Boutique Gym – How Can Hoteliers Benefit From the Concept?


A unique, high-quality and individual training experience – that’s what fitness enthusiasts are looking for in boutique fitness studios these days. Boutique fitness has been a growing trend in the fitness market for several years now. Such a specialized offer offers you as a hotelier a great opportunity to stand out from the applicants and inspire new hotel guests. 

Find out what is behind a boutique studio, how you, as a hotelier, can benefit from the concept and adapt it to your hotel.

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1. What is a boutique gym?

A manageable area, a specialized offer and exclusive ambience – that is what defines a boutique fitness studio. The trend originating in the USA is becoming increasingly popular, which is reflected in the DSSV 2018 figures. While the growth of all fitness studios was 3.5%, the number of boutique studios rose by 10.3%. In comparison to classic fitness studios, boutique studios specialize in only one specific fitness offer such as HIIT, Pilates or cycling. Such studios are also characterized by an exceptional design. BeCycle, a boutique fitness studio in Berlin, is a cycling studio specializing in a night club atmosphere. In addition to an affiliated cafe with matcha and kale smoothies, this has an exclusive service, such as free loan of shoes, body lotion or shampoo. In “Urban Heroes” too, HIIT workouts are accompanied by live music and DJs. Other studios, such as the London luxury studio “1Rebel”, are characterized by modern equipped fitness rooms and changing rooms, which are equipped with free beauty products.

In addition to the special ambience, the meeting of “like-minded people” and the high quality of care and service ensure an exclusive experience. Customers are also willing to pay relatively high membership fees ranging from 60 to 600 euros per month. The “Pay as you go” concept, in which you only pay per course visit, has also become established on the market.

2. Why hoteliers should adapt to the trend

With the “Unique Selling Proposition” described above, you as a hotelier can also attract health-conscious and fitness-loving guests. 

Basically, the existing fitness offer has become an important criterion for travelers when choosing a hotel. That is why it is important to take advantage of the fitness boom.

But the boutique fitness trend shows above all that simply putting up a few cardio and weight machines does not necessarily convince your hotel guests. The rapid development of the trend shows that you can surprise even with little space and only a few devices, but with an exceptional range. The Millennium generation in particular places great value on individuality, innovation and variety. The “young generation” in particular is largely responsible for the change in the fitness industry and has developed high expectations of hotel fitness rooms due to the strong health awareness. Offer your customers a specialized, premium boutique fitness experience and stand out from the competition.

Set yourself the goal of creating memories for your guests that will make them want to spend their next vacation in your house again. Let yourself be inspired by extraordinary, boutique-like fitness concepts in the next section!

3. Create the exclusive fitness experience in the hotel

The growing boutique fitness trend shows that people are willing to invest more and more money in a fitness facility that bring high quality of care and that “certain something”. With a few additional services in the fitness area, you too can create a special, individual fitness experience for your hotel guests and play a role at the forefront of the hotel market.

Gym Equipment

Commit yourself to a concept that suits your hotel and come up with a creative, well thought-out design for your fitness room. Leave enough space between the devices and do not overload your hotel guests with an unmanageable mix of devices. Compared to classic fitness rooms, you can surprise customers with an unusual selection of equipment. 

That Little Bit Extra

Give your hotel gym a personal touch that gives your guests an exclusive fitness experience. With just a few extras, you can already create the feeling of a boutique studio: be it cold towels branded with your logo to cool off, a tea specially prepared by the hotel or other services such as giving away goodie bags or renting sportswear.

Training Courses and Personal Trainers

If you want to stand out from your competitors, offer your guests personal training at your hotel. For example, customers of the Kimpton Glover Park Hotel in Washington can book a course with a personal trainer directly at the hotel for an additional fee. For example, business travelers can book short 20-minute workouts that are carried out between meetings.

But also performing daily free yoga classes, such as at the Holiday Inn Express Waikiki in Honolulu, is also a way to convince customers of your hotel when looking for accommodation.

Healthy Eating

In addition to sporting activities, more and more attention is paid to the right nutrition. Due to the high importance of fitness and health in today’s society, you should not neglect the nutritional factor in your fitness concept. Provide healthy snacks in the rooms, in the sports area and in the lobby – this will strengthen a positive customer experience for your hotel guests.

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