For Yoga, Pilates or Fitness – You Need to Know This When Buying Your Exercise Mat


Do you want to know what is really important when buying an exercise mat? In our guide we tell you what differences there are in the fitness mats and how you can find the perfect mat for your needs. 

Before You Buy the Exercise Mat – You Should Know That

Are you looking for a fitness mat to do sports in the park? A compact all-rounder for the way to the yoga studio? Or should it be a professional mat that supports you with your exercises at home and dampens your workout? 

These are all important differences in order to really find the right fitness mat for you. The most important factors here are size and material . Because without the right size you either stand over the front and back or the mat throws waves to the sides because you are only in the center. The material is basically the same for all fitness mats , they are plastic compounds . 

These ensure slip resistance and make the matrobust , moreover, your sweat does not collect in puddles on the surface. This gives you better grip even in tough sessions. If the fitness mats are too cheap, you should at least check the plastic used carefully.

Basically, of course, the rule applies that you have to spend more money when buying a gym mat from a brand manufacturer, but you also get a better product . How thick you like the mat is depends on your taste and the type of sport. 1.5 – 2.0 centimeters are ideal for HIIT, because you jump a lot here and the cushioning is sufficient even for intensive crunches on hard ground. 

With yoga, on the other hand, precision may be more important to you and you want to feel the floor better, then you need a thinner mat. If you are traveling a lot with your exercise mat, you should also make sure that it comes with carrying handles. Rubber bands for easier storage are standard, additional handles ensure even more comfort on the way to the studio. 

More Freedom With Yoga, Pilates or Fitness

With the purchase of an exercise mat you do something good for your body and optimize your training at home. Carpet or laminate are not the best underlay and you also need the perfect underlay for regular yoga and Pilates training. High quality gymnastics mats provide the support you need in a warrior or burpee – and all without puddles of sweat …

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