The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 1

Gym check-in software is also sometimes referred to as member check-in software, automated check-in software, or scheduling software. 

These uniquely designed software solutions are there to help your business to keep track of your members. It is a great feature to add to any software system in your business, especially if you offer classes and memberships.

Gym check -in software will help you to maintain detailed records of your gym members and team activities. You can even monitor which member has utilised the latest Yanre Fitness training equipment on your floor. It is a great tool that will make your administrative work load a million times smaller. Feeling you up to do what you love most – be on the floor with your members. And building your business and your brand.

There is a great variety of check-in solutions available on the market today. Most offer a client-facing portal, and an employee facing portal. Let us dig into everything you need to know before you invest in gym check-in software for your health club.

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Gym Check-in Software in a Nutshell

Gym check-in software is user friendly, membership management software for gyms and health clubs. This software is specifically designed to make it easy for gym owners to maintain detailed records of all their gym members. 

It also allows for onboarding and offboarding of memberships, and class bookings. Another great feature is that it allows trainers to schedule personal classes, track client progress and give detailed fitness workout reports. 

It also provides a gym owner, and their team, with keyways in which to track monthly sales, and communicate in bulk with all members across the board.  

Important Features for Gym Check-in Software

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 2

Figure 2: Gym Check-in System Software features (Image SRC: Perfect Gym)

There are a variety of key aspects to look for, when you are in the market for check-in software solutions, to manage and track your club, or gym members.   

Member Engagement

To start off, the check-in software program you select should improve your member engagement. 

It should allow easy to use access to booking platforms and classes. It should offer detailed reporting options on activities and attendance. Other great benefits will be group communications linked to your social platforms. This will enable you to communicate with your members in real time.

The software solution you invest in should be user-friendly. It should also allow for easy access from any digital platform. Your members should be able to book classes from the android or apple phones, desktops, laptops, or tablets. And it should be available 24/7.

Information Feed

Your gym check in software solution should improve your staff functionality.

It should actively feed your team with all the detailed member and guest information that they need, in order for them to provide the best possible service. When a team member has access to updated member data at the push of a button, they can easily assist with queries, resolve any issues, or grow and upsell a membership or portfolio.  

For you to grow your brand and business, it is vital that your software solution provides easy access and up to date data to your team. 

Member Management Information

Your gym check-in software program should feed your business with all the important member management information. Key information data like member birthdays, group fitness sessions, class registrations, and settled or outstanding balances.

A versatile check-in software solution is only as good as the reporting package that comes along with it.  Listed below are some of the important reports that your check-in software solution should offer:

  • No Entry Log
  • Visits Log
  • Visits Report
  • Message Report
  • No Entry Report
  • Visit Count
  • Visits Graph
  • Guest Visit Report
  • Locker Report

Access Control and Entry System Support

Your check-in software system should offer compatibility with the other sophisticated entry systems available on the market. 

This should include integration with systems like card readers, key-tags, biometric entry control, and radio-frequency identification (RFID). Your check-in software should offer you the solution to activate your gym entry turnstiles, or unlock your magnetic doors, in less than a second. 

Software Pricing and Implementation

Software pricing is one of the most important aspects to consider, when investing in gym check-in solutions.

This assessment will often come down to whether your chosen software tool is priced on a per-location or per-member model. Note that per-member pricing can become exceptionally expensive to maintain once your gym begins to grow.

For this reason, it is sometimes more feasible to opt for a per-location billing model. It offers the same advantages per location, no matter the size of your gym or how many members you have. 

Another point to consider is whether your software solution is a stand-alone solution, or part of a bundled all-in-one software package.  Bundled solutions offer you integrated billing and fewer software applications to manage. This makes the overall administrative tasks so much less of an effort.

Lastly, when you are on the hunt for the best gym check-in software solution, you should consider the timeline for implementation. The ideal check-in software tool will be implemented and fully deployed within fifteen to sixty days at most. 

Evaluating Ease of Use and Data Access

Effective check-In software should allow you to streamline your member check-in without  confusion or frustration. It should allow you to simplify staff training and offer easy access to the software platform. 

Best Gym Check-in Software on the Market


The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 3

Figure 3: Motionsoft Check-in Software (Image SRC: Motionsoft)

Motionsoft provides all of the key features you require to successfully manage and track your gym members and schedules. 

One of their main goals is to help you to get your members on your gym floor and working out in no time. It offers great nudge and reminder features like personal attention notifications, alerts, and member security.

Key Features

  • Member Alerts – With Motionsoft’s check-in software, you can even use alerts to introduce personal training promotions when members are checking in. Or you can use it to notify loyal members of a staffing change in their favorite Speed-Cycle, or Yoga class.
  • Simplifies Training  – Motionsoft also provides your staff with access to easy-to-see graphics, oversized fonts, and audio cues. These features have been included specifically to simplify training for new staff members. All while improving your brand experience for your members.
  • Member Engagement – This premium software brand offers great ways for your front-desk staff to engage your members while checking them in. It gives them the options to invite your members to the next big events, top classes, and special training sessions. All with the push of one button.
  • Desktop Application – Need to multitask? Then make use of the Motionsoft desktop app. The app allows for seamless and no fuss member check-ins. Your team can take calls, manage emails, and check in members at the same time with no issues. 


  • Checking in members for private sessions or group fitness classes
  • Issuing members with new barcodes
  • Easy and quick payments to account
  • Deducting of any packages like training or group classes 
  • Setting up scheduled workout sessions for members
  • Guest check ins
  • Updating important member information and demographics

Motionsoft offers per-location pricing. Motionsoft offers both the stand-alone and bundled software features. This is done so that you do not have to run around to manage more than one file or program when you want to process a single member’s information. 

Motionsoft offers a sixty-day, or less, implementation schedule to all their clients. They offer free trial periods and demos. And pricing is available upon request.

MindBody Check-in App

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 4

Figure 4: Mindbody Check-in Software (Image SRC: Mindbody)

Mindbody offers an all-in-one fitness software solution. It provides first-rate services to you and your clients. Offering the most effective business software solutions for your gym or health club.

Key Features and benefits

  • Self-Service App – Mindbody software includes a self-service check in app, that is a great feature to add to your software package. The check-in solution allows your members to check themselves in. It allows your members the ease of avoiding the long check-in lines at the front desk. And at the same time, it frees up your staff to focus on a better client experience.
  • On the Move Functionality – This check-in software solution helps you and your team to keep everyone moving. There is no bundles last-minute rush before the next class. No gym member will be waiting to be checked in. And your team will have the time available to engage your members and prepare the studio or gym for the next class.
  • Single Tap Access – This solution offers ease of access and is effortless. Members simply check themselves in with one single tap. Once at the venue the app will chime to signal the members arrival at your gym. Members are even given the option to view how many training sessions they have left and are prompted to book more sessions.  

The MindBody app can be installed within seconds on any Android or apple tool. Mindbody offers free demos and trails and pricing is available via their sales office, depending on your software features, and solution package size.

Glofox Check-in Software

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 5

Figure 5: Glofox Gym Check-in Software (Image SRC: Glofox)

Glofox Gym and Fitness Studio Management Software. Glofox is the management software of choice for gym and fitness studio owners who want to save time, increase revenue and drive member retention. 

Clever automations keep you in control of your business: from class scheduling and membership management right up to billing, reporting and marketing. The software coupled with a branded Mobile App & Website Portal ensures members can book and pay for services online, or even from the palm of their hand – wherever the day may take them.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Personalised Branded App – With your very own branded member app, your members can find classes and book in. They can view their schedule, update their membership plan or buy credits.
  • A self service solution that’s easy to use – The Check-in Kiosk offers your members an easy to use and convenient solution to having to wait in lines at reception or waiting for a trainer to check them in. It’s 100% self service
  • More time to spend with your members – The Check-in Kiosk will free up your time ahead of a class. Instead of booking in latecomers, you can direct them towards the Check-in Kiosk to book themselves in. This will give you more time to spend welcoming newcomers, catching up with members and getting the studio ready
  • Fill any open slots ahead of a class – Members can use the Check-in Kiosk to see what classes are on right now and if there is an available slot, book themselves in on the spot.
  • Keep your brand at the forefront – Your website is important. It has a look and feel that is unique to your fitness business. Our website integration will easily build on what you already have and enhance it.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your members – Making sure your members can easily find, view and book classes through your website and app is vital. We all know people are busy and can get distracted easily. So it’s vital that when they come to your website to book a class, they do so without any confusion.
  • Fully customizable to your needs – They’ve developed a calendar and booking system that not only looks great, but will perform seamlessly with your existing website. You can fully customize it to match your brand. You can add or remove filters for things like classes, courses, trainers etc. You can even change how it is viewed. Basically, you make it your own so that it fits the needs of you and your members.

Virtuagym Check-in Software

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 6

Figure 6: Virtuagym Check-in Software (Image SRC: Virtuagym)

Virtuagym offers an all-in-one solution for health clubs, personal trainers and physical therapists. 

With membership management, scheduling, training plans, nutrition plans, attendance monitoring and mobile apps, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to run your business more efficiently. 

The software isn’t designed for the management only, also coaches and clients benefit from working with Virtuagym. Virtuagym is cloud-based and available in multiple languages.This check-in software has everything you need to manage your members with ease. Additional benefits and features are:

Key Feautures and Benefits

  • Streamline your check-in process – Virtuagym supports connections with a variety of solutions, from RFID and barcode scanners and tourniquet systems. Our access control options are linked to our membership management and can be linked to our credit system. You have everything you need to streamline your check-in process. 
  • Track and monitor member attendance – Connect your RFID or barcode card readers to Virtuagym in order to track and control member attendance. Clients simply have to swipe their member card or key tag, and you’ll always have a clear overview of their whereabouts. 
  • Magnetic Strips – Virtuagym allows your clients to use cards with magnetic strips to check in via the system.
  • Barcode Scanners – Virtuagym software works with barcode scanners. Making sure that your current system still can be used with your existing cards.
  • RFID Scanners – RFID uses radio waves to identify people that enter your club. RFID is easy, quick and efficient.
  • Easy Installation – We provide clear guidelines and the right tools, so you can install the hardware of your choice yourself. Or, you could let your electrician do the job for you.
  • Cash Drawer – Virtuagym supports connections with cash register drawers through our Point of Sale module.
  • Integrations and Partnerships –Virtuagym has several partners in your country. We’re always open to new opportunities. Just introduce us to your hardware provider and we will contact them in order to integrate.

PushPress Check-in Software

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 7

Figure 7: PushPress Check-in Software (Image SRC: PushPress)

PushPress is a gym management system that is here to help you grow your fitness facility. With PushPress, you’ll be able to manage classes and privates, take payments, track attendance, manage leads, and maintain member relationships all from the palm of your hand.

PushPress was founded in 2012 to solve the modern-gym owner’s problems. To truly understand those problems, we decided to open a gym and go through the pains of building and running a gym. 

Additional features and benefits are:

  • More revenue. Less hassle. – Grow your gym or studio with an easy-to-use solution that your clients and your team will love.
  • A software platform built exclusively for gyms. PushPress helps you increase your revenue, get clarity on your metrics, automate repetitive tasks and provide your members with a superior gym experience.
  • Engage your members and deliver an extraordinary gym experience they’ll love. –Frequent glitches and outages are not good for any business. Your clients get unhappy and are churning. PushPress keeps your customers happy with a software that’s so easy to use that it blends in the background. Build long-lasting relationships with your clients and keep them coming back!
  • Your Gym. Your Brand. – For gyms that know and understand their brand value.
    Establish a professional image for your members on the go with your own custom branded app.
  • One Tap Reservations – Convenience is king, your members demand it! Easily reserve and manage their class schedule.
  • Their phone. Your logo –  Be front and center with your members by having your gym’s logo as the app icon.
  • Price – From as little as $97 per month

When the designers came up with problems in our gyms, we would explore how technology could help solve them. The result is a platform that can integrate with third-party software to allow gym owners to build the system their business needs, a system that is easy and intuitive to use for the gym owner on the go, and paired with rockstar customer support (who all have owned gyms).

Zennplanner Check-in Solutions

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 8

Figure 8: Zenplanner Check-in Software (Image SRC: Zenplanner)

Zen Planner is a comprehensive member management software for affiliate gyms, yoga studios, martial arts schools and boutique fitness studios. 

The Zen Planner Suite provides everything necessary to turn your passion into a successful business.

With payment processing and automated billing, lead-converting fully integrated websites, and a self-service Kiosk iPad App. As well as an engaging Member App for Android and Apple devices, easy-to-use Staff Mobile App, scheduling, automations, Workout Tracking, belt and skill tracking, email and more. 

Features and Benefits

  • You have everything required to grow, nurture and retain your valued members. Their straightforward pricing includes payment processing, and there aren’t any contracts, startup or hidden fees. 
  • Every new customer receives one-on-one training sessions with an Onboarding Coach to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to use Zen Planner to its full potential. An in-house Customer Advocate team is available by phone, email and chat, offering free customer support with a satisfaction rating of 98%. 
  • Online check in Application – Members don’t like to wait in line to check-in for classes.  We all know that. Recent customer service studies indicate that people often overestimate the time they stand waiting in line by about 36%.  That means a 5-minute wait feels more like a 7-minute wait, and so on.  

Our mood is actually affected by the amount of time we spend in line, which translates to the level of satisfaction we feel from a particular service. In other words, our instructors and classes can be fantastic, but if students are waiting in line to check-in, they may leave feeling less than satisfied.

But here’s the good news…. With Zen Planner, your students don’t need to experience a wait at check-in.  You can do away with waiting lines by allowing students to quickly and easily check-in for classes using their mobile devices.

ClubReady Check-in Software

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 9
ClubReady, LLC

Figure 9: ClubReady Check-in Software (Image SRC: ClubReady)

ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. 

Features and Benefits

  • The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients with a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. 
  • ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high-quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention, and loyalty. 
  • ClubReady’s iKizmet analytics solution brings a predictive approach to fitness studio growth, leverages improved analytics tools allowing studios to unlock earning potential, capitalize on utilization trends, and optimize member acquisition and retention.

TeamUp Software Solutions

The Top Gym Check-In Software Systems – 2021 10

Figure 10: TeamUp Check-in Software (Image SRC: TeamUp)

TeamUp was founded in 2013 with one mission: create great experiences for customers of gyms, studios, and boxes. 

TeamUp now works with over 2500 business owners across the world, and have developed unique features to help you stay closer than ever to your customers. 

Features and Benefits

  • TeamUp combines excellent class booking management, a customer CRM, communication automation, customizable mobile apps, best-in-class payments and payment management, and all the features you need to grow your business. 
  • Integrations include Zapier and Classpass, as well as hundreds more. 
  • TeamUp helps you solve your business challenges in a way that gives you time back, rather than using it up with complexity. 

Combined with their famous personal support, that’s why we’re the #1 recommended software across many review sites

Final Words of Wisdom

Regardless of the size of your health club, or the number of members, your gym check-in software should offer you a variety of applications to effectively manage your gym members and check-in.

There is a vast variety of software solutions on the market. Your gym check-in software solution should provide you and your team with an automated and modernized tool to engage, sign on, and keep your members.

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