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Commercial Workout BenchDefinitive FAQ Guide

You are in the market for commercial workout benches but don’t know where to begin? Well, you have come to the right place.

This FAQ guide will provide all the information about choosing the best commercial-grade workout bench for your business.

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

1. What are the main types of commercial workout benches?

There are four main types of commercial workout benches.

  • Adjustable Workout Benches
  • Flat / Fixed Workout Benches
  • Specialty Workout Benches
  • Olympic Workout Benches

Adjustable Workout Benches

  •  It is the most common type of workout bench.
  • Different parts of these benches can be adjusted (like the angle of the seat & backrest).
  • Adjustable workout benches have three positions (i-e) incline, decline, or flat.
Commercial Workout Bench 14

Fig 1- Adjustable workout bench

  • To make the workout bench easily movable, most come equipped with a handle and wheels.
  • Adjustable workout benches support a wide range of exercises.
  • They are lighter than a Flat workout bench.

Flat / Fixed Workout Benches

  • A Flat workout bench is not adjustable.
  • Flat benches are cheaper in the long run and don’t get damaged easily.
  • They can support more weight and are compact.
  • They can be used with other gym equipment, like a power rack & a smith machine.
  • The con is that they won’t provide back support or different position options like adjustable workout benches. 
Commercial Workout Bench 15

Fig 2- Flat/Fixed workout bench

Specialty Workout Benches

  • A specialty workout bench is usually for a very specific exercise.
  • They target a single muscle group.
  • Examples include machines like a Preacher curl, (for working on the biceps) or adjustable sit up & curl benches for targeting the abdominal area, etc.
  • Specialty workout benches have only one function.
  • They provide better safety and support for that particular exercise and make it much more effective.
Commercial Workout Bench 16

Fig 3- Specialty workout bench (Preacher curl)

Olympic Workout Benches

  • An Olympic workout bench is for very heavyweights and a wide range of exercises.
  • Olympic workout benches do not have too many moveable parts.
  • They are more durable in the long run.
  •  An Olympic workout bench is also bigger & heavier.
  •  It has multiple weight storage options built-in.
  •  It has a multi-tier racking system,  which makes it easier to change weights while exercising.
  •  Various types are available (e.g., flat, incline & decline types).
  •  Due to the large size, an Olympic commercial-grade workout bench takes up a lot of floor space.
  •  It is not easily movable.
Commercial Workout Bench 17

Fig 4- Olympic workout bench

2. What is an FID workout bench?

FID stands for flat, incline & decline. This name is usually given to adjustable workout benches because they are used in these positions.

3. What is the difference between a Fixed and an adjustable workout bench?

A fixed workout bench is not adjustable and is usually flat. An adjustable workout bench has multiple movable parts and provides a more versatile workout experience.

4. What is the average weight of a workout bench?

Generally, a workout bench can weigh anywhere, between 10kg to 200Kg & above. An Olympic workout bench can be heavier than that.

The weight of a commercial workout bench is not fixed. It varies according to type, size, and function. 

5. What is the standard height for a commercial workout bench?

It is usually around 16-18 inches but not all workout benches are of the same height. Depending upon the type, the height of a commercial workout bench may vary. 

6. Do commercial workout benches vary in size?

Yes, depending upon the type, commercial workout benches come in various sizes.

Flat and specialty benches are on the smaller side, as compared to adjustable or Olympic benches. 

Some benches come with foldable parts and can be stored in a much smaller space after use. 

7. What is the average weight capacity for a commercial  workout bench?

A commercial workout bench may have a weight capacity of 120 – 500 Kg or above.

8. Is a workout bench foldable?

Yes, most commercial-grade workout benches come with parts that are foldable.

This not only helps during transportation but also ensures that the bench needs less storage space.

Commercial Workout Bench 18

Fig 6 – A workout bench in the folded position

9. What is the frame of a commercial workout bench made of?

The frame of a commercial workout bench is made of steel. It may have some parts made of wood or plastic but overall, it’s made of strong steel tubing so that it is durable for long-term use.

10. What is the upholstery of a workout bench made of?

The upholstery in a commercial workout bench includes the seat, backrest, footpad cover & padding.

The padding is usually foam, with the cover made of PU leather or vinyl. 

The foam padding provides a firm base, not too soft or too hard. The covering of leather or vinyl prevents slipping while in use.

11. Do I need to assemble the workout bench after receiving it?

Yes, you may need to assemble some parts of the workout bench after receiving it. 

Commercial Workout Bench 19

Fig 7 – Assemble workout bench

12. Is it easy to assemble a workout bench?

Yes, it is easy to assemble a workout bench. All the parts that need to be assembled are clearly labeled.

An easy-to-understand instruction manual is provided with all products. 

13. How does “Seat gap” affect a commercial workout bench?

In an adjustable workout bench, the seat & backrest are movable, in order to provide various angles to assist in different types of workouts.

When the bench is flat, too wide a gap (between the seat and the backrest), may become an issue while part of the body is lying over it.

Most manufacturers take that into account nowadays and the benches have little to zero “seat gap”.

Commercial Workout Bench 20
Commercial Workout Bench 21

14. Is the seat on a commercial workout bench adjustable?

Yes, the seat of a commercial workout bench is adjustable up to 4-gears. 

Commercial Workout Bench 22

Fig 9- Backrest and seat adjustment columns

15. Is the backrest for a commercial workout adjustable?

Yes, the backrest of a commercial workout bench offers 7-8 adjustable positions.

16. Is there any storage for weight plates in a commercial workout bench?

Yes, usually adjustable and Olympic workout benches come with weight plate storage pins at the back.

The weight plates have to be purchased separately. 

Commercial Workout Bench 23

Fig 10- Weight plate storage in an Olympic bench

17. What is the different finish for a commercial-grade workout bench?

Most workout benches these days have chrome or powder-coated finish.

 A painted frame finish is not durable and can be scratched easily while moving the workout bench or with long-term use.

 A chrome/powder-coated finish protects from scratches and sweat damage.

18. What is the function of “pop pins” in a commercial workout bench?

“Pop pins” have different names (like support pins or locking pins).

 Their function is to secure the movable/adjustable parts of a commercial workout   bench, while in use.

 When the bench incline or decline is being changed, the pop pin is removed to adjust the bench and then re-inserted to secure it in place.

 Pop pins have a knob on top to make them easy to hold.

Commercial Workout Bench 24

Fig 11- Pop pin or support pin

19. Can I customize the color and logo of a commercial workout bench?

Yes, both the logo and color of a commercial-grade workout bench are customizable.

Usually, the color is black or gray so that sweat marks are not easily visible but you can have any color or logo design of your choosing. You will have to provide the manufacturer with a sample color and logo design file. 

Commercial Workout Bench 25

Fig-12 Workout benches with various color customizations

20. What are the logo printing options for a workout bench commercially? 

The print options for the logo of a commercial workout bench include: 

  • Silkscreen Print
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • Woven Label & Embroidery
  • Laser Printing

21. Are there any “added attachments” for a commercial workout bench?

A commercial workout bench can be used along with a dumbbell bench, pull rope, brace bar, leg curl, etc.

Some benches may have these built-in. Usually, the attachments have to be purchased separately for most workout benches.

Commercial Workout Bench 26

Fig 13- Various attachments for a commercial workout bench

22. Is the base of a commercial workout bench slip-proof?

Yes, the feet of a commercial workout bench are covered in durable rubber padding, which ensures a stable and slip-proof base.

Commercial Workout Bench 27

Fig 14- Non-slip rubber base of a workout bench

23. Is there any padding on the footrest and the foot anchor of a workout bench?

Yes, both the footrest and the foot anchor on a commercial-grade workout bench are padded with a firm, durable foam.

Commercial Workout Bench 28

Fig 15 – Padded leg and foot anchor

24. Is a commercial workout bench rust-proof?

Yes, the powder coat finish and sandblasting of the frame make the commercial workout benches rust-proof.

Commercial Workout Bench 29

Fig 16 – Black powder coating on a workout bench

25. Conclusion

Choosing the right workout bench for your business may seem challenging. In this FAQ guide, I have answered the most common questions about commercial-grade workout benches. 

Now that you have this in-depth analysis, you can go ahead with confidence and choose a workout bench best suited to your needs. Look at our diverse range of workout benches. There is something for everyone.

If you have any further questions or want a quote. Please feel free to comment below in the comments section and the sales team will get back to you.