The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 1

Talking about a commercial gym fit out, it’s a serious business. It demands your time, effort, and money. 

You need to ensure that your gym looks good and offers the best possible equipment. 

The design or fit out approach must be professional to enhance the gym’s appearance. Besides, it also provides the required functionality that users demand. 

If you need some assistance regarding a commercial gym fit out, this guide can be more than helpful. 

Here, we have discussed the most essential aspects to consider when building a great gym.

Let’s get started!

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Important Considerations When Planning a Commercial Gym Fit Out

Building a commercial gym requires hard work and patience. You can’t undermine even the tiniest details, as small things do make a difference. It is important to find the balance between appearance and functional layout. 

For example, fitting out a gym doesn’t mean that you fill it with a lot of equipment. On the contrary, a perfectly designed gym is one that meets the needs of its users. 

So, when planning a commercial gym fit out, just pay attention to these key factors.

Budget Allocation

Fitting out a commercial gym requires a specific budget allocation. So, do some calculations before even you start thinking about the design or layout of your gym.

This means you must have enough finances for starting and finishing your dream gym. Create a rough estimate and dedicate a specific budget. Hence, you can ensure a smooth journey ahead. 

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 2

Figure-1 (image src-workflowmax)

When making a budget, include all the expenses that you might incur when fitting out a gym. The most part of your budget might relate to the equipment purchase. 

Therefore, you must decide what type of equipment you are going to buy and how much it would cost. Follow the same approach for other purchases and service charges.    

By doing so, you can easily avoid any expected or unexpected financial hurdles.  

Proper Utilization of Resources 

While offering a workout facility, the gym must utilize its resources intelligently. This is the area where gym owners can save some money. 

The biggest resource that you can use is natural light. When fitting out of a gym, take maximum advantage of the natural light. You can achieve this by placing the equipment near glass windows. 

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 3

Figure-2 (image

However, if your commercial gym doesn’t have sufficient exposure, place equipment strategically. It will help to lower the electricity bills by using minimum lights.

The same goes for space and flooring. Make sure to use the available space in the best possible manner. Avoid leaving large vacant areas or packing your gym with loads of equipment. Rather, try to create a perfect balance.

Choose the Gym Equipment Wisely

Choosing the most relevant gym equipment is crucial. It is one of the key aspects to consider when fitting out a commercial gym. If you avoid buying surplus or unwanted gym equipment, you can save some money.

Also, buy gym equipment carefully to add more functionality to your gym. Your purchase decision must involve a lot of things. So, you need to ask yourself a few questions. 

These include:

  • What equipment do I need for my gym? 
  • Who will be the members? 
  • What types of exercises the gym will offer?
  • How much space is available?
The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 4

Figure-3 Showing gym equipment (image src-garagegympower)

Tips for Choosing the Best Gym Equipment

Buying commercial gym equipment also requires some technical knowledge. To assist you, here are the most beneficial tips for choosing gym equipment.

Prefer the Latest Technology Equipment

When buying equipment for your gym, look for the latest design and technology. The new and innovative equipment performs much better than older ones. 

Specifically, cardio equipment offers numerous features. These machines record data and analyze the performance of a user.

The latest equipment offers digitally connected consoles. A user can access multiple options through its interface. These include fitness apps, internet, and entertainment options.

By providing this type of equipment, you can help the gym users while to achieve their fitness goals. This helps you to gain more gym members and grow your business.

Choose the Heavy-duty Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment must be strong and durable. These machines have to bear extensive use and abuse. Therefore, choose heavy-duty equipment for a commercial gym fit out. 

Prefer the Energy Efficient Gym Equipment 

Most of the modern gym equipment requires electricity as a power source. This equipment can increase your electricity bill. You can minimize power consumption with energy-efficient equipment. 

Choose the brand with the highest energy rating. These machines consume less power and help to lower the operational cost. Just keep this factor in mind when buying equipment for your gym.   

Don’t Compromise Quality over Price

When searching for the best gym equipment, look for a top-quality product. Reliable and durable products are slightly expensive. Yet they are much better than cheaper options. 

Well-built gym equipment lasts for long, which lowers the maintenance and replacement cost. Besides, quality products also perform well. As a result, gym users feel satisfied while using the gym equipment.  

Avoid Fake Reviews and Fraudulent Claims

You may come across fake reviews and claims when looking for specific gym equipment. Try to understand and verify the true worth/quality of a product. Do this by verifying through multiple sources.

For example, you can talk to other gym owners who have already purchased the equipment. With some effort and caution, you can save yourself from scammers.

Pay Attention to Warranty

A durable and sturdy product always comes with a reasonable warranty. So, pay attention to the warranty when buying gym equipment. It’s the easiest way to judge whether a product is of good quality or not. 

Create an Engaging Interior

It all starts with deciding how your commercial gym would appear. You have to understand the requirements and preferences of your members. This aspect must reflect in the interior of your gym.

Along with stunning looks, the gym interior must offer maximum functionality. This means you have to include all the amenities, services, and programs that the gym users demand. 

An engaging gym interior is welcoming as well as user-friendly. The user must enjoy performing any kind of activity within your gym. 

To assist you further, here are the most important things to consider. 

  • Look for dynamic lighting options 
  • Selection of the right color scheme
  • Choose durable yet elegant flooring
  • Use trendy design features
  • Easy access to the equipment   
The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 5

Figure-4 A well-designed & engaging gym (image src-clcworld)

Leave an Adequate Space for Each Member

Overcrowding is among the most commonly reported gym complaints. People entering the gym require some personal space. Hence, a gym owner must ensure adequate space for each member. 

Although a reasonable number of users are working out at a given time, each of them demands some privacy. To make it happen, create a perfect layout plan and execute it intelligently.

Limited space not only bothers the gym members but also raises some safety concerns. Accidents likely occur when people workout in a crowded gym. 

Generally, allocate 10 square feet of space for each expected member. Besides, each piece of equipment that you buy must have an already allocated space in the gym. 

You need to consider all these factors before starting the gym fit out procedure. In this way, you can build a spacious and functional gym.

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 6

Figure-5 Spacious gym (image src-jumpfitness)

Don’t Compromise on Washrooms and Locker Rooms

Modern gyms offer all the necessary amenities. Washrooms and lockers are two of those essential facilities. Lockers offer a safe place for gym users to place their clothes and valuables.

So, invest in the best quality and spacious lockers. Similarly, the washrooms and changing rooms must meet the needs of the users. 

Build sufficient washroom depending on the expected number of gym members. Also, make sure to keep washrooms properly ventilated. 

After the Covid-19, gyms have to follow certain SOPs. One of these is maintaining proper hygiene. For this purpose, build a specific hand-washing area within the gym.  

Encourage members to wash their hands, especially when entering or leaving the gym.  Install sensor-activated items like taps, toilet flusher, hand dryers, and showers. 

Apart from ease of use, these accessories also improve the hygiene score of your gym. Try to facilitate the members and care for their safety. As a result, you can build a good reputation for your gym. 

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 7

Figure-6 Gym locker rooms (image src-ihrsa)

Make your Gym Perfect with Smart Equipment Placement

Buying sophisticated gym equipment is not the key to a successful commercial gym fit out. Rather, it’s the placement of such equipment that counts. 

To know how to place your gym equipment intelligently, take a look at the section below.

Cardio Equipment Placement

No doubt, cardio equipment is essential for almost every commercial gym. Users spend more time with this type of equipment. Therefore, you need to place these machines wisely to enhance their utility.

For instance, place cardio equipment at a spacious place. The dedicated section must allow you to place a maximum number of machines. This allows more members to use the equipment without causing any trouble.    

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 8

Figure-7 Cardio equipment (image src-americanfitness)

Strength Training Equipment Placement

Strength training involves a lot of equipment. Therefore, you need to allocate more space for the placement of such equipment. This requires dedicating a large area for a better and safer layout. 

Talking about the squat rack machines, you need to place them in an open place. Do it properly without compromising the design and usability.

You must dedicate a specific area for strength training equipment. This lowers the chances of an unpleasant incident.

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 9

Figure-8 Strength training equipment (image src-fitnessworld)

Barbell and Dumbbell Racks Placement

Place dumbbell and barbell racks close to the wall and ensure an open space in the front. It allows easy access to the dumbbells without any safety hazards. Follow a similar approach for kettlebells.

Position all the barbells in such a way that there is a minimum space of 36 inches on each side. This ensures a smooth traffic flow. 

The racks and weight trees should have 3 feet clearance. Place them close to plate-loaded equipment for easy access.

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 10

Figure-9 Barbell and dumbbell racks (image src-onnit)

Placement of Other Equipment (i.e. LED TV & Entertainment System)

When placing entertainment equipment, keep in mind the preferences of your members. Usually, people enjoy watching TV or movies while performing cardio exercises. 

So, make sure to install the LED TV in front of the cardio equipment. Also, install speakers throughout the facility. In this way, members can enjoy the best acoustic experience while doing their workout.

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Gym Fit Out 11

Figure-10 Gym entertainment system (image src-phaze3fitness)

Final Words

To conclude, this guide would make it easier for you to build a great gym. We tried to include everything that relates to a commercial gym fit out. 

When building a premium gym, you need to follow a well-thought layout plan. Usually, it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying new gym equipment, yet you must show patience. 

You need to do some brainstorming before buying the equipment. This is so, as a great idea ensures a perfect outcome. So, streamline things by paying attention to the most essential aspects.

Commercial gyms must offer the best possible experience for every member. You can provide the necessary facilities by knowing what your members want. 

This requires considering the needs of the expected gym members. By doing so, you can achieve the best results when working on a commercial gym fit out.

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