Only the Best Will Do – CrossFit Gym Software 2023

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 5

The options for software to start and manage your CrossFit gym is endless. With software solutions like Wodify, Zenplanner, Glowfox, Mindbody, and many more, which one do you choose? 

The answer to this question is never simple. No CrossFit gym is the same as the next one.  Each gym has their own unique characteristics and special flair for doing things. 

The options for software to start and manage your CrossFit gym is endless. With software solutions like Triib, Wodify, Zenplanner, Glowfox, Mindbody, and many more, which one do you choose?

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1. CrossFit Gym Management Software Summarized

We know you would much rather spend more time on your gym floor than behind a desk. CrossFit gym management software is designed to help you manage your day-to-day operations, effectively and quickly. 

CrossFit gym management software covers effortless management of all aspects and business functions in your gym. From payroll, sales, billing, and membership management, to retaining and marketing. 

With a solid CrossFit gym management software program, you will be enabled to control all membership details, class scheduling, inventory and all other administration and growth related tasks needed for your box. 

2. Key Features of CrossFit Gym Management Software

There are several key features that your software solution must have to best serve your CrossFit Gym. Two key aspects that you cannot go without is membership management, and POS.

2.1 Membership Management

When it comes to the software support you choose for the management of your gym, member tracking and retention are key essentials that your software has to cater for. 

A good CrossFit gym management system will not only aid you in adding new members with truly 

little effort but will also help you to keep track of their activities. It will also inform you when your members’ annual membership is up for renewal, making light weight of your membership retention. 

Other critical elements to look for will be, a robust reporting system, a solid and powerful database, seamless integrations with other third-party software solutions, and excellent automation. 

2.2 Point-of-sale

This is probably the most important aspect to any CrossFit management software: Automated billing and quick and clean processing of payments. 

The best CrossFit gym management solutions on the market will support both these point-of-sale requirements to ensure you can run your gym effectively every day.

2.3 Other Important Key Features

  • Billing: Safely and securely process member payments during sign-up, renewal of subscriptions, special events, and competitions.
  • Payroll: Track & process employee payroll.
  • Scheduling: Manage your gym’s class calendar, personal training sessions, events, and more.
  • Member App: Members can book classes, track workouts, view results, send messages, and more.
  • Staff App: Staff can check schedules, preview class attendance, check-in athletes, and collect payments.
  • Workout Tracking: Members record their WOD results to see improvements over time.
  • Programming Management: Get access to comprehensive programming that seamlessly integrates with your scheduling tool and member app.
  • Marketing: Tools to advertise your business through a new website, Google search and social media.
  • Digital Forms: Paperless membership contracts and waivers.
  • Digital Whiteboard: Displays the day’s scores to create friendly competition and strengthen relationships.
  • Reporting: Monitor sales, attendance, retention and your other top KPIs to better understand your business.
  • Member Communication: Send members email and text messages to keep them informed and improve retention.
Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 6

Figure 2: Key Features of CrossFit Gym Software (Image SRC: EZFacillity)

3. The Best Software to Use During Start-up

Starting your CrossFit gym can be a challenging task but getting the right systems in place does not have to be. Let’s look at quick solutions to set up the basics when starting your CrossFit gym.

3.1 Build Your Website with WordPress

WordPress is well known as the website building platform of choice. With WordPress you are guaranteed a stable platform with excellent loading speed, and it integrates with most applications you will install in future when running your CrossFit gym. 

The benefits of using WordPress are as follows:

  • Allows you to set up a blog, live feed video content and feedback which is a great way to attract traffic to your gym. 
  • Centralizes all your traffic to one easily accessible point of contact.
  • Assist with securing a high ranking on all search engines.
  • Assist with building a complete database of potential customers and leads.
  • Online form design with payment options allowing your startup to sign up members and take payment.

3.2 Setup email on Google

Use Google to set up your email account when starting up your CrossFit gym. It is free and easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. 

3.3 Get Noticed with Google Ads

Load your CrossFit gym on Google Adds to get your gym noticed and get feet through the door.

This takes about ten minutes, is free and very effective.

4. The Top CrossFit Gym Management Software Systems

Below, we have listed the best CrossFit gym management software solutions available on the market. Each software solution offers unique benefits, designed to fit your needs.

Typical CrossFit gym management software can cost you anything between $80-550 per month. You will find solutions that are calculated per member, while other solutions are priced based on the inclusive features chosen. 

4.1 Triib

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 7

Figure 8: Triib CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Accurate reviews)

Triib was founded in 2015 to solve the frustrations of CrossFit gym owners. It offers a full suite of features at one of the lower price points in the market. At the same time, this newer application is more basic than pricier alternatives and is still improving its overall usability.

Tribb offers a full set of gym management features that includes ticket sales and event management.

The Triib software package pricing is simple and straightforward. They offer flat-rate fees with no hidden cost and start from as little as $130 per month.

4.2 Wodify 

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 8

Figure 3: Wodify CrossFit Gym Software (Image SRC: Google Play)

The Wodify software solution is a huge favorite amongst CrossFit gym owners. The Wodify solution is best suited for Box  gyms, and they offer a full suite of products. The software is the best suited, and the most popular amongst CrossFit gym owners. 

Most CrossFit gym owners invest in Wodify because the software allows the full recorded history of every gym member’s fitness goals, results, and improvement charts. This aids in motivating each CrossFit athlete to perform at their best, chasing their goals.

Wodify offers multiple features for the complete management of your box. The software platform includes features like heart rate training, workout tracking, POS, marketing, scheduling and even exercise machine and asset tracking. This way you can keep track of your latest Yanre Fitness CrossFit equipment. 

The Wodify software was launched in 2012, and is available at a starting price of only $49 per month. At this rate it is by far the best rated and most affordable CrossFit gym management software on the market. 

4.3 MindBody

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 9

Figure 4: Mindbody CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Merchant Maverick)

Mindbody gym software is a cloud-based appointment scheduling and studio management solution. It is uniquely designed to fit the needs of small to midsize businesses. 

The product is very popular with gyms, personal training centers, fitness studios, Yoga and dance studios, Pilates centers and wellness centers. Midbody offers a one-stop solution. They take away the hassle and simplify all your business management needs.

They offer unique management solutions for all your fitness management needs. Including the ability of online member billing and settlement, class schedules and bookings, trainer programs, and staff payroll. 

Mindbody allows your trainers to check their daily training schedules from any device. It also allows them to control class sizes and allow for last-minute substitutions. The software is extremely agile with income and expense as well as payroll management. 

Starting price for the software package is $75 per month, depending on the size of your business. They offer free demos and a free trial period if you sign up via their website.

4.4 Arbox Fitness – Business Management Platform

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 10

Figure 5: Arbox CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Arbox App)

Arbox is a cloud-based gym management platform. They specialize in automating and streamlining of operations for gyms, fitness clubs, and studios. The software platform includes a full suite of business management tools. 

Arbox tools can help you manage every aspect of your entire business, from growth to retention, membership and more. The company supports more than 1,000 fitness business owners, in 24 countries spread across the globe, to run their gym and fitness businesses with Arbok. 

Arbox also offers a unique member app. With one click on a mobile device, your members can access their workout schedules. It is a one-stop shop application that offers a comprehensive member service. 

Members can book their space for special classes. They can even extend invitations to family and friends to also sign up for classes. The app allows for online membership renewal, birthday celebrations, and real time news and communication sharing.  

The starting price for Arbox management software is $79 per month and will increase as your database and business grows.  They offer a 30 day, no obligation free trial if you sign up via their website.

4.5 Fitness NU – Exclusive CRM for Fitness Clubs

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 11

Figure 6: Fitness NU CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC:

Fitness NU is a gym management cloud software application that promises hassle-free maintenance of your entire business and customer data. The software offers various excellent features to help you successfully manage your gym or fitness studio.

Fitness NU offers a customized interactive dashboard for fast and reliable updating and tracking of income and expenses, It also allows for daily updates and tracking of member enquiries, free trials, sales details, collections and more. 

Their member tracking feature allows you to maintain attendance logs for your members. It automatically sync’s attendance from biometric data and can even send reminders to absent members.

The software allows gym and fitness studio owners to create unlimited logins for your employees. This allows owners to assign and allocate a variety of responsibilities to each staff member or role profile and offers timeous tracking and audit reports. 

Starting price for this software is $97.22 per year, and they offer free trials and demo options, with additional information on every feature, via their website.

4.6 PushPress

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 12

Figure 7: Pushpress CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: PushPress)

PushPress is a simple, easy-to-use gym management solution that is best for new or small gyms. 

It’s solution includes many of the core gym management features, but requires integrations with separate tools for billing, marketing, and workout tracking. 

The PushPress Free plan is specifically designed to benefit smaller gyms and startups. It is as a “Pay-as-you-grow” plan, and has no monthly fee for the use of the PushPress software. You only pay for the features you use as you use them.  

Pushpress is clearly the cheapest option on the market, and worth a look for gyms on a budget.

4.7 Okfit Gym and Studio software

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 13

Figure 9: OkFit CrossFitGym Management Software (Image SRC: OkFit)

Okfit is a clean, quick, and fast gym & fitness studio software. The software offers online management for gyms, and other fitness studios like yoga & Pilates. They offer various features to help you manage & grow your business. 

Okfit is proven to work for all gym sizes, from small garage gyms to large franchise fitness clubs. They strive to make your daily gym management tasks faster and easier. 

With special features for every aspect of your business, you can manage your income and expenses, membership registrations, invoicing and payments. 

The software comes with member mobile apps, applications for you and your staff, and they offer professional customer support. 

Starting Price for this software is $20 per month for their Lite package, and can go up to $120 per month for their Growth package. Okfit also offers a seven-day free trial period via their website.

4.8 Easy Gym Software

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 14

Figure 10: EasyGym Management Software (Image SRC: Youtube)

EasyGym software helps you to stay connected with your members in real time. It allows you to take regular feedback for membership upgrades, renewals, trails, nutrition, birthday wishes, workout results, and many more.

With regular feedback and follow up prompts, you can maintain great client relations and retain your members. Easy Gym offers a fully digitalized client experience. This includes electronic signup on your website, member-check-in, and self-service training session booking. 

The software also offers your members customized e-workout and diet plans, as well as comprehensive body assessment reports. EasyGym is a fitness club & gym management software that offers all the bells and whistles. They provide end-to-end solutions built for your windows pc. 

This online Fitness club & Gym Management system offers everything you would need to operate a successful business. From billing & invoicing, membership management, Point of sale, class and training management and reservations management. All in one program.

The company is extremely popular in the USA and Canada, as well as countries like Africa, India, Malaysia and Singapore. They offer a seven-day, no obligation free trial. And sign-up starting price is depending on the size of your gym, and product features chosen.

4.9 GymMaster Health & Fitness Club Management Software

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 15

Figure 11: GymMaster CrossFit gym Management Software (Image SRC: G2)

GymMaster is designed for gyms and fitness studios of all shapes and sizes. And it is feature packed.

GymMaster management software is specially designed to make management of your gym and fitness studio easy and hassle free. With this software program it is easy to maintain detailed records of your members. You can easily control new sign-ups, membership renewals and family packages. 

The software also allows your members to reserve slots in classes and book trainers. It allows gym owners the ability to process and track sales, as well as communicate in real time with your members and staff.

GymMaster is designed to fit clubs of all sizes. Features like a full booking system, point of sale, website and billing integration, 24 hours door access control, online booking features, and a super app for your members and your staff. With these features you will have everything you need to effectively run and grow your gym.

GymMaster is specifically designed to help you scale and grow your business. They support thousands of clubs across the world in more than 47 countries. They offer free trials and demos and the starting price for the software packages available is tailored to your business needs.

4.10 Wellyx Management Software

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 16

Figure 12: Wellyx CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: EU Startups)

With Wellyx software, configuring and managing your members, staff, and clients has never been easier. The gym and fitness studio management software are designed to work on all platforms including Mac, PC, Android, and Apple devices.

 It will take the pain out of managing, scaling, and growing your fitness business. 

Wellyx offers fast and inexpensive solutions. It allows for easy setup so that you can get going with growing your business and selling memberships. 

You can add new members, update info on your staff, and adjust location information with just one click. This allows you to manage your business on the go.

As a cloud-based software, Wellyx allows you to sign in and work from anywhere. It allows 24/7 access to your member & staff information with current, updated data. It is one of the top ranked fitness and wellness business management software. 

Wellyx offers the latest technology features like lead and members management, staff management, appointment, and class scheduling, point of sale and many more. They have a growing team of more than 100 strong that is ready to provide hands-on support wherever and whenever your business may need it. 

Starting price for this gym management software is $30 per month. They offer free demo sessions if you book via their online site.

4.11 Rhinofit

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 17

Figure 13: Rhinofit CrossFit Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Software Solutions)

RhinoFit is a fun, ready-to-use gym management software designed for gym owners & trainers. 

RhinoFit is feature packed and very user friendly. It is designed for all types of gyms and fitness studios. The versatile software platform is available for all internet-based devices and provides a variety of gym management tools that will help you to manage your operations without a fuss.

The uniquely designed software will meet a wide range of your business needs. You can create custom gym memberships & bill your members automatically with the use of the integrated payment processing features. The software also allows you to build a custom product store for your gym, manage your assets and inventory, and market or sell your products online. 

The admin features allows you to effectively create online waivers and other administrative forms and member signatures can be captured electronically with a simple finger touch or mouse grab.

Other features allow you to set up and manage your gym schedule on your website. This allows your members to reserve classes online or through their mobile app. You can also run special marketing promotions or manage email campaigns to prospective customers and current members.

The RhinoFit Software aids you to set up automatic customized messages and reservation reminders to go out to your members and staff through their active e-mail or SMS system. 

This fitness software has all the needed management tools to run your gym smoothly and efficiently. 

Starting price for the RhinoFit software package is $57 per month and free 30-day trials or demos can be booked online or via their offices.

4.12 Fitness Manager

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 18

Figure 14: Fitness Manager Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Monarch)

Fitness Manager is a software package that has been designed to meet the management needs of gyms, aerobic clubs, and fitness studios around the world. This software is designed to be fast, flexible, and easy-to-use.  

This software offers an all-in-one solution that will help you track memberships and member visits. It also allows schedules and reporting on classes, training sessions, and product sales. 

Fitness Manager makes it easy to create a wide variety of fitness packages and gym or studio services. It also allows you to track employee work time, align schedules and bookings, communicate with your members and much more.

Fitness Manager can run on various computer systems.  They offer free trials and demos, and the starting price is available on request via their website.

4.13 Gymate

Only the Best Will Do - CrossFit Gym Software 2023 19

Figure 15: Gymate Gym Management Software (Image SRC: Gymate)

Gymate Health Club Gym Management Software provides easy, hands-on management of your fitness studio or gym.

They offer daily updated customer data with an active member feedback system. It also offers a unique tool to manage walk-in clients, online classes, trainer bookings and many more.  

Gymate is designed to meet the needs of gyms and clubs of all sizes and is a feature-packed software package. It includes a point of sale with a full booking system, active website and debit order integration, a mobile app for trainers, 24-hour door access control, and online member booking services.

The jam-packed software has all you will need to successfully manage your gym or health club. The software allows you time away from your desk while it takes care of all the tasks associated with your business. 

Starting price for this software is $39 per month and you can speak to any of their consultants about a free trial or demo.

5. In Closing

Opening your new CrossFit box can be made a lot easier and smoother with the right software to assist you. CrossFit gym management software will help you stay ahead of the competition and on top of your game. 

Investing in a great software program to help you manage your days in the box, will give you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Leaving you with time and space to spend doing what you love most – CrossFit.

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