How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 5

CrossFit Gyms are getting popular with each passing day. As a result, more and more people are thinking about starting a commercial CrossFit gym. However, it’s not that simple as it appears. 

So, make sure to do your homework before making any move. If you have already made up your mind, you need a perfect CrossFit gym floor plan to start with.

To assist you in this regard, we have compiled the most essential information. This would help you achieve your goal. 

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1. Is there any Difference Between CrossFit and Regular Gym?

Apparently, both these gym types help you burn calories and strengthen your body. However, there are some notable differences regarding structure, equipment, and goals.

Mostly, traditional gym members have a goal to build muscles and increase strength. On the other hand, CrossFit gyms help you achieve overall fitness. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 6

Figure-2 Traditional commercial gym

CrossFit moves might be identical to regular bodybuilding techniques. However, this type of workout focuses on different goals. CrossFit workout helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

As a result, CrossFit gym floor plan is also different from regular gyms. You must keep this fact in mind when building a CrossFit gym. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 7

Figure-3 CrossFit gym

2. Key Considerations when Creating a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan 

Creating a CrossFit floor plan needs your attention. You have to make a suitable plan that is capable of meeting your needs. For this purpose, you need to consider numerous factors. 

Listed below are a few of these aspects.

2.1 Choose a Floor Plan Depending on Your CrossFit Gym’s Location 

While setting up a CrossFit gym, make sure to choose an ideal location. This is crucial as the success of your business relies on this fact. So don’t make this decision in a hurry.

Besides, location is also a huge factor when trying to create a CrossFit gym floor plan. So, choose it wisely. If your CrossFit gym is located in a commercial area, you need a professional floor plan. 

This is so, as there will be other facilities nearby. So, you need to beat your competitors in different fields. Creating a stunning and functional gym floor plan is one of the great ways to stand out. 

Also, you need a floor plan that is capable of accommodating a large number of members at a given time. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 8


2.2 Manage the Space 

CrossFit gyms have slightly different requirements when compared to a traditional gym. Hence, you need to design a floor plan that goes well with your gym requirement.  

It is important to figure out an ideal placement strategy for the equipment. This is the area where you need a great floor plan. The best solution is to draw a sketch of the floor plan.

To do it efficiently, you must know the equipment dimensions. Also, you need to designate space for workout and walking areas. If the space looks cramped, try to de-clutter by removing unnecessary items. 

The storage shelves or cabinets aren’t suitable for small spaces. You must consider placing such items at a reasonably accommodating place. Using mirrors on the wall is a viable way to make your gym look bigger and spacious. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 9

Figure-5 A Spacious CrossFit gym

2.3 Proper Lighting 

Gyms with improper lighting arrangements not only look dull but also lack safety. So, consider making necessary lighting arrangements when making CrossFit gym floor plan. Installing LED bulbs is highly recommended. 

With sufficient lighting, it would be easy for the members to find and access the equipment. In addition, you can also install canister lights and track lights. It can help you create a pleasant environment.

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 10

Figure-6 CrossFit gym lighting

2.4 Necessary Equipment and its Placement 

Once you have completed the floor planning, the next step is equipment placement. CrossFit gym requires a variety of equipment and tools. 

Discussed below are some of the essential equipment that you need for a CrossFit gym. 

Squat rack

Mostly, large equipment needs a spacious place for their placement. Similar is the case with squat rack. In case you have limited space, you should go for a medium-sized or small machine. 

However, when placing the large squat rack is mandatory, look for an open area. Placing a machine like this in a congested area won’t be a safe. It can cause an accident, especially when more members are working out at the same place. 

This aspect requires ultimate care and caution. In a CrossFit gym setup, it’s not possible to dedicate a specific section for such machines. You must try to find an ideal place for this equipment that is safe and spacious.

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 11

Figure-7 Squat rack

Barbell and Kettlebell Stands

In most cases, free weights require less space. Also, you can place kettlebells and barbell stands close to the wall. This particular strategy also goes well with the CrossFit gyms. 

Place such equipment in an easy-to-access area. This would make it easy for the members to find their required equipment without any fuss.

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 12

Figure-8 Dumbbell and barbell stand

Gymnastic Rings

It is possible to anchor the gymnastic rings to the ceiling or rafters. Hence, you won’t have any problem when installing such equipment. However, look for a safe place for its installation.

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 13

Figure-9 Gymnastic rings

2.5 Choose the Best Flooring for CrossFit Gym Floor Plan

A CrossFit gym demands specific flooring. So, keep in mind to install the best flooring that meets the needs of a CrossFit workout. It should be durable enough to sustain the tough gym environment. 

The floor must handle the pressure of failed Olympic lifts or plyometrics movements. Hence, you need a durable flooring material. Mostly, gym owners prefer rubber. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 14

Figure-10 CrossFit gym flooring

In fact, it is one of the most recommended materials for CrossFit flooring. A rubber flooring allows you to perform a variety of CrossFit workouts. However, you have to decide on the right thickness.

This is the trickiest part of choosing rubber flooring. During different CrossFit exercises, members repeatedly drop the weights. Therefore, choose thicker flooring to ensure the safety of the concrete floor. 

To make things simple for you to choose from, below are some CrossFit Flooring options.

Rubber Roll

Rubber roll is a great option for commercial gyms. It can also work for CrossFit gyms. These rolls can cover large areas. This kind of flooring offers maximum impact resistance. 

Hence, it helps the exerciser to perform high-impact workouts safely. These rolls are expensive than horse stall mats. However, rubber rolls have their advantages. 

For instance, seams stay intact even after heavy movements. Since these rolls are heavy, installing them requires extra effort.

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 15

Figure-11 Rubber roll flooring

CrossFit Turf Tiles

These tiles are the most viable option for CrossFit gym flooring. It’s easy to install and are available in two varieties including: 

  1. Interlocking Tiles
  2. Straight-edged Tiles
How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 16
How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 17

Both these tiles have their own benefits. Mostly, gym owners like to install interlocking tiles. These tiles offer a flawless finish when installed. But when it comes to durability, straight-edged tiles take the lead.

Horse Stall Mats

No doubt, stall mats are relatively cheaper. These mats have shock-absorbing and water-resistant features. The material of horse stall mats is durable. Hence, it can bear consistent weight droppings. 

The only drawback of this kind of flooring is the strong smell. However, this issue resolves automatically within a couple of weeks of installation. 

How to Create a CrossFit Gym Floor Plan that Works 18

Figure-14 Horse stall mats

3. Final Words

The most distinctive aspect of a CrossFit gym is its community and lifestyle. This suggests that when building a CrossFit gym, you need something more than the equipment. 

You must have a desire to share your passion for others. As a result, you build a gym that is user-friendly and offers a unique lifestyle. Apart from other key elements, you can attract more clients by offering them a perfect floor plan.

To achieve this goal, take into account the above suggestions and ideas. The information shared here would help you create an impressive CrossFit gym floor plan. 

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