Abdominal Muscle Exercises on the Incline Bench


A flat stomach and a clearly visible six-pack on the incline bench – does that really work? In our training overview, we will tell you how exactly that can work, how you can shape your stomach on the incline bench and why the incline bench is such a complete device for your entire upper body . 

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With the incline bench to the belly of your dreams

First of all: If you want clearly visible abdominal muscles, then abdominal muscles alone will not help you. Because the fat layer above the six-pack has to go first. This in turn means that every muscle training builds muscle, burns fat and thereby makes your abdominal muscles more visible. So even if you are training your chest or back on the incline bench, you are doing something for your six-pack. 

But of course you can also train your stomach on the incline bench , because the incline bench is ideal for crunches or leg lifters . This works better if your incline bench offers you pads to hang up your legs. On an incline bench without upholstery, you have to cross your legs very uncomfortably in order to hang in and that doesn’t suit your shape or your training. 

Sit ups and crunches on the incline are a great exercise that distributes the intensity across your entire abdominal muscles. Make sure that you don’t pull on your neck. Cross your hands behind your head, so you should be completely out of it . Place your hands over your chest or hold them free next to your head. A straight position in front of the hip is also possible, use a light weight plate and press it alternately to the left and right of the body. This increases the intensity on the lateral abdominal muscles and ensures really varied abdominal muscle training . 

But you can also work out the lower abs well. Place the bench on a downward slope, fix your hands next to your head in the holder (your elbows point upwards) and let your legs fall straight. With this exercise, you work on your lower abdominal muscles and hip muscles . Catch your legs at the latest when they are in line with your torso. For this exercise you need the highest possible incline bench to be able to perform the full movement. 

Extensive training – how useful the incline bench is for the stomach, chest or back

As you can see, you can also do a full abdominal workout on the incline bench. However, make sure that the chest and stomach also require training of the opponents in the upper and lower back in order to enable an upright and healthy trained upper body.

The incline bench is suitable for the stomach and chest as well as for the upper back and biceps – this is especially practical if you have an incline bench at home.

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