used to state the buyer’s responsibility. Once the gym equipment is shipped, the seller has no responsibility for the goods. The buyer will have some risk here.

CIF – Cost, Insurance, and Freight

Until your gym equipment reaches its destination, the seller will have the responsibility. If any product is damaged or broken in the middle of the process, the seller will bear the costs.

These are the three different terms used in China. Yet, FOB and CIF are frequently used. The charges imposed in the CIF are higher than the others. FOB is more ideal than other options. Hiring a freight forwarder with FOB is recommendable.

11. Where can I find customized gym equipment in China?

You can find customized gym equipment at Yanre Fitness. You can get premium-quality gym equipment at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us now.

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Fig 7 – Yanre Fitness gym equipment

12. What are some tips for buying gym equipment from China?

Here are some necessary tips that you can use while buying gym equipment from China.

  • Be clear about product specifications and tell the manufacturer clearly about the requirements.
  • While you are buying in bulk, always ask for a sample product.
  • Do not go for lower prices. Because lower prices will be because of the lower quality. 
  • Be careful in the payment. Do not pay anything unless you verify everything.
  • Always choose the best shipment process. Try to reduce the cost and risk.

13. Conclusion

We tried hard to include the most doubts in the article. Hope we have provided a detailed explanation about everything.

Yanre Fitness offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Contact us now to import gym equipment from China.

We will help you with everything including the importing procedure. If you still have any doubts, we are ready to answer everything.