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Free Weight Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you planning to buy free weight equipment but don’t know much about it? Don’t worry! We are here to let you know. 

Go through this article carefully, and you will learn everything you need to know about free weight equipment.

We’ve tried to prepare a complete FAQ guide on free weight equipment. 

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. What is Free Weight Equipment?

Free weight equipment refers to the weights you can pick for exercising based on your choice and requirements. 

These equipment types can be of any weight, and it depends on you how much you can pick up. 

These are called free weight equipment because, unlike other machines, the weights are not fixed. 

Dumbbells, barbells, etc., are some of the examples of free weight equipment. 

Free Weight Equipment 14

Figure-1: Free weight equipment

2. What are the common types of free weight equipment?

There are different types of free weight equipment available in the market. Based on your requirements, you will buy a gym. 

Still, there are some common free weight types of equipment that almost every gym owner uses. Some of those  are as follows:


Dumbbells are the most common free weight equipment that almost every gym owner uses. Dumbbells are handheld free weight equipment. 

A dumbbell consists of a handle and matching weights on both sides of the handle. Anyone in the gym can use dumbbells solo or in pairs based on requirements. 

Dumbbells are excellent for beginners because they need more individual muscles to fire their arms and core to maintain weights when moving the dumbbells up and down.

If you search for a good quality free equipment manufacturer to buy dumbbells from them, you should visit our factory or shop.

Free Weight Equipment 15

Figure-2: Dumbbells of Different weights

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are almost similar to regular dumbbells.

The only difference is that the weights of the adjustable dumbbells can be managed based on your requirement.

In adjustable dumbbells, you can unplug the weights attached to the handle and change the weights to lower or higher importance. 

This is a cost-efficient solution to many budget buyers because you get the advantages of many pairs of dumbbells in one team. 

Free Weight Equipment 16

Figure-3: Adjustable Dumbbells


Another standard free weight equipment is Barbell.  A barbell is free weight equipment in which there is a long bar, and weights are attached to both ends of the bar.

Unlike dumbbells, Barbells can’t be used with a single hand. Both hands are required to use barbells since barbells are too large. 

As compared to dumbbells, barbells need less effort from the smaller stabilizer muscles, allowing users to concentrate on larger muscle groups.

Since barbells are more prominent and heavy, they are usually picked up by experienced weightlifters to fulfill their heavy weight lifting requirements. 

Barbells are highly customizable, and there are various types of barbells. You can choose or customize one for yourself based on your goals and required movements of arms. 

We have barbells from good quality free weight equipment manufacturers, and you can buy any barbells from us. 

Free Weight Equipment 17

Figure-4: Barbells of Different weights


The Racks are another type of free weight equipment tool that is safer and more convenient than any other equipment. 

‘Racks make it easier for you to transit from one exercise to another very quickly. You don’t need to turn around anymore to change your workout. 

Racks keep your free weight equipment organized in such a good way that you won’t be bothered collecting or changing weights. 

For example, when you use adjustable dumbbells, you must have a perfect setup of your weights to adjust the perfect weights every time you change the weights. 

A perfect stand helps you to do that perfectly. 

Free Weight Equipment 18

Figure-5: Perfectly organized dumbbells on a rack

3. Who usually buys free weight equipment for the gym?

There is no specific category of people who can use free weight equipment. These can be used by anyone.

But people who buy free weight equipment can be grouped into two categories. These are as follows:

People who belong to the first group are already aware of these types of equipment, and they know the basic components and exercises. They have clear goals.

People we have put into the second group are those who don’t have the basic knowledge of free weight exercises, and so they are researching on this topic to get a clear idea about what they are going to do. 

Free Weight Equipment 19

Figure-6: People using different types of free weight equipment

4. Where can you find good quality free weight equipment manufacturers?

There are many top-quality free weight equipment manufacturers in the world. Some of the top brands are Precor, Life Fitness, Cybex, etc. 

You can buy top branded free weight equipment from our shop.

5. Why should you prefer free weight equipment over others?

There are a number of options that one can choose for exercising. No exercise is as versatile as free weight exercise. Free weight exercise gives you the freedom to pick up a weight that you can comfortably use. 

Exercising with free weight equipment increases strength, stability, and balance at the same time. Besides, it costs you less. 

6. What should your budget be to buy free weight equipment?

Free weight equipment is less costly than any other gym equipment, and so you can start your budget from only $50 to buy free weight equipment. You can easily start with some sets of dumbbells.

If you can increase your budget, you can add some more. It’s up to you.

You can visit our shop to buy the best quality free weight equipment at the best possible price. 

7. Should you buy equipment from random free weight equipment manufacturers?

If you directly go to a gym equipment shop without having enough research, there is a huge possibility that they will try to sell you some unnecessary equipment.

You have to choose a good quality free weight equipment manufacturer; otherwise, you will be cheated in terms of both price and quality.

Don’t buy random free weights. You can visit our shop to collect equipment from the best free equipment manufacturers.  

8. Who will be using the free weights?

You should decide before buying who is going to use these free weight equipment if it’s you only then alright. You can buy weights as much as you can pick up.

But if you are going to buy free weight equipment for your family, you probably need weights from very low weight to higher weights because free weight equipment is very personal. 

Free Weight Equipment 20

Figure-7: Free weight exercise with family

9. Do your members in the gym have any physical instability that conflicts with free weight exercise?

You must have a better idea about your physical health. If you have any physical instability, you shouldn’t go for heavyweight exercise. 

Low-impact free weight workouts will be better for your members at the gym or training centre.

10. What’s the goal you want to accomplish with free weight equipment at your gym?

Free weight exercises are multi-functional. You can choose free weight exercises for weight loss, gaining strength, gaining muscles, and many more for your gym center. 

Based on your goals, your free weight equipment is different. So, decide your goal and choose the best free weight for your gym. 

Free Weight Equipment 21

Figure-8: Using free weights for muscle building

11. How much space do you need to set up free weight equipment?

Usually, people think that free weight equipment doesn’t require much space. It’s true in most cases, but not always. 

You may need a different type of free weight equipment based on your progress from the beginning. You may have to add some more equipment after a certain time. 

Though this doesn’t require much space at the beginning, you should still select a big and better space before starting your journey. 

12. Should you buy portable free weight equipment?

Whether you should buy portable free weight equipment or not depends on the necessities of your gym center. 

If you are planning to set up a large scale gym, then buying portable free weight equipment would not be a good choice.

But if you go to exercise outside or your house or want to exercise with your friends at their places, then you should buy portable free weight equipment.

You will find any kind of portable free weight equipment in our shop at a very reasonable price.  

Free Weight Equipment 22

Figure-9: Portable Free Weights

13. Should you buy dumbbells?

Dumbbells are free weight equipment that almost everyone uses at the initial stages of exercises. A dumbbell consists of a handle attached with matching weight on both sides of the handle.

If you are planning to buy free weight equipment, you will surely buy dumbbells. Dumbbells give gymnasts the  foundation of exercise.

Besides, there are different types of dumbbells that give you the flexibility to use weights as much or as low as your members at the gym  want. 

Most importantly, Dumbbells are comparatively cheaper than any other free weights yet give you multiple advantages. 

To start your free weight journey, you can buy any kind of dumbbells from us at a very low cost. 

14. When should you buy barbells?

If you are a beginner and have a limited budget, then you should start your journey with Dumbbells.

A barbell is a bit more advanced free weight equipment than dumbbells. Barbells are heavy and larger than dumbbells, and so you have to use both hands to pull a barbell. 

Since Barbell is heavy and large, you should go for barbells after exercising a certain time with dumbbells. Once you gain some experience and feel the need for some extra weight, you can go for barbells. 

To buy the best quality barbells at the most reasonable price, you can visit our shop physically or online. 

Free Weight Equipment 23

Figure-10: Experienced woman pulling a barbell

15. Should you buy quick-fix free weight equipment?

There are a lot of dishonest gym equipment sellers who will take advantage of your inability and promise you anything to sell their products for your gym.

You will see a lot of advertisements promising unbelievable progress at the gym using their products. But these are not true.

Don’t ever go for any quick-fix free weight equipment. You know, slow and steady wins the race.  You should buy free weights from good quality free weight equipment manufacturers or contact Yanre Fitness for details.

16. Where can you buy free weight equipment at the best price?

There are plenty of good quality free weight equipment manufacturers from where you can buy free weight equipment for your business. 

Or you can directly go to your local market and buy some of your necessary equipment.

But the quality of those products is not guaranteed, and you may have to pay a higher price if you are not a good negotiator. 

Rather you can buy from a certified brand like Yanre nearest to you, or you can order genuine free weight equipment from us online. You can directly come to visit our place also to buy certified free weight equipment at the lowest possible price. 

17. Final Words

Hopefully, you have got the answers to all your questions. 

The questions we tried to answer in this article are the most common things you should know about free weight equipment and free weight equipment manufacturers.

Hopefully, this article will help you in buying your necessary equipment. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Call Yanre Fitness for quotations.