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Foam Roller Private Label – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you tired of looking for the best private label foam roller

You might be confused to choose the best foam roller for you. There are multiple options available in the market.

Here we will discuss everything about foam rollers. 

In this FAQ guide, we will go through extensively about the foam rollers.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What are foam rollers?

Foam rollers are fitness equipment. The foam rollers can vanish any pain, increase flexibility and range of motion. They are also crucial tools to use for body cooling after performing exercises.

The foam rollers are ideal for pre-post yoga, physical therapy, massaging, and stretching. They support moderate to heavy use. 

The shape will remain the same for years. 

What are the key features of a foam roller?

The following listed 10 points are the key features of a foam roller.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Convenient to use 
  3. Durable 
  4. High-Quality material
  5. Travel friendly
  6. Unique design
  7. Beginner-friendly
  8. Portable
  9. Flexible
  10. Sturdy construction

What are the differences between foam rollers and massage sticks?

The main difference between foam rollers and massage sticks is how they look. Both are mainly used for massage and improving muscles. Here are the other differences between them.

Material: The foam rollers are made of foam material. The massage sticks are made of hard and dense plastic.

Size: Foam rollers are large. The massage sticks are thin and shorter in size.

Price: The price of a foam roller is higher than the massage sticks. The high-quality foam roller starts from $15. The price of massage sticks can be available from $10.

Portability: The smaller size of massage sticks enable easy storage and more portability.

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What are the dimensions of a foam roller?

The length of the foam roller is around 30 to 50cm. The diameter of a foam roller is between 10 to 20cm.

The dimensions of foam roller vary from one to another. You have to instruct the required dimensions to the manufacturer.

Foam Roller Private Label 12

Fig 4 – Foam roller dimensions

What are the different structures of foam rollers available?

There are two types of structures available in foam rollers. They are fully round and half-round.

The structure of a foam roller is usually cylinders in shape. The half-round foam roller looks like the full foam roller cut in half.

Foam Roller Private Label 13
Foam Roller Private Label 14

What are the different zones that exist in grid foam rollers?

There are three different zones present in high-density foam rollers. They are 

  1. Thumb zone
  2. Finger zone
  3. Palm zone

Thumb zone:

This is designed for deep intense massages. They are of small projections.

Finger zone:

This is designed for tissue flushing. The projections are very elongated.

Palm zone:

This offers a gentle massage. This is the lightest of all the zones in foam rollers.

Foam Roller Private Label 15

Fig 7 – Grid foam roller zones

What is the average weight that a foam roller can hold?

The average weight that a foam roller can hold is about 120 to 150 kgs. It depends on the material and thickness of the foam roller.

For high-quality private label foam rollers, contact Yanre fitness now.

Does a foam roller come with waterproof properties?

No, the foam roller does not get damaged by exposure to water. The foam rollers are made of waterproof material.

But the electric foam rollers do not come with waterproof features. You have to keep them away from the water.

How many types of foam rollers are available?

There are many types of foam rollers available. Many factors can divide foam rollers into many kinds.

Depending on the density of a foam roller, they are divided into three types.

  1. Low-density foam roller
  2. Medium-density foam roller
  3. High-density foam roller

Depending on the size of a foam roller, they are divided into three types.

  1. Small-sized foam roller
  2. Medium-sized foam roller
  3. Large-sized foam roller

Depending on the texture of the foam rollers, they are divided into three types.

  1. Wavy texture foam roller
  2. Light texture foam roller
  3. Smooth texture foam roller

Low-density foam roller:

The low-density foam rollers are also called soft rollers. The surface is so smooth and relaxing of low-density foam rollers.

 These are used after an intense workout.

Characteristics of low-density foam roller:

  • They help you to cool your body down.
  • They also provide a good balance.
Foam Roller Private Label 16

Fig 8 – low-density foam roller

Medium-density foam roller:

The medium-density foam rollers are neither too soft nor too hard. They are in the middle of them. The medium-density foam rollers are better when you are not sure of the density of the foam roller. 

Characteristics of medium-density foam roller:

  • They help to improve blood flow.
  • They decrease the muscle tension in the body.
Foam Roller Private Label 17

Fig 9 – medium-density foam roller

High-density foam roller:

High-density foam rollers are hard to touch. They consist of rigid surfaces. 

 They are more resistant to compression.

Characteristics of high-density foam roller:

  • They allow high pressure at specific parts.
  • They maintain their shape for more years.
  • They also improve muscle strength and tightness.
Foam Roller Private Label 18

Fig 10 – High-density foam roller

Small-sized foam roller:

The length of small-sized foam rollers is between 6 to 12 inches.

  • Easy for traveling
  • Isolated muscle training
  • Targets small muscles
  • Easy storage
  • Durable

Medium-sized foam roller: 

The length of medium-sized foam rollers is between 13 to 18 inches.

  • Single-arm or leg workout
  • Isolates smaller muscle groups
  • Also easy for traveling

Large-sized foam roller:

The length of large-sized foam rollers is between 19 to 36 inches.

  • Ideal for total body relief
  • Enables double-arm exercises
Foam Roller Private Label 19

Fig 11 – foam roller sizes

Wavy texture foam roller:

Wave texture foam rollers are also known as bumpy foam rollers. It consists of a wave-like structure integrated with the foam. These are designed for territory points in muscles.

Foam Roller Private Label 20

Fig 12 – Grid foam roller

Light texture foam roller:

Light texture rollers are not intense as wavy rollers. They consist of a light, normal structure. 

  • They offer more relief to the muscles
  • Improvises the blood circulation
Foam Roller Private Label 21

Fig 13 – light texture foam roller

Smooth texture foam roller:

The texture is smooth and mainly for beginners. It does not cause any pain after using a foam roller.

  • Balanced press
  • Less manufacturing cost
  • Less intensity
Foam Roller Private Label 22

Fig 14 – Smooth texture foam roller

What are the materials used to build a foam roller?

Depending on the smoothness of the foam roller, the material is decided. 

Smooth foam roller:

For smooth foam rollers, polyethylene material is used to manufacture. 

Medium smooth foam roller:

The half smooth and half medium foam rollers are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Firm foam roller:

The firm foam rollers are made of expanded polypropylene material. Some firm foam rollers are also made of plastic.

What are some tips to clean and store the foam rollers?

Here are some tips that can help you to clean and store the foam rollers.

Cleaning tips:

  1. Always clean the foam roller with normal soap and water.
  2. Do not go for toxic chemicals or high dosage chemicals for cleaning. As there are high chances of damage to the material.
  3. You can make use of organic things to clean the material.
  4. Depending on the texture, material of the foam roller, decide about cleaning materials.
  5. The soft textured smooth foam rollers should not be cleaned so hard.

Storing tips:

  1. Store at a cool temperature. Do not store them in high temperatures.
  2. You can buy the foam roller storage racks for storage.
  3. Always purchase the vertical storage racks. Because they only can ensure you save space.
  4. Do not keep the foam rollers on the floor. The dirt elements will get accumulated on the foam roller.
  5. You can also purchase wall-hanging storage racks to store the foam rollers.
Foam Roller Private Label 23

Fig 15 – Foam roller storage

What are the color-coding techniques followed in foam rollers?

The color coding in foam rollers is not universal. But most of the brands follow color coding for foam roller for easy identification. 

  1. White color

The white color foam roller indicates a smooth surface and has the lowest density. It also gives a hint that they are for beginners.

  1. Colorful

Bright colors like blue, red, green, orange, etc indicate medium-density foam rollers. It tells us that the foam rollers offer little pressure than the low-density foam rollers.

  1. Black color

The black color always indicates a high-density surface. These kinds of foam rollers are always for experienced users. It offers deep muscle massages.

Which is better to choose in hard and soft foam rollers?

It depends on the purpose of the user. But a soft foam roller does not provide the required pressure on specific muscles. Whereas the hard foam roller provides the required pressure.

The hard foam roller creates pain and affects you while performing exercises.

The soft roller provides comfort to the user. Always remember to start with a soft roller if you are a beginner. 

Which foam roller provides more durability?

The durability of a foam roller depends on the material used. However, it is essential to examine if the foam roller is open-celled or close-celled.

The open and closed celled foam rollers offer the same features and comfort. However, open-celled foam rollers are not more durable than closed-celled foam rollers.

Closed-celled foam rollers are always recommended. It has fewer chances of breakage though it is used to the maximum extent.

Foam Roller Private Label 24
Foam Roller Private Label 25

What are the other variations of foam rollers?

The other variation of foam rollers is electric foam rollers. They are also called vibrating foam rollers. These are only high-tech rollers with more advanced features.

The vibrating foam rollers work on the battery charge. The main purpose of vibrating rollers is to improve blood circulation. It gives a perfect massage to the body.

The vibrating roller operates at between 50 to 100Hz. 

Features of vibrating foam rollers:

  • Transfers maximum vibration
  • 3 high-intensity vibrating speed settings
  • Smooth and soft tissues
  • High- quality batteries
  • Multi-level vibration settings
Foam Roller Private Label 26

Fig 18 – Vibrating foam roller

What are the batteries present in the electric foam rollers?

The batteries present in the electric foam rollers are mostly lithium-ion batteries. The batteries consist of long-lasting battery life. The vibrating foam roller lasts up to one week on a single charge.

Does the charger come with electric foam rollers?

Yes, the charger comes with electric foam rollers. You do not have to buy it separately.

Can you get the customized foam rollers?

Yes, you can get customized foam rollers. You can specify the density you want, the size of foam rollers, and the kind of feature. You can also specify the colors of foam rollers.

You can contact our Yanre fitness to provide customization details. 

What is the wholesale price of foam rollers?

The wholesale price of foam rollers is between $15 to $20. The price of the foam rollers varies based on the density and type of foam roller.

Can you get private label foam rollers in bulk?

Yes, you can get private label foam rollers in bulk at Yanre fitness. They provide the best suitable high-quality foam rollers at an affordable price. 

Foam Roller Private Label 27

Fig 19 – foam rollers Yanre fitness

What should you look for before buying foam rollers wholesale?

There are three main things that you should look for before buying foam rollers. They are type, carry bag, and material.

Type: As there are many factors to identify the type, always find out the kind of foam roller first. Examine the below-mentioned points to know the perfect type.

  • Identify the length of the foam roller you want to buy. Based on the length and diameter, you can fix the sizes of foam rollers.
  • Identify the density of the foam roller you want. As there are three types available, determine which one you want to buy.
  • Decide the texture of the foam roller. Decide if you want to buy a wavy, smooth, or light texture material.

Carry bag: There is no possibility of folding the foam roller. So you should always find a carry bag for every foam roller. It will take care of it and protects it.

Always buy a foam roller that comes with a carry bag. Because it makes it more portable.

Material: The material of foam rollers are always essential factors to check. The material has the importance to determine durability, safety, and portability.

You can cross-check the following points for material:

  • Examine the material used in the foam roller. Identify it as PE roller, EPP roller, or EVA roller.
  • Calculate the density of the material of foam rollers. The high-density can withstand heavyweights, intense workouts, and temperatures. 
  • Examine if the roller is of one-piece construction or two-piece construction. You can check the ends of the roller to know construction. Focus on the inner circle.
  • Always go for one-piece construction rather than two-piece construction to protect from breakage. 
Foam Roller Private Label 28

Fig 20 – Foam rollers buying guide


Identifying the type of foam rollers for your gym will be a difficult task for you. Other than that you will be clear of everything about foam rollers.

There is no need to worry about anything. Our Yanre fitness can help you to identify the perfect type and material.

For high-quality private label foam rollers, do not hesitate to contact Yanre fitness. Do not miss amazing deals.