CrossFit Worm for Sale – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to provide your clients with the best CrossFit worm? 

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Are you looking for the best quality CrossFit worm for sale?

Lucky for you, you are in the right place! Our detailed frequently asked questions guide is here to answer all your questions. 

We will help you decide which CrossFit worm is the best in the market. This will allow you to only have the very best product on sale and satisfy your clients.

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What is a CrossFit worm?

The CrossFit worm is a long bag that is filled with sandbags. The sandbags do not need to be of the same size or weight. The CrossFit worm is used for strength training as a team and is featured in multiple fitness competitions. 

The athletes have to master coordination, strength, balance, and control during this workout. To see how the worm works please refer to the last part of the video linked below:

What is the CrossFit worm made of?

The standard fabric for the CrossFit worm is 1000D Cordura. Cordura is a very durable material. It is a synthetic material made out of 100 percent Nylon. 

  • These tend to be waterproof.
  • They are easy to clean and need only be wiped with a wet cloth.
  • They shouldn’t be exposed to long periods of extreme heat.
CrossFit Worm for Sale 1

Figure 2. 1000D Cordura Fabric

Does the CrossFit Worm have different types?

Yes, the CrossFit worm does have different types. But it only differs according to the number of people who can use it. The maximum is 6 and the minimum is 2 people.

  • 6-person worm – The original worm that first made it to the CrossFit games. It requires 6 athletes for operation.
  • 5-person worm – This version can be used by 5 people but is only suitable for training purposes and not in the actual CrossFit games
  • 4-person worm – This is also one of the versions that are officially used in the CrossFit games and requires 4 people for operation.
  • 3-person worm – It is an unofficial version that some manufacturers make, and it features 3 people.
  • 2-person worm – It is useful for high-intensity strength training for teams of two people. Be aware that this is not used in the actual CrossFit games.
CrossFit Worm for Sale 2
CrossFit Worm for Sale 3
CrossFit Worm for Sale 4
CrossFit Worm for Sale 5
CrossFit Worm for Sale 6

What is the length of the CrossFit worm?

The length ranges from 5 to 17 feet depending upon the type of worm. 

The detailed length is listed below:

  • 6-person worm – the six-person worm is 17 feet in length (5.18 meters).
  • 5-person worm – the five-person worm is 11.5 feet in length (3.5 meters).
  • 4-person worm – the four-person worm is 11 feet in length (3.35 meters).
  • 3-person worm – the three-person worm is 7.2 feet in length (2.2 meters).
  • 2-person worm – the two-person worm is 5.25 feet in length (1.6 meters).

Please note that the 6-person and 4-person worm length given here is used in the CrossFit games.

 Please contact us at Yanre Fitness to know about the exact length of our CrossFit worm. 

How much does the CrossFit worm weigh?

The weight ranges from 440lbs to 135lbs depending upon the type of worm. We’ve provided more detailed weights for each worm below:

  • 6-person worm – The six-person worm weighs 440lbs – 405lbs with eleven filling bags.
  • 5-person worm – The five-person worm weighs 360lbs – 375lbs with nine filling bags.
  • 4-person worm – The four-person worm weighs 265lbs – 365lbs with seven filling bags (two 100lbs filler bags, two 70lbs filler bags, three 6lbs separators; please note these measurements are for the 365lbs version). 
  • 3-person worm – The three-person worm weighs 180lbs – 200lbs with 5 filling bags.
  • 2-person worm – The two-person worm weighs 120lbs – 135lbs with 4 filing bags.

The measurements may be subject to change according to the manufacturer. 

You contact Yanre Fitness before purchasing the project to get the exact measurements. 

Will the CrossFit worm for sale be pre-filled, or will I need to purchase filing separately?

Most manufacturers do provide filler bags, filled with usually rubber filler. However, some charge extra for the filler or guide you to local places for buying the filler. 

The worm does not come fully assembled to minimize shipping costs but can be assembled without much effort.

Get in touch with Yanre Fitness for more information regarding the product. 

CrossFit Worm for Sale 7

Figure 8. Rubber Fillings

Can I buy the worm inner bags individually for sale?

Yes, you can buy the inner bags for the worm individually for as low as 28$. 

The price, of course, varies according to the brand and make of the bag. There are three sizes available for the inner bags.

  • Small inner worm bag – These bags are also made from 1000D Cordura and are waterproof. They are filled with rubber crimpers and weigh approximately 7kg. They have Velcro straps meaning it is easy to empty them. They cost approximately $28. 
  • Medium inner worm bag – These are the same as the small inner bags. The only difference is that they weigh 12kg instead of 7kg. They cost approximately 34$
  • Large inner worm bag – These weigh approximately 20kg. They are priced at around 48$

Please note that the prices mentioned here are only general estimates. 

Yanre Fitness will help you to know more about the price and to get a customized quote. 

CrossFit Worm for Sale 8

Figure 9. Inner Worm bags

Can I buy single-lined CrossFit worms and inner worm bags?

You can but you should not buy single-lined CrossFit worms and inner worm bags. 

Single-lined bags and worms are available in the market, but they tend to be more fragile. They may sustain damage if you slam them. If you are looking for something a bit more durable and have the budget for it, we suggest that you go for double-lined worms.

What is the average price of the CrossFit worm?

The average price for the worm can range anywhere from 150 dollars to 800 dollars. 

The price varies according to the type and brand of the worm. The price is also subject to change depending on the fact whether or not the filling is provided as well. 

How will I avoid filling leakage from the worm?

  • Check for the quality of liners, stitches, zips, and flaps to ensure that the worm will not leak over time. 
  • The liners for the worm have a double locking system to avoid any unfortunate leakages. In addition, they have double stitching, and the seams are made of durable material to prevent damage. 
  • The zip closure has a hook and flap system to avoid spillages on the move. The flap also ensures that the athletes do not scrape themselves. 
CrossFit Worm for Sale 9

Figure 10. Zip closure with a hook and flap

Are there multiple color options available for the CrossFit worm?

Yes, Yanre Fitness offers multiple colors for you to choose from. We encourage you to get in touch with our sales department to place your order and communicate your color requirements. 

Do you offer logo printing services for the product?

Yes, Yanre Fitness does allow you to print your logo on CrossFit worm. 

However, you need to contact our sales office to the first place you order for that to happen 


We hope that the FAQ guide for CrossFit worms answered all your questions. You should now be able to buy the best CrossFit worm for your clients.

 It is a good idea to keep these worms in your commercial gym. Even if you do not own a commercial gym, these worms would make an excellent addition to your distribution center. As the variety will allow you to cater to more clients.

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