Elliptical Trainer: Tips for Buying!


Training on the cross trainer is one of the most popular variants of cardio training. In addition to treadmills and steppers , many prefer to exercise their endurance on this cardio machine . You can find them not only in the cardio areas of the gyms, but also in private householdsthey are often present.

Exercise regardless of opening hours, do not have to leave the house and watch what you want on the TV, are a few of the arguments why some buy their own elliptical machine for home. But you should inform yourself well beforehand so that you don’t get confused with all the steppers, elliptical trainers and the elliptical cross trainer. 

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Difference Between Stepper, Elliptical Trainer and Cross Trainer

Before you go out to buy your own elliptical machine, you should know the difference to its close relatives. The three devices are very similar in appearance, the decisive point in which they differ is the sequence of movements . With the stepper it is even easier to see: here the pedal movements tend to go up and down and imitate the stairs. 

Although this puts more strain on the leg muscles , it can also be worse for the knee joint . Elliptical and elliptical cross trainers are more similar and easier on the joints : in both the movements are long and oval or elliptical. The flywheel is attached to the front of the cross trainer and to the back of the elliptical trainer. This changes the type of movement: elliptical machines tend to simulate a kind of jogging , while elliptical machines tend to imitate walking . 

Technical Data and the Display

The most important point when buying a cross trainer is the technical data: height , size and weight . Does the device fit the planned location and can you get it there? If you have to move your elliptical cross trainer frequently, make sure that it is not too heavy and may have casters. 

In this way you prevent the floor from being scratched and do not strain yourself unnecessarily. Another point is the display . Modern devices offer a lot of possibilities to support you in training. Distance , time , steps per minute , calories and resistance set should definitely display it. Newer models offer even more additional functions: integrated television , training progress , training games or challenges are often present today and increase the motivation when training on the cross trainer. 

Pedals and Sequence of Movements

We have already briefly touched on both, but we should take a closer look at them again. The position of the pedals can have a big impact on your training. More precisely: the distance between the pedals. This should not exceed 8 cm , otherwise the hip may be misaligned. The sequence of movements also plays a role in healthy training. In order to train more gently on the joints , the stride length and step height should be coordinated. The rule is: the larger the length of the steps and the lower the step height, the more gentle the joint is. From a step length of 50 cm it is considered perfect. 

Brake System Resistance

To train effectively, you need to be able to further increase your training. Training forever on the same level and with the same load doesn’t really get you anywhere. Therefore, make sure that the cross trainer has different levels of difficulty . The more the better. These should also be well coordinated. So you can increase or decrease your training individually and in small steps . The effectiveness is increased and your training results are improved. 


The choice of your elliptical trainer depends heavily on your goals and wishes . In order to be able to train effectively, the device should meet certain points. Be sure to pay attention to the space available in your home and whether they are compatible with the cross trainer. Additional equipment is then a matter of taste: display, drink holder or design are up to you and do not play a major role in training, but can increase motivation and fun. 

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