A Lack of Exercise for Two Weeks Increases the Risk of Illness


Lazing on the beach for two weeks or lying in bed with a cold – both are equally harmful. In a current study, scientists show why – if possible – one should remain active throughout.

Always stay on the ball! What many athletes know from personal experience is now supported by a scientific study: Even short phases with less physical activity have a negative impact.

The fitness level drops and the health risks increase.

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Study Shows: if You Rest, You Rust

Improving your fitness can be a tedious process. The less fit you are, the higher the mountain of training you have to do will pile up in front of you.

Once you have managed to get yourself in shape, you should not rest on your laurels.
This is confirmed by a joint study by the Universities of Newcastle and Liverpool, which examined the influence of inactivity on metabolism , body and cardiovascular system.

A sedentary lifestyle changes all sorts of risks, from obesity to diabetes to heart disease. The study was designed to determine how quickly these risk factors increase when you lay down on your lazy skin.

Two Weeks Already Make a Difference

The test group reduced the number of daily steps to less than 10,000, so each participant recorded 103 minutes more inactive waking time per day.

After 14 days, the heart rate had deteriorated by an average of 1.8 percent.

“At the same time, body fat percentage , waist circumference, liver fat values, insulin resistance and heart and lung function had changed negatively due to a 14-day step reduction. When the previous activities were resumed, they improved again,” the scientists found. 

The researchers warn that even the health of otherwise young, healthy, not overweight people will suffer if they become inactive. So don’t give your inner bastard a chance.

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